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Publication numberUS1006211 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1911
Filing dateApr 10, 1911
Priority dateApr 10, 1911
Publication numberUS 1006211 A, US 1006211A, US-A-1006211, US1006211 A, US1006211A
InventorsJames N Hermon
Original AssigneeJames N Hermon
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Screen-door lock.
US 1006211 A
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1920;,21 l vPatented oct'. 17,1911.

. @T www@ M. #wwwa A w .w u .D w L n UNITED sTATns PATENT ernten.



To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES HERMON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Dolores, in the county of Montezuma and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Screen- Door Locks, of which the following is a specification.

My present invention relates to doorlocks, and more particularly to a three-bolt lock especially adapted to screen doors tor the purpose Aot' preventing the same from warping out of shape. My object is to provide an extremely simple lock ot this character which will be both inexpensive and etlicient.

lVith this in mind my invention resides in the features of construction shown in the accompanying drawing, in which-- Figure 1 is a fragmentary inside elevation of the tree edge ot' a screen-door, showing myv improved bolts secured thereto, certain parts being removed, and certain other parts being in section, to better illustrate the construction. Fig. 2 is an elevation of the edge thereof. Fig. 3 1s a transverse sectional view through the main locking),` case, taken on the line 23---3 of Fig. 1, and Fig'. et is a cross-section taken through oneoit the supplemental locking cases, on the line 4--4 ot Fig. 1.

Referring now to these figures, the main bolt 5 is slidahly disposed within the main case G, and provided with a reduced inner end having an aperture to receive the upstandino' pin 'l' of the 4forward reduced end ot the bolt mover S, this Ybolt `mover having semi-rfircular side recesses in which the enlarged rounded ends 9 of bell crank levers 10 are disposed. These bell crank levers l() are pivoted, as shown, within the case (l, and to their opposite ends are connected the inner ends o't rods 11, which project through openings l2 in the sides of the case t3 and extend upwardly and downwardly along the inner surface of the door A, and are cennected to one of the ends of bell crank levers 13. y

The bell crank levers 1,3 are pivoted upon the outside of the upper and lower supplemental lock cases 111, and have their outer ends projecting within said cases 111 through openings l5, and into rece-:sesI ttl in the supplemental bolts 17, which bolts are shdablyspecificatio of Letters Patent. Patented @et 17,` lglL Application led April 10,

1911. serial No. 620,012.

disposed within their cases and have reduced inner portions surrounded by springs 18 which press the bolts outwardly.

The main bolt Sis pressed outwardly bv means of flat springs 19, anchored at one of their ends within the main case 6 and extending into engagement with the bell crank levers l0. The bolt mover 8 has side extensions 2t), at its` inner end, which are slidably disposed between guide pieces 21 otthe case ti, and are provided with inner tip-turned ends 22.

Mounted transversely in the main case (i between the extensions 20 of the bolt mover is a stud 23, which has a squared aperture for the receipt of the usual bolt operating,r shaft (not shown), and which is provided with ol'ipositely extending side lugs 2:4 in engagement with the lip-turned estension ends 22. in either direction by the bolt ope "ating shaft, the engagement of its lugs Q4 against the lip-turned extension ends 2Q, causes inward movement oi the bolt mover 8 and bolt 5, thus releasing the main lock. At the same time, inward movement of the bolt mover 8 causes rocking` movement of the bell 4crank levers 10 against the tension ot springs 1t), the rocking n'iovement ot the bell crank levers 10 being :oinmunicated tothe supplemental bell crank levers 13, through con.- necting,r rods 1l, which draws the supplemental bolts 17 inwardly against the tension ot their springs 18.


'lhe combination with the main and l:uppleniental lock cases, of main and supplemental bolts slidably disposed in their respective. cases, said supplemental. bolts being,Y recessed, bell-crank levers pivoted upon said supplcniental cases and having one of their ends extending into the supplemental bolt recesses,`means to ,slide the main bolt embodying a. mover connected to the main bolt and llaving side recesses and imvardly projet-.ting side extensions provided with npturned ends, an apertured stud r tatably mounted transversely in the. case between said legs and hav-ine; lateral lugs in engagement with the Vup-turmfd rg ends. froide pieces within the (use, betweenwhich said .legs are disposed twill-crank levers pivoi'yd in the main case and having one ot' their ends Thus when the Astud 23 is oscillated.

extending within the side recesses of said In testimony whereof I allix my signature mofer, connecting rds extndlg betwgeen in presence of two Witnesses.

an connectn the ree en s o said ellcrank levers, rnd springs engag'eable with JAMES N' HERMON' the last-mentioned bell-crank levers and with Witnesses: the supplemental bolts to move the matin and CHARLES W. RUST, supplemental bolts in one direction. Emsws THOMPSON.

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U.S. Classification292/36
Cooperative ClassificationE05C9/043, E05B7/00