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Publication numberUS1015383 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 23, 1912
Publication numberUS 1015383 A, US 1015383A, US-A-1015383, US1015383 A, US1015383A
InventorsJeffebson B. Dyek
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US 1015383 A
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' J. B. DYBR & J. D. HOBBS.


' APPLICATION FILED o0'r .,7,;1911.

Patented Jan. 23, 191 2.



To all w/wmit may concern: 7 7

Be it known that we, JEFFERSON l3; DYER in Churns, of which the'following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying'drawings. r,

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in churns and has for its object to provide a simple, durable and efficient device of this-character wherein the churn vat or receptacle is vertically reciprocated so as "to thoroughly agitate the contents thereof and induce of butter.

A further object of the invention resides in the provision of improved means for mounting the churn vat or body in a suitable vsupportlng frame, said mounting including meansfor rigidly securingthe top or cover upon the churn, and means for connecting the operating mechanism to the carrier frame of the churn whereby churns of various sizes may be employed.

WVith the aboveand other objects in view, the lnventlon consists ofth'e novel features of construction, comblnatlon and arrange.

ment of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in Which Figure 1 is a side elevation of a churn embodying our improvements; Fig. 2 is a top plan view; and Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail longitudinal section through one of the adjustable sleeves for connecting the operating pitman to the carrier plane of the churn.

Referring in detail to the drawing 5 designates the main frame which consists of the vertical uprights 6 which are rigidly mounted at their lower ends upon a suitable base 7; The upper ends of the uprights 6 are offset as shown at 8 and are braced by means of:

transverse shaft 13 is mounted in a suitable bearing and to one end of this shaft. a fly or Specification ofLetters Patent.

the rapid formation balance wheel 14 is fiXed while to the other end thereof'a pinion 15 is secured. An'op erating gear wheel 16 is also mounted upon meshes with the teeth" of the pinion 15. This gear is "provided with a crank handle 17 whereby the same maybe turned in the operation of the machine.

The churn body or vat C is suitable frame which consists ofthe parallel vertical'rods 18 which are movably-disposed Patented Jan. 23,1912; Application'fil ed October 7, 1911. Serial No 653,309.

the upper end'ofthe frame structure and :f

mounted in; a 5

through openings provided in the lower horizontal bar 11 of themain frame and .in

the upper bar 9 thereof. The churn vat "C! 1s removably mounted upon aplatform or ally extending rods 21 are secured, said rods being fixed to thevertical frame rods 18".

2 base '20 to opposite sides of which the later- An adjustable cross r0d22 connects the rods 18 and is provided at its ends with the sleeves 23 which carry set screws" 241 for,

binding engagement with" the rods 18 whereby .thercross rod 22 may be rigidly secured in its adjusted position: Aclampmg screw 25 is threaded centrally through the cross a rod 22" which is providedtwi'th a flattened portion therein and is adapted for clampingenga'gement with the cover or top T of the y i churn vat to securely hold the same inposition during the reciprocation of the'churn.

Sleeves "26' are longitudinally adjustable upon the cross rod 22 and carry suitable set screws 27 to secure said sleeves thereon.

vLink rods28 are pivotally, connected to the inner ends of'these sleeves and are loosely connected to the lower end of a pitmfan rod 29 which is eccentrically .connectedas indi-V catedat-BO' to the flywheel 14. It will thus be seenthat by loosening the set screws 27 L H and 24, the rod 22 may be vertically adjusted upon the frame rods 18 so as to permit churn vat or receptacle of any desired capacity to be mounted in the reciprocal frame.

It will alsobe appreciated that by simply looseningthe screws 24," the top T of "the churn body will be loosened and removed by the upward movement of the bar 22, thereciprocatory frame in which said churn body is mounted resting upon the lower transverse i 05 bar 11 of the main frame The churn body may thus be very quickly removed without requiringthe manipulation of the clamping screw 25. I

The operation of. the device is substan-' tially as -follows. After the milk and cream.

have been placed within the churn vat and the same arranged upon the base 20, the screw 25 is properly adjusted to rigidly retain the top upon said vat. After tightening the set screws 24 and 27 the churn will be very rigidly held in position in its frame and the operator then grasps the crank handle 17 and by turning the gear 16 imparts a reciprocatory movement to said frame through the medium of the pitman rod 29 and the link rods 28 which connectthe fly wheel 14 therewith. In this movement of the frame, the rods 18 thereof slide freely through the openings in the main frame bars 9 and 11. It will be readily observed that in this manner a very rapid reeiprocatory movement may be imparted to the churn so that the contents thereof are very thoroughly agitated thus reducing to a minimum the time necessary to the production of the butter and correspondingly decreasing the manual labor. It will also be seen that the churn vat may be easily and quickly removed and another substituted therefor without undue loss of time.

The various parts are extremely simple and the cost of manufacture will be correspondingly small. The device is also highly durable and very efficient in practical use.

While We have shown and described the preferred construction anc. arrangement of the various parts, it will be obvious that the invention is susceptible of a great many minor modifications in the form and proportion thereof without departing from the Copies of this patent may be obtained for frame including a fly wheel, a pitman eccentrically connected. at one end to said fly wheel, sleeves longitudinally adjustable on said cross rod, and link rods pivotally connected to said sleeves and loosely connected to said pitman, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

In testimony whereof we hereunto affix our signatures in the presence of two wit- DGSSGS. I



marl: Witnesses as to the signature of Jefferson B. Dyer:

J. H. DoDsoN, D. B. MERRILL. lVitnesses as to the signature of James D. Hobbs:


five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents. Washington, I). c.

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