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Publication numberUS1007679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1911
Filing dateMay 14, 1909
Priority dateMay 14, 1909
Publication numberUS 1007679 A, US 1007679A, US-A-1007679, US1007679 A, US1007679A
InventorsCarleton Ellis, Nathaniel L Foster
Original AssigneeEllis Foster Co
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US 1007679 A
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Patented lNOV. '7, 1911.

u to m e sw 311W E. nML oll 1. kk n M f u N court plasters, such as collodion.




-aoofageta specification ofnersratem. Patented Nov. 7, ieu.

Application led May 14, 1909. Serial No. 496,005.

To all 'whom it .may concern:

Beit known that we, CARLnToN ELLIS and ,NATHANIEL L. FOSTER, citizens of the United States, residing at Larchmont, in the county of Westchester and State of New York, and at New Rochelle, New York, respectively,

have invented certain nw'and useful Improvements in Multicontainenottles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to multicontainer bottles, and particularly to bottles to be used for containing medicaments; and it comprises a lurality of nesting or engaging to the'wounded part, or a wash is first used,

and then a healing lotion or a substance adapted to form a protective coating over the treated place is next applied. And it is often extremely desirable that there should be no time lost between the first and second applications. For instance frequently asmall cut is first washed and antisepticized with a solution of hydrogen peroxid, and then a liquid court plaster is applied to the cut. Itis veryconvenient to have both the medicaments in place when needed in such emergencies and this is often necessary when an accident -of any severity has occurred. .Containers under the present invention are very desirable for holding such liquids adapted for conjoint use as healing or antisepticizing lotions, and as coating or medicinal substances to be applied in connect-ion with such a lot-ion or antiseptic. In one form of our invention we use a relatively large bottle which may serve to contain for instance such a solution as `hydrogen peroxid, for treating ents, bruises and the like and a relatively small bottle adapted to unctio'n as a stopper for the larger one, such smaller bottle serving for instance as a container for any of the well known liquid The smaller bottle acting asv a stopper for the larger bottle is alwaysin place when wanted since the larger cannot be stoppered withoutvv it, and serves a useful purpose when so im' place, preventing evaporation of the liquid 1n the larger bottle in the same manner as an ordinary, stopper. Being of the ordinary shape with a flat or incurving bottom ena*-v tamination lfrom a dust `laden atmosphere since dust finding its way into the solution starts a decomposition with a result of set-A ting freeoxygen.' This oxygen being gaseous, if the bottle be tightly stoppered, eX-

' plosions are apt to result.l In multicontainer bottles under the present invention,

the bottle and Stopper bottle being such as to provide means or the escape of liberated gas while'preventing admission of air and dust to any substantial amount. This may 1 this may be provided for, the engagement 0f be done by providing the base of the stopper bottle with washers arranged therearotm such a manner as to allow them to function as valves, permitting the gas to pass outward when pressure in the container rises to any extent above that of the atmosphere whlle -preventing any substantial inward passage of air.

In the accompanying illustration are shown more or less diagrammatically, embodiment's of our invention. -In this sliow-` 1ng: Il`igure l represents a Vertical section of a pair of nested bottles under the resent invention; Fig. 2 is a detail view o an al` ternative method of placing gaskets between the bottle and stopper bottle; and 3 is a view of an alternative form.

In the illustration of Fig. l but two nestoxid,a healing lotion or other medicament which may' be desired. We regard it as particularly adapted for containing hydro env peroxid. The smaller bottle may be use to v contain a liquid court plaster, such as collodion, healing oil or any other protective medicament. As shown, the larger bottle is or the ordinary shape, having a straight neck 3. The stopper bottle is adapted for independent use and vof such a size and shape as will facilitate its being placed in used. The stopper bottle is provided with a closure 5 which may be any ordinary type of stopper, such as cork, rubber or glass.

Preferably it is of glass and ground to it the neck of the stopperbottle. If desired, this secondary stopper (5) may be provided with an enlargement 6 of such shape and size as to adapt it to be used for stoppering the primary bottle, ifpthe stopper bottle be broken or mislaid.

in order that the small bottle may exactly fit and coincide with the internal dimensions of the neck of the larger bottle, as stated, the neck of the larger bottle and the body of the smaller bottle may be ground to iit together; but when it is desired to use the larger bottle for such liquids as hydrogen l l u -multicontainer vessel comprising a plurality peroxid or when a cheaper article is to be produced, I provide the neck of the larger bottle and the body of the smallerbottle with circumferential grooves 7, and rubber or leather washers 8, at a plurality of points along its length. Such plurality of washers act as a steadying means, preventing lateral motion of the stopper, as would be the case were but one washer used. The washers also act as valves. .As shown in more detail in Fig. 2, the grooves may be provided only in the larger bottle neck. This is a simpler and cheaper construction. The round rubber or leather gaskets employed in such grooves may also be, as shown, given a sort of flattened face 9. With this construction an` edge of the washer rests against the stopper bottle in such a manner as to give a valve-like engagement therewith, permitting outward movement of gases more freely than inward. If desired, the grooves may be placed in a sort of spiral in the interior of the neck thereby facilitating engagement and disengagement with the stopper bottle in the neck of the larger bottle. This form of washer is very convenient in preserving liquids, such as hydrogen peroxid, which tend to give off gas since. it prevents thepossibility ofan internal accumulation of pressure while pre venting inward passage of dust laden air.

-stand alone and the neck of said other bottle ,act construction shown, as a departure from fthe-. specific and detailed description as shown will be considered within the general scope of our invention. For instance, there maybe three bottles so arranged, although vthis is not generally necessary; or the smaller bottle `may be inverted in the neck of the larger, though this is not'usually desirable. When such a method of assembling the bottles is adopted'it is well to have a rubber or other tightly fitting stopper in the neck of the smaller bottle and fastening means for the same.

For liquids not having a tendency toward the evolution of gas, the alternative form shown in Fig. 3 is convenient. ln this1 showing the basal portion of the smaller bottle 2 is adapted to t in and directly engage the neck of the larger bottle 1. For this purpose the base lof the 4smaller bottle and the inner neck lof the larger bottle are ground to fit.

What we claim is 1. As a new article of manufacture, a

`jto enter and seat withinv the neck of another bott-le and havingv a bottom allowing it to being provided with a constriction limiting the inward passage of the first named bottle; and a plurality of intermediate gaskets between'said body and said neck at different levels acting as steadying means when said 105 first-named bottle is so seated, said gasket means being also constructed to operate as pressure relieving valves.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a multicontainer vessel comprising a plurality of bottles, one bottle having a body adapted to enter and seat within the neck of another bottle and a `pluralityof intermediate gas' ket rings facilitating such seating and adapted to permit relief of pressure within the last stated bottle, said gasket rings each having a flattened facefand being so disposed as to give an edgewise engagement with the base of the first stated bottle.

In testimony whereof, we affix our signatures in the presence of witnesses.



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