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Publication numberUS1008352 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1911
Filing dateNov 25, 1910
Priority dateNov 25, 1910
Publication numberUS 1008352 A, US 1008352A, US-A-1008352, US1008352 A, US1008352A
InventorsJoseph M Meyers
Original AssigneeJoseph M Meyers
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Tab for card-index systems.
US 1008352 A
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Patented Nov. 14, 1911.


FIG-E- Elm-.5-

- Inven tor:




1,008,352. Specification of Letters Patent Patented Nov. 14, 1911 Application filed November 25, 1910. Serial No. 594,147.

To all whom it may comm}: of such a number and so placed as to ind L- 55 Be it known that I, Josnrn M. MEYERS cate the working days of the weeks.

a resident of Pittsbur h, in the county The ta shown at 4 is preferably formed Allegheny and State 0 Pennsylvania, ave of thin s eet metal, such as brass or steel,

5 invented a new and useful Improvement in and has a circular hole 5 at one end 5 of Tabs for Card-Index Systems; and 'I do the same. Each of the eye1ets3 is adapted 1o 0 hereby declare the following to be a full, carry one of the tabs 4 by the hole 5 theren clear, and exact description thereof. fitting loosely around the bod portion 3' on My invention relates to tabs for card index said eyelets, so that, such tabs are pivoted 10 systems, and has special reference to signalthereby and preferably between the riveted ing or indicating tabs for such systems. flan e 3" on said ey lets and the back of the 65 The object of my invention is to provide a car 1. The free e d 5" of the tabs 4 are cheap, simple and efiicient signal tab for card adapted to be swun above the top edge 2 of indexes which can be carried on such cards the card 1 to indicate some particul ar and will be enabled to be held in the posimatter or event to be known or attended to tion desired on such cards, as well as one at the time or day'of the week or month, 70

a which will not interfere in any way with which, if desired, can be indicated on the theplacing of such cards against each other, face 1' ofthe card 1, and it is held in su ab and. can be placed upon such cards at the positior'nor in its lowered or down positi )ll time they are made or at the convenience of when not used to indicate by meansof 9. pl '0- the user of the same without disturbing the jection 6 struck out from the body portion 4" 75 alphabetical arrangement of the cards. of the tabs for fitting within holes 7 in st id To these ends my invention consists, gencard in whatever position such tabs are posierally stated, in the novel arrangement, contioned, as shown in Figs. 1, 3, 4 and 6.

struct-ion and combination of parts, as here- If desired, the body portion 4' of the t2 bs inafter more specifically set forth and 'de- 4 can have a lip 6 punched out of the sex 1e, 0 scribed and particularly pointed out in the as shown in Figs. 2 and 5, which is adapt ed claims. to fit within a slot or hole-7' formed in the To enable others skilled in the art to which card 1 and thereby hold the tab in place on my invention a'ppertains to construct and use the card in the indicating or downward )0- my improved ta for card index systems, I sltio'n of the same, while a series of arms will describe the same more fully, referring 4" to form tabs can be formed around a to the accompan ing drawings,in which central circular hole 5 in the body portion 4' Figure 1 is a fiont elevation of a card used of the'same, as shown in Fig. 7, so that any 35 in index systems'hav'ng my improved tab -one of such arms can be used to indicate,

applied thereto. Fig. 2 1s a like view showand the balance of the same remain untlising the top portion of the card with another played. The tab 4 can also be IOVl( led form of my improved tab applied thereto. with anintegral collar 5 surroun ing the Fig. 3 'is a section on the line 3-3, Fig. 1. hole 5 therein for forming the eyelet 3 when 0 Fi 4 is a perspective view of the tab shown such collar is passed through a hole 5' in in ig. 1. Fig 5'is a like view of the tab the card 1 and flanged againstthe face of said shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 6 is a sectional view card in the usual manner, so that said c e.- of'the card and tab, with the eyelet integral let can turn with said tab, or within anot er with such tab. Fig. 7 is a perspective view eyelet 3, as shown in Fig. 6, or such tab can 45 of another form of tab. also,'if desired have its collar 5 dispensed Like symbols of reference herein indicate with so that it can be pivoted around the like parts in each of the figures of the drawordinary loose eyelet by its hole 5, and ing. placed in position on the card when such As illustrated in the drawing, 1 re resents eyelet is placed in the card in the usual 50 the index card, which is of the usua pa er, manner by the party using the same. as

card or pasteboard construction, and wit in shown in Fig. 3. The tab may be formed of which and adjacent to the top edge 2 of the celluloid, and various other modifications same are a series of eyelets 3 riveted therein and changes in'the design and construc lion in tha lsual manner, and they. are preferably of my improved tabs for card index systems may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or sacrificing any of its advanta es.

It will thus e seen that my improved tab for card index systems can form a permanent fixture with'the cards and will not be liable to get lost or separated from the cards, as in the ordinary forms of these tabs, while it will always be in a convenient lace ,for use or ready for use and will add l ittle cost .to the manufacture or use of the cards.

When the tabs are in an indicating position attention is called to some event taking place or attention is drawn to the particular day of the week so indicated and on any such day in a month.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- 1. The combination with a card of an index system, of a tab pivoted directly on said card for movement above the same, and means for holding said tab inposition on said card. I

2. The combination with a card of an index system, of a tab pivoted directly on said card for movement above the same, and

means on said tab for engaging with the cars to hold the same in position on said car 3. The combination with a card of an index system, of a tab pivotally connected to said card for movement above the same, and a. projection on said tab for en agement with a hole in said card to hold t e tab in position.

4. As a new article of manufacture, a signal tab for card index systems having a hole Within one end of the same for directly pivoting the same on the card.

5. As a new article of manufacture, a sifinal tab for card index systems havin a ho e within one end of the same surroun ed by a collar for pivotally mounting the same on the card through flanging said collar when placed in a hole in the card.

In testimony whereof, I, the said JOSEPH M. MEYERS have hereunto set my hand.



J .N. Coonn JAMES L. WEHU.

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