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Publication numberUS1012195 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1911
Filing dateMar 11, 1911
Priority dateMar 11, 1911
Publication numberUS 1012195 A, US 1012195A, US-A-1012195, US1012195 A, US1012195A
InventorsFrederick A English
Original AssigneeBirtman Electric Co
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US 1012195 A
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Patented Dec.



APPLICATION 11.11]: MAR.11, 1911.

Patented Dec. 19, 1911.




Application filed March 11, 1911.

To aJZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK A.

ENGLISH, a citizen of the United States,

a motor operates a fan or blower to suck through a tube dust and other foreign matter from carpets, floors, furniture and other articles or furnishings in rooms and hallways of buildings; and it relates, more particularly stated, to the construction of the suction-tube to renden it adjustable for a apting its head-carrying end to be readily applied by. the person handling the tube to out-of the-way places, such as the tops of moldingsfthe floors beneath beds and couches, andthe like, and thus render such places conveniently accessible.

Additional features of. improvement are hereinafter described.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a broken view in side elevation of the dust-tube of my improved construction;

' Fig. 2 is a similar view of the same, showmg one ad ustment of the flexible section of the tube; Fig. 3 is a similar view of the same, showing another adjustment and demonstrating a purpose thereof; Fig.4 is an enlarged section on line 4:, Fig. 1; Fig. is a broken view of the tube in longitudinal sectional elevation, showing the sight-glass feature; Fig. 6 shows the'sight-glass by a plan view, and Fig. '7 is a, section on line 7, Fig. 5; Fig. 8 is a broken view showing the suction-head or nozzle in rear elevation, and Fig. 9 shows the same by a face-view.

The tube 10 is formed of metal with a flexible section 12, which may be braided wire or other, preferably elastic, hose on its distal end and to which the suction-head 14 is fastened at a socket 13 thereon, the head being of the shape illustrated, or of any other suitable shape. A rod-15, which may be of metal, and hollow for lightnes is pivotally connected at one end to the under edge of the head, as shown at 16, and extends therefrom along the tube through guide-loops "17-,at intervals thereon, the

rea-rmost one of which loops carries a setscrew 18 to bear against the rodand secure it 1n its retracted position. To use :my improved suct1on-tube it is connected at its rear end, as usual, with a Specification of Letters Patent. P tented Dec. '19, 1911'; '4

Serial No. 613,941 1 dust receptacle, such as that commonly "provided in the upper part-of thecasing of an ordinary portable suction-cleaner containf ing a motor and a fan or blower. With th motor in action, the user of the ap t rp e the head 14 to or moves it along the surface to be cleaned. To adapt the head to be applied to a ceiling, the flexible section 12 may be adjusted, by properly moving the rod'l5 lengthwise in its guides and fastening it by the set-screw 18, to extend in line, or approximately in line, with =the rod. By releasing the rod and drawing it backwardly to any desired extent, the flexible section is bent into goose-neck form to extend the head 14 at any requiredangle relative to the tube, thereby to adapt it to be applied by the user to the upper side of molding 19 high up on a wall 20, as indicated in Fig. 3, or to any otherwise inconveniently accessible elevated surface or object in a room, requiring to-be cleaned. 1

prefer to form the tube with a rotatablyadjustable, rear section 21jcoupled- "to the main section to deflect it from the straight line of the latter, whereby turning the section 21 to extend its deflected portion 'up.

wardly, as represented in Fig. 2, adapts the head with the flexible section12 bent into the condition shown in that figure, to be inserted under a bed, couch or the like for cleaning the floor thereunder Without re-,

quiring the operator to stoop for the purpose. The tube=sect1on 21, as shown in F 1g. 5, 1s telescopically connected at its forward end with the rear end of the main tube 10 to be rotated at that section 21 where it is more convenient, in the more ordinary condit on of the tube 10 for use, to the observation of the operator. 1 The head "14 may be permanently fes tened in'place on the flexible tube-section 12; and since it is desirable "to use, for

different purposes, heads having inlet-open- .7 ings of different shapes andareas, I adapt.

the head 14 to have detachably fastened to it such other heads. To this end I provide jaws 24 and 25 (Fig. 9) diagonally oppo site each other on the front and rear edges near the ends of the face of the head to adapt such another head, fitting fiatwise against it and provided withsiniilar jaws to register with the jaws 24, 25, to be readily fastened to it, as by means of bolts releasably confined in the registering jaws.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is z- 1. In combination, a suction-cleaner dusttube comprising a rigid tube, a section of flexible hose on the 'forward end of said tube, and a suction-head connected with the advance-end of said section, and means for bending the hose-section and securing it in different positions relative to the rigid tube, for the purpose set forth.

2. In combination, a suction-cleaner dusttube comprising a rigid tube, a section of flexible hose on the forward end of said tube and a suction-head connected with the advance-end of said section, a guide-loop on said tube provided with a set-screw, and a rod connected with said head and extending lengthwise of the tube through said loop, for the purpose set forth.

In presence of J. GLANDERSON,

OTTILLE 0. Athens.

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