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Publication numberUS100962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1870
Publication numberUS 100962 A, US 100962A, US-A-100962, US100962 A, US100962A
InventorsJoseph F. Adams
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Joseph f
US 100962 A
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NPETERS, PHOT0-L TNUGHAPNEH WASHINGT l limited Stairs fof the back, as is usual.


Lette/rs Patent No. 100,962, dated March 22, 187 0.



The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all whom 'it may conce/m Be it known that I, JOSEPH F. ADAMS, of Buffalo, in the county of Erie and State of New York, have invented certain Improvements in Photographic Show- Cases, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to display-cases having spring backs, for showing card or other photographs or business-cards; and consists in forming the sides of each cell orncard-receptacle without rabhets, and beveling the bottom rabbet and the bottom of the spring back piece, so that cards and the glass can beiuserted in a moment from the front, and the removal or change of cards be effected by simply pressing down the glass into the inwardly-slantiug beveled space, which throws the upper part of the glass andthe cards out at a suficient angle to allow of their change or removal, while the bottoms are held with suicie'nt force to prevent their falling out.4

In the drawings- Figure 1 is aii'ontview of four cells of my displaycase.

Figure 2 is a vertical cross-section.

A is the wooden molding, to be made in any ornamental or plain manner.

B, 'the ordinary back;v and y va a a a, the cells or card-receptacles.

Gis a back board, which is pressed forward by the spring b, and which holds the glass and pictures or cards in place against the upper rabbet f and lower rabbet D of the frame. This spring back isnot removable but adjusts itself tothe number of cards to be held.

The lower edge of this'back board is beveled, as shown at c, and the rabbet D is correspondingly beveled at f, leaving a beveled space at g, which is for the purpose of holding the Alower end of the glass d and cards e, while the upper parts are thrown forward at an angle, as clearly shown in the upper cell of g. 2. This is one of the important features of my invention, and is an eilect that, so far asI am aware, has never before been accomplished.

Another important feature yis the method of putting in the glass and pictures from the front instead This. I' accomplish by forming the side pieces or ribs h h wit-hout rabbets, making the glass and cards just wide enough to goin, and a little longer than the rabbets of the top and bottom partitions or bars, and by beveling the bottom rabbets and the back piece, as before described.

' The cards are set against the inner side of the glass and the bottoms pushed into the bevels, as shown in iig. 2, then the tops are pressed back fiat against the spring back and the top edge of the glass slid up under the rabbet f, which holds them securely and in the position shown in the bottom cell of fig. 2.'

To remove or change the cards, the thumb or fingers are simply pressed downward against the glass, which throws the lower edge into the beveled space g, which is deeper than the space above, the bevels c and D catching and holding the lower ends of the cards and glass, aided by the spring b, the upper ends standing outward, as beforedescribed.

`'Ihis arrangement willl be found very useful not only to display cards and photographs, but also to keep them from warping and each kind by themselves ready Afor delivery, distinguishable at a glance.

Each cell will contain a large number which may be removed one at a time or all together.

The case may be made of any suitable size, having from one to any'desirable number of cells, according to the number of different cards or photographs to be shown in one frame.

I am acquainted with the patent of La Montagne, September 25, 1866, card-case, and the rejected application of W. F. Glitz, for a` currency-holder; these show the spring back, but are not the equivalent of my invention; and I do not claim, broadly, the spring or lthe spring back; but

I claim as my invention.-

'Ihe back piece G with the bevel c, and the crosspiece D with the bevel k, when used in. connection with the plane sides h hl of the cells, the whole being specially arranged to throw the cards outward at the top when opened, as herein described.

Ih witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

v J. F. ADAMS.

Witnesses: y



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