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Publication numberUS1008421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1911
Filing dateApr 17, 1911
Priority dateApr 17, 1911
Publication numberUS 1008421 A, US 1008421A, US-A-1008421, US1008421 A, US1008421A
InventorsJohn Bruce Mackay
Original AssigneeJohn Bruce Mackay
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US 1008421 A
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J. B. MwKAY. nAUsoLBUM.-


' Patented Nov. 14, 1911.-

l Fig'. 4.



Specification of Letters Patent. fPatgnfd NOV, 14, 1311 ppliceton led April 17, 1911. Serial No. 621,573.

. To` all whom it may concern: i

lle it ltlnovvn.I that I, JOHN `BiiUCE MAG- `KAY, a citizen of thellnitcd States of America, and a resident of Waterloo, Blackhawk' county, Iowa," have invented certain new and useful Improvements inMausoleums, of which. the following is a specification.

My invent-ion relates to improvements in niausoleums, and the'object of my improvements is to provide a' particular-arrangement of the crypts Within the building, especially vto vary the 'location of certain of the cr-ypts with relation to the others as to and claimed, and which are illust-rated by the accompanying drawings, in which:

.Figure 1 1s a. vertical longltudlnal section 4taken medially through my improved mausoleum building on the line e--f of Fig. 2. Fi y. 2 is avertrcal transverse section of s aid building takenon the line .g-h` of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is `a-horizontal section of the lefthand half-of said building,v taken on the line cF-b of'Fig. 1. 'Figs is a horizontal section of the same half of said building, taken -onlthe lidera-d of Fig.`1. Fig.' 5 is an enlargedMA detail View'i'n verticalglon itudinal section, ofl a portion. ottone oft e -crypt floors," 'together with 'the' well containing disinfecting .material .embedded therein,

gFig. 6 is an enlarged. detailofa portion of the Wallofa'crypt, showing the bracketed f cida In'ateriall y i Slmilar numerals' of Arefcerence designate.

445.', rece tacle'for holding a V.charge of germicorresponding parts throu ;houttheA severalv The froof 5, -jw.all si6', foin-imitations`'.8 andA complete funderfootmg areconstructed of orced "concrete, with windows at either .end lighting afmedia-l longitudinal hally 18'.

i' The hall. 18' 'is' of be 'used conveniently espa chapel wherein rnayf be held funeral Assurancesl -inpmrnempratlon of persons deceased and to be entombed in a crypt of the mausoleum. l The crypts are bull-t of reinforced con crete,'liav,ing rl-unovablc concrete front Wallsl 21 provided with facing-plates 22 of mar each crypt is formed to present aconcavity of. hollow 10 at Whose lowest part is l'iollou'ed a. Well containing a receptacle 111 containing an active disiufecting substance adapted to act destructively upon fluids' l.seeping from a vdecomposing body inthe crypt. 4The open upper end -of the receptacle 11 may be' covered by a grating or 1; erfo ratedplat-e when desired. In each crypt one or more receptacles 9 are bracketed ti the Walls, and filled with formaldehydel o1' any other substance capable` of'giving o f germlcidal vapors to'actupon.- the air of the crypt or-upon the body therein to clestroyrbm-.teria ble o r other suitable materials. The licor of l or other germs. Furthermore,each crypt is supplied with a receptacle 12 having an -inlet adapted toreceive gases from a'docomposing body and pass the gases tlnough some suitable deodorizing compos-iticn or substance in the receptacle and then out of Y the building by Way of pipes 13 and 141.

lVe have adopted in the mausoleum new and convenient method of arrangement of the cryptS. The two 4upper tiers of erypts 1 and 2 register or aline vertically. With4 their front walls forming the general Walls of the sides of themedial apartmeit 18,

The tier of crypts 3,-however, are longitudi- 1 jnally displaced4 relatively tothe cryots 1.

and'2 thereover, s as to project their front ends into the hall or apartment 18 a ctrtain distance, for a purpose to be .described hereinafter. 'Two'rows of crypts. 4, lie side by side'entirely covered beneath the' ioor of thel apartment- 184. The rypts 4 are roofed by slabs 19 of. concrete, the' slabs being then overlaid with flooring 20 of Wood or other materials. i y 5 Referring especially to Figs. 2 and l3, it will be seen that the roof slab of each cry t 3 extends into the apartment 18 for a su cient distance to permit of the insertion i therein of a rectangular opening 16 closed isover thehe id' of underneath', vf- Acover 17 `may` be used to metie. p''The flotationl of these openings is `such that each :opening 4 the remains-of; a' dece entlying, in a coin tion to living persons.

`place over said opening, and then removably securedin an convenient Way. Corpses which are uni entied may thus be placed in the crypts 3 and kept until identi-A fied, inspection being permitted by means of the Windows thus provided. lThe ledges or shelves thus provided in the apartment 18 maybe further utilized for the rece tion ofvases of owers, other funerary emb ems, or inscriptions as desired. The arrangement of .the erypts thus permits their use for several purposes as desired, While the individual crypts are each disinfected and deodorized and placed in an innocuous condition and thus all adapted to preserve bodies crypt under the other crypt and displaced of arch, 1911.

relatively thereto longitudlnally toproject therehence into the passage-Way a'desired4 distance, said latter crypt being provided in its project-ed portion with a glazed opening for permitting a 'vic-W therethroughof the' featuresof a body interred therein.

'2. In a mausoleum,-an apartment or pas sage-way, a crypt abuttfilfigth'ereon, a crypt under the other crypt yand displaced relatively thereto longitudinally t0 project therehence' into'the passage-Way a desired distance, said latter crypt being provided in its projected portion .with a lazed opening for permitting a view theretrough ofthe features .of a body interred therein, and a third crypt located near Saidfsecond-mentioned crypt but situated wholly below and underneath-'the-floor of said apartment or passage-way.

3. A mausoleum, comprising a structure containing anapartment surrounded by a@ plurality of crypts, certain of the crypts being located partially under others but longitudinally displaced so as to project therehence bodily into the apartment to form a shelf or ledge,`the projecting parts having sealed windows therein permitting a 'view of the features of bodies therein, and mea-ns for removably covering said Windows.

-Si ned at aterloo, iowa, this 30th day JOHN BRUCE MAOKAY.

-Copiesot this" patent mayV be obtained for tive cents cach, by addressing the Commissioner'of Patents.

' Washington, 1).'6.

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U.S. Classification52/133, 52/134
Cooperative ClassificationE04H13/00, E04H13/006
European ClassificationE04H13/00D