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Publication numberUS100867 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1870
Publication numberUS 100867 A, US 100867A, US-A-100867, US100867 A, US100867A
InventorsWilliam Curran
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William curran
US 100867 A
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WILLIAM eus-RAN, orv sfr. Leurs, MISSOURI."`

Letters Patent No. 100,867, 'lla-teil Mft/rch 15, 1870.


The- Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

Tov all lwhom itfmay concern Be it known that L'WILLIAM CURRAN, ofSt. Louis, v

in the county of St. Louis, and State of Missouri, have made certain new and useful Improvements in Dcpurators; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full and-true description thereof', reference being had to the accompanying drawings and to the letters of `relates more especially to the manner of operating the Vwater-supply to the interior ofthe depixratorwessel, and to the location and arrangement of pipes for bathing and ablution purposes.

.To enable those herein skilledto make and use my said `improved apparatus, I will now `more fully describe the same, referring to the accompanying- Figure 1 as a vertical sectional elevation to Figure 2 as a plan, with part of the lid removed; Figures 3 and 4, as enlarged detail views ofthe lidjoint.

I construct my said apparatus, in its main body and lid, usually of zinc, copper, or similar metal, forming the `body A with a suitable floor, upon which stools,

heating-vessels, and other -things may rest.

l. To said body A, I join the lid B, similarly formed, and connected by the hinges C. l.

' When the lid is rested upon the body inproper connection, the lanches a and b, upon the body and lid, respectively, are in direct pressure upon each other, the pressure being increased and regulated `by the hinged screw-clamps I).

Y 1n the lid B is ahead-orifice, having-a projecting in, giving the tightening pressure of the exterior air upon `the top oi' the skull principally.r s The airis partially exhausted by a proper air-pump attaching to the pipe F,- this entering the vessel A.

. In order to form an air-tight joint between the body A and lid B, I have arranged a rubber or other elastic band G, which is sprung about the vertical or nearly ,vertical outer edge of the ange a, `and lies iiat upon the upper surface of said flange, as more plainly shown'.`

in iig. 4.

The ange l) of the lid is pressed down .upon this I rubber band by the screw-clamps D to a tight iit.

. In case the vessel is very large, and there arcuri-ae-v qualities in the iiange surfaces a and l), then I deem it preferable to use, in connection with the band G, the rubber or other elastic tubing G', secured to said band by rubber, cement, or by any other means. The tubing G then offers a large surface for compression, and in atteningiills to a close joint.l the linequalities of surface otherwise likely to occur.

In the treatment by the vacuum process, the capillary porcs are opened, and the skin breathes out its impurities freely. In order to make the cleansing operation thus produced more efficacious, I introduce a water-bath, in the manner following: s

To the vessel A, I connect the pipes H and H- one for hot, the other for cold ywater-joining by the pipe I with said vessel A. lo regulate the admixture s of hot and cold water, said pipes H and H have propel' "cocks a hose, K, which has a proper nozzle and stop-cock, `controlled by the patient, who is thus enabled to di- Within the vessel A said pipe I connects with rect and regulate the stream upon his body.I

In order to cause the bath to reach. the spine, and thus apply to the part where said application is most etlective and beneficial in nervous disorders, I arrange the vertical pipe L at the' rear part of said vessel A, and within it. Said pipe has perforati'ons at` proper height, so that the jets of water will reach the spine of the patient. s

It ,is evident thatl the water or other uid thus iutroduced may be medicated, to obtain medicinal-virtue and effect, and that, as it enters the inner chamber, owing t0 the decreased pressure therein, a large volume ofntluid is vaporized, and thus a vapor bath of great power is achieved; and, moreover, the application of such a bath, at the time ywhen the pores ot the body are opened by the'vacuum, is opportune to produce benecial effects of a high virtue, and this 'not only because the fluid acts to cleanse the skin it self, in lavatory action, butalso because the fluid absorbs the gases andvapors exhumed by the body.

In the bottom of the vessel 'A there is waste-pipel M, to discharge the water ywhen proper.

IVhen itis advisable, I use a hot-air bath, by, using heating-lamps or-similar devices within the vessel A 2. 'Ihe vertical pipe L, arranged with perforations' so placed as to give jets of tluid against'the spine region of the patient, substantially as set forth.

Witnesses: y WILLIAM CURRAN.


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