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Publication numberUS1014573 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1912
Filing dateApr 15, 1911
Priority dateApr 15, 1911
Publication numberUS 1014573 A, US 1014573A, US-A-1014573, US1014573 A, US1014573A
InventorsOthman Davis
Original AssigneeOthman Davis
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Combined smoke-consumer and vaporizer.
US 1014573 A
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1,014,573. PatentedJan.9,1912.


owl-IMAM Davis, or GAINE'SVILLE, Taxes.


To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, OTHMAN Davis, a citizen of the United States, residing at Gainesville, in the county of Cooke and State of Texas, have inventedscertain :new and useful Improvements. in Combined Smoke-Consumers and Vaporizers. of'wh-ich the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a combined smoke consumer and liquid fuel gasifier, to be used in connectlon with furnaces employing coal, oil, or any other fuel.

The lnvention aims to provide means whereby hot air and gases are introduced under pressure in the ash pit, tov cause the complete oxidation of the fuel, whereby a large 'per cent. of the fuel otherwise wasted, is saved.

An important object of this invention is to provide apparatusso constructed that a portion of the smoke and hot gases or prod ucts of combustion are withdrawn from the stack of the furnace, fresh air supplied to these productsof combustion and the n'iixture,

subsequently introduced into the ash pit of the furnace. The apparatus is so constructed that a portion of the mixture of air and the products of combustion in their heated state, is employed to gasify liquid fuel which is subsequently introduced into the tire box of the furnace.

A further object provide means whereby the amount ofthe hot gases introduced into the ash pit-and the gasified, fuel introduced into the fire box may be regulated to meet the requirements of the particular case.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanyingdrawing forming a party of this specification, the figure-is a front view of a furnacehshowing 'myim-' vertical stack 4, through which are discharged the products at combus gn-i Specification of Letters Patent.

of this invention is to The furnace Patented Jan. 9,1912. Application filed April 15, 1911. Serial No. 621,265.

The numeral 5 ldesignates doors. which close anopening in the wall of the furnace structure, within which opening is mounted a steam boiler (not shown). I

The stack 4 has an opening formed therethrough for receiving the" horizontal portion of a pipe 6, said pipe being bent downwardly within the stack to provide a vertical portion 7', carrying a flaring hood or mouth 8. The hood or mouth is of a diameter to span substantially one-third of the,

internal area of the stack 4, with relation to the cross-section of. the stack. The pipe 6 comprises an outer vertical portion 9, havmg communication with the interior of a casing 10 of a rotaryblower. This blower further comprises a rotatable fan 11, rigidly mounted upon a shafti12, that is journaled through the walls of. the casing 10. Suitable means (not shown). are provided for rotating the fan 11 so that the same creates a draft to draw some of the products of combustion from the Stack 4, through the pipe 6, and subsequently discharge the same into a pipe 13. This pipe has one end thereof in communication with the interior of theash pit of. the furnace structure, said pipe-being shown preferably as passing through the front wall of the furnace structure.

Attention is called to the fact that when the device is in operation, the doors 2 remain closed and are to be constructed to fit f pipe has one'end thereof connected with a heating coil-17 through the medium of a check valve structure 18.- The heating coil 17 is disposed within ,acasing or shell 19,

"the'upper end of which is closed by a cap 20 and the lower end of which is connected with the pipe 1-3 through the medium of a pipe section 21. The lower end of the heating or va orizing coil "17 extends through the .wallfo the shell 19" andis designated by thenumera'lfl 22; heipie 22; is'provided withgaicuteoff valmstru tar 23 and this pipe is connected with a pipe 21 which ex-,

-' tends longitudinally of and enters the furnace structure 1- to discharge itsfcontents into the firebox. 7

Having communication. with the upper end ofthe shell-.19 is a pi e 25, provided in terinediate. 1 it's 3 ends wit structure .26 and'connect'cd at one end with thepipe24 fl The pipe 24 serves. as common a cut-off valve means for supplying the 1 gases delivered from-thpipes22 andinto the firebox of the furnace'hit "1) ing, understood that these gases become; mixed before entering the fire box, w

---In=the operationofj thei apparatus, it bein'g" assumed thatcioal or" the like is em played-for fuel within -the; furnacestructure,

the rotation -:of llwill [draw a por- 7 {Ztionofthe smoke'orproduptsoffcombustion 2o;

fromthe; stack. 'A jrqfiriaiaountpf fresh air is supplied to'vthes'e. products of-"combustloIi, throughtliepipelh while said, prod -ucts' ofcombustion arein the pipe '6. -f' Th'e.

' .air andfproduc'tsjof combustion'ibecome thoroughlvrmixed' and the heat from the products 'oflcombustion imparted to the mix-1 ture,-which heated. mixture then. passes I through the ipe '13., to be discharged into I other "fuel,"

heated mixture; of ygases' supplied 'intofthe ash-pit -isr'e't'aine'd atia pressure therein and ald's in" thorough combustion Inf-the coal or I-tis o vio s-that" gay apparatus ta as in a sense as a smoke consumefi- A-p'ortion. ofthe heatedfmixture of gases in the -.pipe- '13 passes into the shell 19"a11d circulating "in proximity to thejoil .lZ'cauQes the ,oil

' circulation of" therein a be vaporized hot, g'aLseSinthecshell l maintained,

;virtueof th fact that -Zthesei gases are in-' trodl ljqed of'the,lowe1f end'-,ofthe'shell and aredischa'rged 'from'thenp erfjend thereof through the pipe 125 andsu sequently. into the pipe The vaporized oil or other fuel passes through the pipe 22' and-is discharged "gases fromv the pipe 25,-" subsequently to- "which the mixture entersfinto the fire box into thespipe2a where it mingles withandv becomes thoroughly mixed with T the hot 7 of the furnace: structure. ,T evvalves 23 j and: 26 are provided to in'depyanflehtl; v regua the pipes 22and25, resp'ectively; .551.

' invention 'herewith shown and'ldes'crihed, is 'to beftaken as a'preferred-example of the late the amount of material discharged from same, and that certain changes in the shape,

size and'arrangement ofparts may be .re-

sorted" to without departing from the spirit joined claims.

of the invention orthe scope of the sub-1 Having thusdescribed my invention, I- claimz r 1. In apparatus of the character described,

afurnace structure, including a stack, fire box and ash pit, apparatus to draw theproducts of'combustiomfrom the stack and introduce the same into the ash pit, a devicefor holding liquid fuel to be asified, means for conducting a portion 0 the products of combustion circulating inthe apparatus into 4 proximity to said device for heating the same, and means'for conducting thevaporized fuel into the'fire box;

12.- In apparatus of the character described, 4 V

'a'f urn'ace structure including a stack, ash I pit and fire b0x,-a blower mechanism, a

conduitestablishing communication between t the stack. and the blower mechanis'm,- a conduit'establishing communication between the blower mechanism and the ash pit,,.a-

shell having communication withthe second {named conduit, 'a coil disposed within the shell to hold liquid fuel to be vaporized, a: conduit connected with one end of said shell,

and a. conduit connected with the last named conduit-and a portion of said coil andfexe tending withinthe furnace structure to-discharge its'contents into the fire box. j

1 Inapparatus of the'character described,

a furnace-structure, a shell, a coil; disposed 105 withinf the shell to hold liquid fuel to be gasified, apparatusfor conducting the'prodnets of combustion fromithe'furnace struc-- L ture and introducing the same" into said shell and the ash pit of said'furnace s'truc- V hire, a conduit connectedwith. the shell and the furnace-structure to deliver'ga'sesinto the fire box, said coil having means of communication with the furnace structure to V deliver the: asified'fuel'intothe'firebox, and

separate va ves connected with said: conduit' 7 and means of communication for controlling the passage of material therethroughJ Intestimony whereof I afiix my signature "in presence of two witnesses. Y I p v OTHMAN DAVIS.

' Witnesses; I


- Raivnn. I

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