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Publication numberUS1014441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1912
Filing dateJul 5, 1911
Priority dateJul 5, 1911
Publication numberUS 1014441 A, US 1014441A, US-A-1014441, US1014441 A, US1014441A
InventorsDaniel M Benton
Original AssigneeDaniel M Benton
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Combined envelop and letter-sheet packet.
US 1014441 A
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APPLICATION FILED JULY 5, 1911. I fi Patented Jan. 9, 1912.





, Papented Jan. 9, 1912 3 BHEBTS-SHEET 2.


APPLIOATIOQLIILBD JULY 5,1911. Patented Jan. 9, 1912.


' of the city of Macon,

' the following is a specification following hereinafter,


COMBINED ENVELOI To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, DANIEL M. BENTON, a citizen of the United. States, and a resident in the county of Bibb have invented certain Combined of which and State of Georgia, new and useful Improvements in Envelop and Letter-Sheet Packets,


My invention relates broadly to stationery and specifically to a packet combining the utilities of a sheet for bearing reading matter and an envelop or wrapper for retaining the sheet. in folded position and for bearing superscription.

One object of my invention is to produce a packetformed of a sheet manner that one side of the sheet is entirely inclosed and protected without the use of an envelop or wrapper.

A further object of my invention is to produce a packet composed of a sheet so folded that one side thereof is entirely in-.

closed and the packet retained in its folded position without the use of adhesive, clips, or any adjunct not a partof the sheet; or any tabs, slots or other special formations of the sheet.

Other objects of my'inven'tion will in part be obvious and in partpointed out in the and by reference to the accompanying drawings which form a part of this application, and the scope ofthe invention will be specifilly definedin the hereto appended claims.-

of advertising and simi-' For the purpose lar uses, it is often sheets of paper illustrations, etc.

desirable to employ large bearing printed matter, It is frequently desirable to send these sheetsithrough the mail, for

which purposethey must be folded and inclosed in envelops or secured with metal clips,'cord or other devices. In some instances special forms of sheets have been made employing gummedsealing flaps or slits and tabs. These several expedients are in many ways objectionable and inadequate. The use of envelops multiplies labor and postal expense; wire clips, strings, etc., are

- laborsome and expensive in use, while the use of adhesive results frequently in mutilation of the sheet when the package is opened. Special forms of sheets employing flaps, slits, etc., are expensive in manufacture in that each particular size and form of sheet requires an individual die for cutting.

Specifioation of Letters Patent. Application filed July 5, 1911. Serial No. 686,936.



Patented Ja n. c.1912.

It is the purpose of my invention to obvi', ate all of these objectionable features by f making a packet formed of a sheet which may be out without waste from ordinary size stock without the use of any special so dies, which'may be entirely folded by m. chinery and secured in mailable shape without the use of any special fastening devices, and which may be used with'a minnnum expenditure of time and labor.

For a clear understanding of my invenreference may be had to the drawin and. specification, in which like numera s represent like parts throughout.

In the drawings, Figure 1 shows a'sheet folded to illustrate the first step in the formation of my packet. Figs. 2 and 3 illustrate consecutive subsequent steps. Fig. 4 shows a. packet completely folded ready for mailing. Fig. 5 illustrates a sheet unfolded showing the several'lines of fold. Figs. 6 and 7 show a modification in which a plurality of sheets or a double sheet is employed. v

In the production of my device asheetjof general rectangular form is folded' along the line 'a-a so as to be divided into two sections 1 and 2, the latter of which has a free edge 4 projecting beyond the free edge of the former. then folded down over the free edge of the section 1 along the line b-b. The sheet as thus folded is then folded along the linesc-c and d-d at substantially right angles to the lines ac and b-b in such manner as to be divided into three smaller sections A, B and C, of which A and C are the termi nal sections and the section B, the medial section. These latter folds are so made that the folded projecting portion 4 comes the outside of the sheet when folded, as is shown particularly in Fig. 2. It now willbe found thatthe three sections of the projecting portion 4 lie one above another in 'posi, tion such that their lateral To complete the packet and secure it against becoming unfolded, the edge of the uppermost terminal section A, covered .by the projecting portion 4:, is slipped between the sheet l and the projecting portion 4 of the 0 This projecting portion 4: is 85 edges coincide.

In the forms illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7 the packet may be used for advertising cira larger piece of paper is shown, first folded culars or other printed matter.

, along the line ac into two coinciding sec- It 1s obvious that the packet herein ilius- 35 tions M and N, after which the double sheet trated might be modified without departing thus formed is folded along the lines a-a, fromthescope of the invention, and thereb-b and so on as above explained' It" will fore I desire that it shall be understood that be found that the packet thus formed is the particular forms herein designated and secured in its folded position so as not to described shall be taken as illustrativerather 40 be unfolded by the ordinary handling to I than in their limiting sense.

10 which mail matter is subjected. It also will Having thus described my invention what be seen that one side of'the sheet is com- I desire to claim-'is:-" i w pletely inclosed and secured agalnst lnspec- 1 i l. A folded packet comprising, a plurality tion, and the other side exposed in condiof superimposed folds, an extension flap ex- 45 tion forreceiving a superscription. It furtending along the entire edge of all of said ther will be seen that by this means a large folds and substantially sealing the free edge v sheet of paper may be folded into a comof all of said folds, and certaln of said folds paratively small packet adapted for mailing. cooperating with a portion of said extension This packet is adapted to be folded by ordiflap to hold said packet in closed relation. 50

nary folding machinery and delivered to the 2. Apacket comprising a sheet divided by user in condition requiring only a superafold into two portions, one of which pro- I orother special conformations cut therescription to render it ready for mailing. ects beyond the other to form a flap, and It will be noted, that the packet forming having a plurality of transverse folds'crossing said flap whereby the sheet is folded into 55 from, and therefore it will be seen that my mailing packet may be formed with a miniis also to be noted that in view ofthe fact DANIEL BENTON my packet is formed from a rectangular Witnessesf piece of paper it is more easily handled by I CI-IAs. CORK, printing presses wherein it isdesirable that C. A. CUNNINGHAM.

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/08