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Publication numberUS10092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1853
Publication numberUS 10092 A, US 10092A, US-A-10092, US10092 A, US10092A
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Guide for doweling fellies foe
US 10092 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 10,092, dated October 4, 1853.

To @ZZ whom t 'may concern Be itknown that I, IVILLIAM O. DEAN, ot Jacksonville, in the county ot Tompkins and State ot New York, have invented a new and usetul machine tor the purpose ot doweling, called the Adjustable Doweling- Guide, to be used in doweling wagon-tellies, and acting as a sure guide so as to prevent the grain ot the wood drawing the bit, as in the usual way et boring it is apt to do, especially it the timber is cross grained, and it also does away with the necessity et striking' a Center on the end ot each telly, and it is so constructed as to be adjusted tor any size telly, and can be used on each end ot the telly by4 turning it simply as you pass it trom one end to the other, thereby saving much time and performing the work much more accurately; and I do hereby declare that the tollowing is a tull, clear, and exact description ot the construction and operation ot the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making a part ot this specification.

The guide is constructed trom a block ot wood, in which is made a groove tor the in sertion ot the end ot the telly as at (AQ and on cach side ot said groove is a guide (B, B) and on the right hand end is a setscrew (C) tor the purpose ot tightening up and fastening the telly, and in the center ot said groove (as at D) is a metallic tube running through tor the purpose ot guiding the bit when boring tor the dowel. In its use and operation when the telly is prepared and ready tor doweling, it is tastened in the vise with the inside up; then the doweling guide is put on with the screws at the right hand, and the top ot telly coming against the upper guide; then the screw is turned up against the back side ot the telly which tastens it, and the dowel hole is now bored through the tube; then loosen the screw and pass the guide to the opposite end ot the telly keeping the screw at the same side as betere; then pass around to the end and bore the dowel hole, the same as betore.

that I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- The combination and arrangement ot the tube, guides, and set screw tor the purpose ot holding the wood and guiding the bit as herein described and set torth.

WM. c. DEAN. [1.. sj]

In presence ot- I. D. FELTHoUsEN, E. M. MARSHALL.

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Cooperative ClassificationB23B47/28