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Publication numberUS1007070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1911
Filing dateJun 4, 1910
Priority dateJun 4, 1910
Publication numberUS 1007070 A, US 1007070A, US-A-1007070, US1007070 A, US1007070A
InventorsSherard Osborn Cowper-Coles
Original AssigneeSherard Osborn Cowper-Coles
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US 1007070 A
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Patented 00t.31,1911.

oo @scocca O/QOOOOQ s. COMER-GOLES.



1,007,070., Patented 0en.31v,1911.


WIMSS fill/01h71 W( m Wagm VIll? lill enter extremity ol the outer shell o. T ihis ring is formed with e series of peroretions llt extending completely around the Sanne and leoflnith seine perforations t' at the lower Vttjrt thereof. These holes z' and ha in conpmction with the holes. all in the ring; d open communication between the atmosphere :rnd

the 'annuler space c between the outer und 'inner shells (I, und b a l o lmnp crise. in additional une a* may i ed to the top oit the lmnp ne :1 'turther'gnin'd against dig-att and leakage of light :1e shown in Fip' j is the chamber which le situated et. the

A buch oit 'the annuler body or cesse oli the j burner?? end which projecto thoee which would otherwise not be relleeteo trom the mirror is.

g in the ioidel metallic er plus@ relier-,ting ring, which ie here Shi i elie;i e7 which encirclee tl I* i ring beine; the cone i, ,V1 attached to tl' or r irte the iii-nir. :trein which it iesuee tlnfouh Y into the chamber i o portion p l Y through the peritoretions am. into Supportin i Z so te 'to bathe the biult ,ot the r 1.) the eeid nir ultinurtely diechergi-w .i the linnn ciu-lc through the perito f' in the t lSer 71er il p tore/tiene oefiind the ller-t' there the holes el u deli-rotor or dellecling plate (t2 by which the enteringl tlnfough the holes al is dirided, port being directed against the reliector ringr gf and e, part i'lireeted haelt of the burner or source ol light, tendii to cool the front of the reflector la, Furtheriore, the current of air which thus pn .5; through the annuler lmnp body infini-es :i draft et oir through the interior ol? the seid body, thisl induced drn'ttn' uli-:iwing the het producto o combustion rom the burner g2 to the exterior. The arrows in the ligure clearv indicate the courses ot the :iir currents. lt will oleo be unde .stood that the larger portion of the light ritye from the burner p impinges upon the reflector which directe them outward from the front lmnp case. The portion ot euch rays, however, Which do'not directly tall upon the reflector 7c Itre intercepted by the lens n und the parabolic ring q the said lens permitting e portion ol such rays as fell upon it to be constructed owing| to the toet that the direct. y

rztye ,trom the burner are intorreplrd find inside nec olf'. iivlrio, in View olz the uct thut c purt olf the light in trnnfnnitleil through the .lens n, the hurling ellelzt ot' le or li nin-y .lmnp light. iS largely mit. by selecting1 the eoittingl ot the u n. reY Hector o and reflector le, lighte nu he ohtain ed ol the di'li'crent loner, 0r colore hereinbetere referred to.

ln Some ceses the main reliector und the reflecting' ring` may have biinetnllic reflecting .sur'luces that is to say, sur'tncee partly composed ol n yellow metal. and partly of, t white metal, preferably with 'the 'yellow metal predomintiting in the one end the white metal in the other reflector.


l.. il lamp ot the hind described having e reflector in t'ront of the Source of light, on epoque rel lector in the. roer ot the source ci? light, and adapted to concentrate its reflected rays upon the nt retlector seid itrc'fnt reflector permittiiiigv o portion of the ruys received by it 'to puse' through it but chntifgiiigI the color of the er ne,

L. A la mp of thetltind described having; e reflector in front of th unce oit' light, provided with i convex e toward scid licht., und e reflector in Aeer of the source or light inning u concave surface toward the Source of light7 the rear reilector being;` opaque but adapted to concent 'ete the light cast upon it upon the front rctiector, said trent rellector being odupted to permit fi part of the rays cust upon it to pliers through it und change the color of the sinne, subetnntizilly es described ln n lump? the combinution with :t cnec or body, ot :n1 opaque reflector in rear oit the ysource ot light, t translucent reflector in front of the suine, and :in opaque rcllecting ring encircling said lront rellector, the Suid reur reflector und reflecting" ring hoving' the operative Surfaces of the same formed oi i yellow metnhhnd huid Jfront per vioue reflector formed of glues thinly coated with e like metal.

l. .l hnnp having a body or case composed of an outer nud inner shell having un nir space between them, the scid outer Shell ered lsince f and another part upon the other, substanadmitting air to tially as described. 5. A lamp bodj)T between them, holes or openings at vthe front of the Case near the bottom thereof, said space at the bottom of I the caseand an outlet for said air near the -outer and 'an inner shell, With .top of the ease at the rear of the same Whereby a current of air is provided through said space, substantially as described. 'I

6. A lamp body or oase composed of an a space betwee'n them, and a reflector, the back of which 'folrms a part of the vinner Wall of said space, holes or openings' at the front of said ease near the bottom thereof admitting air to said space, and an outlet from said space near the top of the outer shell at the rear v'vided for cooling the back of or case composed of anA onter'end an inner shell With an air space of the case, whereby a current of air is prosaid reflector, substantially as described.

7. A lamp7 of an inner and an outer shell Withan zmnular space between them, the `said space communicating at the back with a chamber carrying the reflector and at the front with a ring; Carrying the' protective'glass,` the outer and inner shells and the reflector sup-v port being formed With' perforations such that a current of air can enter the lamp'case and circulate around the back of the reieetor, scribed.



Comprising e body consisting substantially as hereinbefore de

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