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Publication numberUS1010695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1911
Filing dateJun 9, 1911
Priority dateJun 9, 1911
Publication numberUS 1010695 A, US 1010695A, US-A-1010695, US1010695 A, US1010695A
InventorsJames R Sloan
Original AssigneeJames R Sloan
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Battery vent-plug.
US 1010695 A
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Patentednea 5, 1911.



To all uilwm 'it may concern.' Beit known that I, JAMES R. SLOAN, a citizen of the vUnited States, residing at `Llyswen, Altoona, Blair county, Pennsyl- `van1a,have lnvented an Improved Battery Vent-Plug, of which the following is a specil `f ication.

' My invention is an improved vent plug l. y designed to permit the free escape of gas, l --l to prevent the escape of solution and drain it back into the cel-l, to prevent the introduc- H, 'tion of foreign matter, and-to facilitate the inspection of the interior of the cell.

The characteristic features of my invention are fully disclosed in the following description and the accompanying drawings in illustration thereof.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is sectional 'i view of a cell cover having my improved 2o vent plug applied thereto; Fig. 2 1s atop plan view of the body of the plug illustrated in Fig. 1; andFig. 3 is a sectional view illustrating a vsecond form of the invention inQcombination with part of a cell cover to which it is engaged.

As illustrated in Figs. 1 and V2, the cover 1 is provided with the circular central opening 2, and is slightly tapered from the top downwardly. The plug comprises a circular hollow body 3 having the tapered bearing surface 4 adapted-to fit in the opening 2, the circular outer rim or upwardly extending flange 5 beneath which is the bearing surface 6 adapted to rest on the cover, the

circular inner rim or upwardly extending flange 7 rising to an elevation below the top of the rim 5, the circular channel 8 `formed by the rim, the notches 9 and channels 10 forming gas passages in the rim 5 and the notches 11 in the rim 7, the latter formingpassages for draining solution from the channel 8 into the bodys central aperture 12 and the interior of the cell. A cap or cover 13 is providedwithV a circular flange 14 which is slightly tapered to fit on the tapered outer surface of the rim 5, the depending circular flange or apron 15 within the flange 14 and adapted to extend intothe channelv8 below the top of the rim 7, and

the depending circular flange or apronl.

Within the flange 15 and adapted to extend into the orifice 12 b'elow the passages 11. ,The cap 13 -is preferablyiormed separately. from the body 3, but the two may be formedl in- Specication of Letters Patent.

Application filed .Tune 9, 1911. Serial No. 632,108.

surface of the part 1G and indirectly, through,

the channel 8 and passages 11, from the surfaces of the parts 5, 15 and 7.

It will be understood that the plug can4 be readily removed to give access to the interior of,the cell through the aperture 2.

As illustrated in Fig. 3, the cover 21, having the threaded aperture 22 therein, is combined with the hollow plug body 23 having the threaded ring 2t engaged in the aperture and the bearing surface 2G resting on the cover; the body being provided with the threaded outer rim 25, the inner rim 27, the channel 2S, the passages 29 and 30 in the outer rim and the passages 31 in the inner rim connecting the channel 28 with the orifice 32. A cap 33 is fixed on the body, having anouter ange 34 internally threaded to engage the outer `rim 25, the depending apron or flange35 disposed in Patented Dec. 5, 1911.

the channel 28. and the depending inverted .Sages 31 and orifice 32 into the interior of the cell. A

It will be seen that these caps are not only effective for preventing the escape of solution While permitting the iescape of gas and the inspection of the interior of the cells, but that'they also prevent the introduction of dust., dirt and any other objectionable foreign matter trom the exterior to the interior ot the cells.

Having described my invention` I claim: 1. A vent plug having upwardly extending fla uges yforming a channel. a downwardly extending flange disposed insaid channel. and an escape passage from said channel through one of said flanges, 'in combination with ,a cell cover having an aperture therein with which said channel communicates.

2. A vent plug having a hollow body, an outer rim, an inner rim, a channel formed hy said rims, a notch in said outer rim, a notch in said inner rim, and a cover connected with said outer rim, in combination with a cell cover having an aperture therethrough. 1

Afvent plug comprising, in combination with a cell cover having an aperture therethrough, a. hollow body, a flange there on having a passage therethrough, a second flange thereon having a passage therethrough communicating with said aperture,

said flanges forming a channel7 and a cap fixed to one of said flanges and extendingy over said channel and apertures.

4. A vent `plug comprising a body having an aperture therethrough, and a channel extending around said aperture, in combination with a cap having a flange extending into said channel and a draining device thereon depending into said aperture.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name this third day of June, 1911, in the presence of the subscribing Witnesses.



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U.S. Classification429/89
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