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Publication numberUS1008075 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1911
Filing dateJun 2, 1911
Priority dateJun 2, 1911
Publication numberUS 1008075 A, US 1008075A, US-A-1008075, US1008075 A, US1008075A
InventorsAdolf H Schaffert
Original AssigneeAdolf H Schaffert
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Metal-furniture construction.
US 1008075 A
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www 1mm 19u.

- the une a-'e of Fi moonen scHArrEnT,oF YonNGs'roW1v, oiil'o.,l

1lb all whom it mayamm: Be it known that I, Anonr H.V ScH'AFrnR'r,

- a citizen of the'United -States, residing at Youngstown, in the county of Mahoning and v State ,of Ohio, have invented .certain new land useful Improvements in Metal-Furn-if ture Construction, of lwhich the following is as ication. f his invention relates to the subject ofy furniture, articularlyof the kind employed for oce mg systems.-

"1 To 'this end the present'invention containplitesa metal 'furnitureconstruction possessing special utility in'its application to 'l5 metal filing cabinets or cases such as em plllbyed'for ling'purposes in businessv oices. mg out this generalwobjcct, itis proposed to 'provide-a cabinet :or case construction wherein the several metal elem/ents while at the same time embodying me nsfor securely and rigidly`clamping the parts tg j gether in their `set-'11p relation' so as tofviate anpossibility 'of spreadingfr pulling apart w 1 e 1n actual service. fr /f- With vthese and other objectsffiiiyiew, which will more rea'A ily app/ear to those in the art'asthe 'natre of the invention is better undigastood,v in the novel construction, combination and arrangement/'of parts heie'ilnafterv more fully described, illustrated andfclaimed.

` The essential features of the invention are 'necessaril susceptible'to somej modification without epartin from the spirit thereof, odiment is-shown in the but preferred em g accompanying drawings, in which:

' Figure 1 is a sectional perspective Vview o, metal case or cabinet showin the sevclamped together in the manner vcontemplated-by t e present invention. Fi 2 is `a horizontal sectional view, substantie ly on iifowmg more plalnly the assembly of the `1s shown a sectional casing orcabinet body S5 designated in its entirety by the reference lettarndeincluding-in itsgeneralprganip METAL-FURNITURE ooNs'rnUc'rIoN. v

i ySilwecication of *Iletters'Patent. A ap'plieauon nies, June 2, 1911.

lstruct-ion, that is to say, consisting' of 4the l nouter side-wall plate land/.the innerwallV y plate 2, the latter being. narrowenin width, 1 Ithan theoutr platel. The saidoutenl late `folded ed e may bey readily `assellibled and' takenA apart,=

tively, the'flange 9 being widervthan the he same consistsv "16 which are. bent forwardly from the oppoelements thereof interloc ed andv g. 1 of the drawings, andA piirte and theclamping and retaining means mi@ the Oppositev outer side wil-11S, aus

inner wall -plates .2, and'` a` back I plate 3;@

These elements l are separater` sheet` 1 metal 1 plates adapted tobeasseinbledand clamped 601, .i i

together in--the'manner shown.`A y L /f According to the foregoing,`each sidewall l' of the casing body 1s of doublewallcon- 1 of each side wall is provided'at the ronty ,and rear edges thereof withytheinturnedortions 4 and 5 respectively,-'70

bothof w ic arefof-openfformation''to-inf` vclose keeper pockets 6 and 74.respe'ctively, the y i functions of which. will.' presently appear.

Also, it ispreferable to 'provide :the'.1nner, `flange of the front .folded edgeportionj-4 with a redoubled stiiiening edge 8,as clearly yshown irrFig.l Q of thedrawings. n

The inner plate2 of :each side wallisprov x y vided atitsifront andfrearaedges Withu the in outturned holding flanges 9 and10,r respec-` flange 10 and being adapted'to liein/front 'of a guard stop k1 1 or equivalent element on Y:

the outer plate 1, whilehthe-saidvvnarrower flange 10 is adapted.toiprojectinto akeeperl inner side 'ofthe outer wall plate A1 andi-vy `having one edge portion lying in the keeperv j "ff f pocket 7 and againstthe.. inner flange 14 of 90 the rear folded portion 5.y Each-channel* bar 13 also receives in the channel lthereof an outturned -holding -lip 15 provided at the inner edge of each of the clamping flanges site edges of. the back plate 3,..said flanges 16. lying against the inside flanges 14 of the outer plate 1. )The flanges -10 and the lips 15 are spaced apart to provide a screw slot*4 vthrough which, atv suitable intervals, are

passed fastening screwsf 17 whose threaded portionsengage threadedopenings 18 in the channel bars, and the heads of which screws bind upon clamp washers 19 which impinge against both the innerwau plates 2 andthe 10a flanges 1G` of the back plate 3. p

Transverse front bars 20 have their ends extended through iopenings 2l inthe front folded portions 4, and ,within the keeper pockets/(the-said ends of .the front bars 11o,A are l perforated '5to `receive `retaining rods 22 which .serve to lock ,the 'frontjedge portions 8a. channel V12 provided 'ingthe inner-'side ofa I l v clampingchannel bar i'13. arrangedat thelof the casing body to the bars 20. The latl claimdtl construction described herein.A

I claim: l

1. A construction :for metal furniture comprising a body including opposite side walls each consisting of outer and inner .--plates, a single back-plate', and an adjustable and detachable clamping device having a coupling and clampirig engagement with said several plates'.

2. A construction 'for metall furniture comprising a. body including opposite side Walls each consisting of outer and inner plates, a single back late, and a clamping device carried by cacli side Wall and comprising means for coupling the inner side Wall tothe back plate and for clamping the latter to the outer side Wall plate'.

3. A construction for metal furniture comprising a body including opposite side walls each consisting of outer and inner plates oi'. dilierent Widths, a single back plate, and a clamping device carried by each side Wall and havin means for coupling the inner side Wallp ate to the back plate, and for detachabl .clamping the latter to the outer side Wall] plate V4. A construction for metal furniture comprising a body including opposite metal side Walls, a sinle back plate, clamps for detachably securing the back plate to the side Walls, front hars connecting the 'iront edge portions of the side walls, and detachable retainers for' the bars held Within the side walls.

5. A construction for metal Jfurniture comprising a body including. opposite side meente walls each consisting of outer and inner' plates, and the outer plate being provided with vinturned liront and rear' folded edge portions, a single back plate, a clamping bar arranged within each side Wall and having retaining means for' the back plateV and the inner side wall plate, and fastening screws engaging the` clamping bar and carrying Washers binding on portions of the back Wall, and the inner side Wall plate.

6. A construction -for metal furniture comprising a bodyy including opposite side walls each consisting of outer and innerv plates,- the outer side wall plates having inturned front and rear folded edge portions, f

and thevinner side Wall plates `having outturned front and rear holding flanges, a single back plate having forwardly extend- `1n clamping iianges provided with terminal holding lips, a clamping; channel bar arranged to engage the rear 'olded part of each outer side Wall plate andreceiving in its channel the rear holding -ilange of the rear side Wall plate and the holding lip of im. the adjacent. iiange of the haelt plate, and

screws extending through the interval bcy tween each inner side Wall plate and theA engaging the channel bar, and a clamping washer carried by each screw and binding on theadjacent f portions of the inner side Wallfplate and i vilange of the back plate and thev flange of the back plate. e

- 7. A construction for metal-f furniture comprising a body including opposite double `metalv side walls, front bars connecting the front .edge portion-of the sidewalls, and retaining rods arranged Within-V the fianety edge portions and detachably engaging the. g

ends of the bars therein.

In testimony whereof l hereunto aliiii my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

Anota n.. scrnirrns'r. i

Witnesses: l, H. E. litnrrn, Ofl'). Kersen.

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