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Publication numberUS100665 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1870
Publication numberUS 100665 A, US 100665A, US-A-100665, US100665 A, US100665A
InventorsRobert M. Potter
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Improvement in union-couplings for pipes
US 100665 A
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- Lette/rs Patent No. 100,665, dated .March 8, 1870.


i wmav The Schedule referred to in these Lettera Patent and making .part of the same To ali whomuit may concern r Be it known that I, ROBERT M. POTTER, of- Jersev City, in the countyv of Hlidson,lzmd Starte of New Jersey, have invented :t new `und useful Improvement in Union-Couplings, ofiithich the following.'` is a, full,

' clear, and exact description, reference being had to the ncconnmnying drzuving forming ptn-t of this speci#- vticntion, und in which- A Figure '1 represents :1. longitudinnlvsectiou ofa unioncouplingconstructed in nccordnncevwith :ny-improve lnent, snidrsection being taken ns indicated by the line :c :e in Figure 2, which is :mend view of the same'. `Similar' letters oi'l reference indicate coiresponding ports. Y M v invention consisis'in :t certainl combination of n divided screw-cup and :uljusting-screw with the other `portions of the coupling, wherebyony difference. of', uthe `circm'nierenees ofthe male and 'female screw-thread of `the vcoupling is compensated for, und ntiirm and perfect coupling ohtnincd.'

Referringto the'nccompnnying dimvingf" f A represents the il'nnged'portion orl connection of the coupling, and f B, the mnle screw-.thrczidconnectioinboth of'usnal lconstruction.

C, isthe screw-cap that receives the flange a ofthe connection A within it,'a.nd that yscrews onto the male thred bof the `connection B, to close' or establish the coupling.

lprovide with lugs d d, through one o screwing on or off the c ap, and of Thisscrew-cap O I split or divide i] which an `adjusting-screw, D, is fitted and `mede to screw inte the other, so thutsnid cap may be more or 'less opened and closed to adapt it to Enydiiferent sizesor diam eters 'ot' them'ale thread b,- for :tl-though 'it is usual to Cut' the`screw-tl1reads ou such couplings byiistandnrd gang yet differences in diameters or sizes will occur,

owin'g not unfrequently to thefnct that-different parte of the coupling` nre made by different makers, `and .froin'ot r causes; This diticulty, 'l'1o\vever, to :tn

ensy and' 'proper fit is remedied bv the divided construction 'of the screw-cap combined and by the slnckenmg or tightening of the adjusting-screw, increased facility also is afforded vfor tightening or holding it' when on.

What is here clnimed,:tnl desired to be secured by Letters Patent, is

The screw-collar G of a, coupling, divided as at c,

`andconstinoted with lngsd and adjusting-screw D,

whereby it is rendered capable of expansion and contract-ion, ns :ind for the purposes set forth.` i ROBERT' M.' POTTER.

` Witnesses -D. C. HEwsoN, HENRY' PALMER.

as et e, and

O and adjusting-screw D

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L19/0231, Y10S285/91