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Publication numberUS1015803 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1912
Filing dateApr 13, 1911
Priority dateApr 13, 1911
Publication numberUS 1015803 A, US 1015803A, US-A-1015803, US1015803 A, US1015803A
InventorsWalter H Judson
Original AssigneeJesse D Rice
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US 1015803 A
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APPLIGATIQN FILED AFR. 1a, 1911A Pai-med Jan. 30, m2.



Patented ma 3G, 3,912.






Patented Jan. 30, 1922.


ila/W1 Uran srArEs lPATENT omnes.

-WAL'rnnn Simson, or OAKLAND, oAnIronNIA AssrGNon-ro Jnssn D. mon, or

OAKLAND, oAmronmA.


specification of Letters raam.

Patented Jan. so, 1912.

Application filed April 13, 1911. Serial No. 620,811.

State of California, have invented cert-ainv new and useful Improvementsin Pulp-Machinos, of whichthe following is a speciiica- This invention relates to the subject Iof pulp making, and the principal object of the same is to provide a simple and easily operated pulp making machine in which the pulp material is rapidly digested and de- Y motor 24 is carried by platform 18 and has livered to a press, and from the press delivered to a disintegrator from which the pulp is discharged to the usual beater, said digesi ter, press and disintegrator being carried by i' a common support and operated by a .com-

mon source of power.

Inladdition to the foregoing prominent features, the invention contemplates novel fr means whereby the liquid employed is; drained from the digester and ypress and. l subjected to an evaporating operation to re- I move the water therefrom, the valuable:

chemicals being conducted to a suitable retort.

The invention also contemplates novel means yfor heating the digester and evaporator, and treating the pulp to a water bath while inthe press, and numerous other details of construction and arrangement of.

parts, as will be fully described. Y

One preferred and practical embodiment of the invention vis shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein :H

Figure 1 is a View in elevation, partly in vertical section of the improved pulp making machine. Fig. 2 lis an enlarged central verticaLsectional view of the digester. Fig.

3 is a top plan View, partly in section, there-.

perspective view of the bottom of the press. The improved pulp making machine has.

been shown mounted upon a supporting frame including the base 15, standards 16 and the three platforms 17, 18 and 19, re-

Platform 17 is arranged .above platform-18, and plat-formy 19 is arranged .intermediate of and to one side of platforms 17 and 18, this being a convenient structure,

`but it will Vbe clear that other arrangements may be resorted to, if desired. An evaporating receptacle 20 is carried by base 15 aireceiving tank 21 is carried by platform 18;

a digester 22 is carried by platform 17; and

a press 23 is carried by .platform 19. A

a belt connection 25 with a drive shaft 26 that is horizontally journaled in suitable bearings and extends above platforms 18 and 19, and'below platform 17. y

A vertical flue 27 extends from the lower portion of one 'end of evaporator 20, said flue being provided with batlie plates 28 that are arranged in staggered relation. A sinuous casing 29 is arranged in said evaporator and a plurality of endless iight conveyers 30 are arrangedin said casing. The conveyers are driven by power taken from a vertical shaft 31, the upper end of which carries a bevel gear 32 that is in mesh with a similar gear 33carried by power shaft 26. A vent pipe 34 connects the upper portion of casing 29 with flue 27. The upper portion of casing 29 projects through the upper portion offone end of evaporator 20, and l,the lower end 35' ofl said casing is elongated and projects through and well beyond the lower portion of said evaporator and depends over a hopper 36 leading to a retort, not shown.

The lower conveyer flight extends the fulll length of the elongated'A end v35 of casing 2 9'.

The digester 22 is formed of the outer receptacle, `to which said numeral ,22' has been applied, an inner receptacleI 37 thatisI spaced therefrom to provide a steam jacket 38. A perforated lining 39 is provided for .the inner kreceptacle 37. The ydigester is provided with an outwardly-projeotingj flange .40 at 'itsv upper end which forms a t seat to which the cover plate 41 is fastened.

Plate 4&1 is provided with an opening 42 that a pressure gage 4:6, and a sight opening i7 that is sealed by a'sheet of glass 48, .or other transparent material. A thermometer.' 49 is suspended from the bottom surface of door 43 in position to be inspected throughthe sightopening 47. A transparent receptacle 50 depends from the door 43 and an incandescentA electric lamp, or other source offlight, 51, is disposed in said receptacle to illuminate the interior of the digester.

vertically-arranged centrally-located hollow shaft 52 extends through the digesterV 22 vand its upper end projects through the coverplate 41 and is reduced yand journaled in a stuffingv box-53. The lower end of shaft 52 engages a seat 54 in the bottom of vthe inner receptacle 37. .Shaft 52 is provided with `a plurality of lateral nipples 52a to "which upper" and lower hollow horizontal blades.y 55 are coupled.` Blades 55 are connected in pairs by the hollow vertical stirrer.

' the same shape as blades 55, Shaft 52 is provided witha central horizontal partition` 59 that causes the steam to circulate through the stirrer blades.

The projecting upper end of'shaft 52 is reduced and carries a beveled gear 60 that is engaged Vby a similar gear 62 carried by a shaft l63 that is journaled in bracketbearings 64 carried by cover plate'41. Shaft 63 has' a belt connection 65 with drive shaft 26.

A steam pipe 66 extends from a source of steam supply, not shown, and has a branch connection 67 with the lower ortion of the steam jacketv 38. f A. steam out et' 68 is provided for jacket 38, saidoutlet being disposed opposite and in' a higher plane than the 'l steam inlet of said jacket and having a pipe connection 69 with the evaporator `20. A controlling valve 70 is provided for pipe 69. Steam pipe 66 extends into-the upper end of shaft 52, a stufling box 71 being provided to avoid escape of steam.' Outlet pipe 69 has aV branchpipe connection 7 2-with the basel of shaft 52, saidjpipe -72- being ,equipped with a' controlling valve 73 and at its junction with shaft 52, extends through a stuifing box 74. A drain-pipe 7 5 connects the bottom of steam jacket 38with evaporator 20, a trapv76 being carried by said pipe 75 to catch sediment. Pipe is equipped with -a controllingvalve 77 The bottomof dil gester 22 is provided with a cavity 7 8 and aburner 79 projects thereinto apply heatto the said digeste.

` A discharge opening 80 is formed in .the

bottom of digester 22, and a #controlling door 81 1s provided therefor. A chute 82, formed of telescoping sections, is arranged beneath the digester and in position to receive' material discharged through open ing 8 0. A drain pipe83 is provided for the interior of digester 22 and extends into tank 21. Pipe 83 Vis equipped with a controlling valve 84.' Tank 21 yhas a pipe connection 85v` with the upper portion ofthe conveye-r casing 29, saidpipe being equipped l"with a controlling valve 86. i

The pressvbox 23 is provided with a plurality of internal'laterallysprojecting no-zzles 87 which receive water from'a pipe 88 that surrounds said box, said pipe 88 being 1n communication withl a supply pipe 89.

, Box 23 is provided with an upper inlet opening 9.0 equipped with a sealing door 91, said openlng being in alinementwith chuter82 so thatfyvhen said chute is extended, its free end willenter opening 90 and deliver material to 'said'box Box 23 is provided with a discharge opening 92 in the lower portion. Discharge opening 92 extends the entire 'length of the press box 23 and a sealing door 92ay is provided for the same. plunger 'or' ejector k93 in slidable across the bottom of press box 23 and enters said box. 7

through an'opening-94 that is opposite open-k ing 92.' Ejector 93 includes a bar 95 that is slidable in guides 96 carried by supporting vbeams 97 of one of the standards 16 and box 23, said bar being provided with upper and' 'lower reeks 98 that are engaged by meshed pinions L mounted on stub shafts 100. One of said stub shafts also carries a drive-gear 1101 that is in mesh with a worm 102 carried by a shaft 103, the upper end of which is equipped with a beveled gear 104 adapted shaft 26. Gears 105 and 106 engage opposite sides of gear 104 and .it will .be clear.

that by manipulatin said gears 105 andl106, the ejector 93 .Wille 'projected into 'press box 23 to force material therefrom, or withdrawn therefrom:

A plunger 107 is vertically movable in box 23 and 'is equipped with water channels to be selectively engaged by .the beveled gears 105 and 106' which are, slidable on` 108 that are in communication with a flexible water supply pipe 109, -said channels being equipped with pendent nozzles 110.

Supporting bars 111 extend across the top Y of press box 23 and the externally-threaded lshafts 112 of plunger 107 are slidable therethrough.- Bars 111 are arrangedin pairs,

`the members of-which are in spaced superimposed relation, and a pinion 1 13 has.. a -hub 114 threaded on each shaft 1 12. Thel pinions 11'3are arranged between the mem.-I

bers of each .palr of bars 111, and saidpin` ions are rotated by a drive gear 115 von a shaft. 116 journaled ina central supporting bar 117 said shaft `carrylng a beveled Ygear r 125 is slidable on shaft 26 and has its faces equipped with clutch teeth for selective engagement Vwith pulleys 121 and 122. Pulley 121 has aA straight ,belt connection 126 with'pulley 123, and pulley 122 has a crossed belt connection 127 with pulley 124. The described `gearing obviously provides .means for raising and lowering plunger 107 without affecting the direction of rotation of shaft 26.

An inclined discharge chute 123 projects.

from box 23 at the discharge opening 90,

and is equipped with a pendent outlet 129- that is over a ltrough 130 leading to. a

beater, not shown. Chute 128 has a shaft 131v extending transversely across the same and upon which a drumy 132 is mounted, theA periphery of which is provided with shredding teeth 133 that are arranged'in staggered relation. 'Shaft 131 has ajbeltand pulley connection 134 Vwith a pulley 135 mounted ona shaft 136, said shaft 136 carrying a gear 137 that is in mesh with a gear 138 carried by shaft 26. The bot-i tom of box 23 is `formed ofspaced paralleli bars 139 upon which a screen 140 is placed. A chute 141 is disposed beneath the bottom of box 23 and extends into tank 21. The operation of the pulp making machine is as follows :-The pulp material is ,placed in the digester 22 in which water and the usual chemicals have been placed, the digester and the stirrer blades having been heated by the steam from pipev 66, and the digester 'being further heated by the burner 79. The vblades are then rotated andthe pulp material is quickly digested. Vhen the digesting or cooking operation is finished, the pulp is discharged through opening 80 to the chute 82 and lsaid chute delivers the pulp tothe press box 23. lVhile inbox 23, the pulp is washed by the water from nozzles l87 and 110, and then compressed into a block by the plunger 107. The liquid squeezed from the pulp passes through the bottom of box 23 and by means .of chute 141 is discharged int-o tank` 21. When compressed, the block of pulp is forced'from press box 23 by the ejector 93 andfalls into chute 128, where it is shredded by the ,shredder 132, and then delivered to the trough 130 of the beater.

The liquid contents of digester 22` are delivered to tank 21 by the pipe 83 where it mixes with the liquid from box 23 that has beendelivered to tank 21 by the chute 141. '"f ank 21 discharges the liquid vinto from the chemicals.

the upper end of the conveyer casing 29. Steam enters the evaporator 2O through pipes 69 and 75 and thereby heats the casing 29 so t-hat 'the water will be evaporated The conveyers 30 agitate the liquidan'd drop the same 'from section to section, thus yfacilitating the evaporation of the water, and the valuable chemicals thus separated from the water are delivered to the retort hopper 36. -The bottom ofl evaporator 20 is 1n the forni of a lremovable pan 142,'l that facilitates the cleaning of said evaporator. 1

.What 'I claim as my invention is 1. A pulp making machine comprising a digester, a tank, a press, a drain connec- 'tion between the digester and the tank, a :drain connection lbetween the press and-the tank, an evaporator, a sinuous casing in lsaid evaporator, liquid agitating means in said casing, a drain connection between said tank and vthe'said casing, and means for .su'pplying steam to the evaporator.

2. A pulp making machine comprising a digester, a p ress, a tank, drain connections between the digester, thepress and the tank, an evaporator, a casing therein, a drain pipe connection bet-Ween the tank and said casing, and means for supplying steam to the evaporator.

3. A pulp making machine comprising 'pulp making means, a receiving tank having `drain connections with said means for removing th'e l1qu1d therefrom, an evaporator, means for heating the evaporator, a casing iny said evaporator, means for delivering the liquid, from the tank to said casing, and

means in saidcasing for agtating the liquid i therein.

4. A pulp making machine comprising pulp making means, a tank having drain connections with said means for delivering the pulp making liquid to said tank, an evaporator, a sinuous casing therein, liquid agit-ating means in said casing, a drain connection between the tank andsaid casing, and means for supplying heat, to said evaporator.` I

5. A pulp making machine comprising a digester, a press, a tank, means for conveying the pulp liquid from said digester and press to said tank, an evaporator for removing water from said liquid, and means for conveying the liquid from said tank to said evaporator.

`6. A pulp making machine comprising evaporator, conveyersin said casing, means for supplying heat to said evaporator, pulp making mechanism', and means for removing the pulp liquid from said mechanism and delivering the' same to said casing.

8. A pulpV making machine comprising evaporator, a sinuous casing therein hav- .casing means for operating said conveyers,

pulp i'aking" mechanism, means for removii- Y pulp liquid therefrom and delivering t7 e same to the projecting upper end of sa! casing, means for supplying steam to saai evaporator, an outlet flue for said evaporator provided with baffle plates, and

'a ventconnection between the casing and said flue.

j ,9.A pulp making machine comprising a su ortin yframe a digester'carried there'- by and provided with a discharge'outlet, a press provided with an inlet opening, a chute for conducting material from the discharge'opening ofthe digester to the inlet opening of the press, a discharge outlet for the press, an ejector for said press, a chute at the discharge outlet of said press, a shredderin said chute, an evaporator, and means for removing pulp liquid from the press boX and delivering the same to the said evaporator. l

10. Apulp making machine comprising a digester provided with a steam jacket, hollow s'tirrers in said digester, means for supplying steam to said jacket and stirrer, means for rotating said stirrers, a press in communication with said digester, a shredder receiving the pulp from said press, an evaporator, fmeans for delivering steam y from said jacket. and stirrers tosaid evaporator, la casing in said evaporator, and meansl for delivering pulp liquid from the digester and press to saidcasing.

11. A pulp making machine comprisinga digester, a press, meansfor. delivering maA terial from said digester to said press, nozzles in said press, means for supplying water to said nozzles, a plunger provided with water channels, nozzlesn for said channels, means for 4supplying water to said channels, means for operating said plunger, an ejector for removing material from said press, means for operating the ejector, xa discharge chute for said press, a shredder in said chute, an evaporator, and means for delivering pulp liquid from said'digester l and press tosaid evaporator.

12. A. pulp making machine comprising a digester formed of an inner and an outer1 receptacle arranged in spaced relation to provide a steamjacket, the bottom of said digester beingl provided With a cavity, a

rator, a press, a casing in said evaporator, and means for removing pulp liquid from said digesterv and press and delivering the Vsame to said casing.

13. A pulp making machine comprising a digester, a press, a chute formed of telescoping sections for delivering material from said digester` to said "press, means for ejecting material from said-press, a chute receiving the material ejected from said press, a shredder in said chute, an evaporator, and means for delivering pulp liquid from the digester and press to said evaporator.`

14'. A pulp making machine comprising a frame, a power shaft journaled therein,

means for operating said shaft, a digester carried lby said frame, stirrers therein, vmeans actuated by said shaft for operating said stirrers, a press, means for delivering pulp from thel digester to the press, a plunger in said press, means actuated by the shaft for operating -the plunger, an ejector for said press, means actuated by said shaft for operating the ejector,'a chute receiving the ejected' material from said press, a shredder in -s'aid chute, `means actuated by said shaft for operating the shredder, an

evaporator, means 'for supplying steam thereto, a casing, means' for delivering pulp-1 liquid from said digester and press to said casing, agitators in said casing, and means actuated by said .shaft for operating said. -agitators V u 15 A Pulp making machine comprising' a digester, a cover therefor providedwitli an inlet opening, a door for said `*opening provided with a sight opening, a transparent cover' for said sight opening, -a thermometer suspended beneath said transparent cover, a transparent cavity in said door, i

illuminating means in saidc'avity, a press, meansfor delivering material from said digester to said press, a shredder receiving material from said press, an. evaporator, and means for delivering pulp material from said digester and press to said evaporator.`

16. A pulp making machine comprising' a digester provided with a discharge outlet,

va press provided with an inlet opening, a

chute for delivering lmaterial from the outlet of the digester to the inlet of the press,

,a plunger in said press, an ejector slidable across the bottom of said press, a discharge .chute for said press, a shredder in said chute, an evaporator, and means'for delivering vpulp liquid. from said digester and press to said evaporator.

17. A pulp making machine. comprising digesting means, compressing means, a tank having drain connections with said digesting and compressing means, an evaporator.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.




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