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Publication numberUS1018143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1912
Filing dateJul 1, 1910
Priority dateJul 1, 1910
Publication numberUS 1018143 A, US 1018143A, US-A-1018143, US1018143 A, US1018143A
InventorsHarry Vissering
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Sand-pipe for sander devices.
US 1018143 A
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1,018,143. l Patented F9120, 1912' WlTHESSiES UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.


To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, HARRY Vissnnmo', a citizen of the United Stntes, and e residentof Chicago, in theeounty of Cook and State of-Illinms, have invented certain new tind useful Improvements 'in. Send-Pipes for Sander Devices, of which the following is.

a sfiecifioation. f

y' resent invention relates to sending 1-0 appara; usnnd especially to sender devices slieh as are used for the delivery of sand adjacent the points of contact between comotive' driver wheels and the rails upon which they run. I '.It contemplates particularly the provision of an improved compensatory connection between the sand delivery pipe eonneoted to' the sand box carried on the-boiler and it send ejectorpipe eairied upon one zo of the-iwheel-trucks, such construct-ion he i'ng required for theenceeeef'nl operation oi.

sander devices used on articulated locomotive's, Such as what are known as the Mallet type, wherein the trucks are movable reintlvelyto the boiler: 4

In certain of the sand delivery devices in use eta this day, known to me, use is" made of veriousiorms of enrolled-flexible ipes, which flexible elements a-reobjeetiona le in this, that they do not adcqnately compensate for the movement of the truck rela tivelyto the sand box, and. furthermore, qnieklywear out .in service-thereby increasing-the eost of maintenance of the sender in operative 8'5 condition. Some etl'ort' lia-sheen nimle'to overcon'ie tese objections by carrying the send-hex on th''trnoh, but this constri on is undesirable because the sand ennniit he so well protected fronideinpm ss' and he.

jeause in locomotive ractic'e the-drying of the-send is not there y so efficiently neeoxn- Kliehed-as. when: the send. is carried inn .bme oni he ioiler -The principal-old eots of my present in- 'vention-zire to providen coin -iensntory eon'-- 'neetion tietweeir-the snnd dclivery aind-send e ector m nce-and a connection hetweensneh pipes. which willroinpensete notnnly for v d.-,-h.oi lc r, .hnt also. allow the requisite .d g'th er resietnnoe to the free nteeage Specification of Letters 1 mm.

Application filed July 1. 1810. Serial No. 669.956.

ning of such piping ;--the provision mproved form t reel roomi g floximfiw tlblt Mid one w'hic o'fi'ers no n-- Patented Feb. 20.1912.

venting entrance oi moisture into the non-- neoting device or pipes attached thereto, with consequent. packing of sand in the pipe and partial retardation or entire prevention o. ejection. of the mind, togijcll'ier 410 with such other objects us may hereiim't'ter up our. I Y I n overcoming the stated objections and utteining'not only the above n'ientinncd ob jeots, but also certain additional advrmtag'eez G5 to be below disclosed, l have provided a construction, one n.i odiment. of which is illustrated in the eceompunying drawings. Wherein- Figure 1. is a, dingrnmmotical represent'n- H tion of n. Mallet type itit'tlmfitiv'e having my improved send pipe for sander devices n p plied thereto. Fig. .2 is .1 longitudinal view, parts'y in section, of the connection hctwcen the. sand delivery pipe '21 114i sand ejector pipe illustrated dingramnniiic-ully in Fig. l. Referring now more pnrtir'nlnrly to Fig.

1 of the drawings, it will he observed that l have here shown. For the purpose of illus- (ration of the use of my fimpreved Fender in device, a .locmnotivo wlioreii'. the imiiti il is pivotully mounted at it upon n truck 12. For the-purpose of delivery of sand =ll'iit.".,i in the sand box l4.-'odjn fi=-nt the oo: 15-1-45 of the Contact. between the whceis 1'3 and the. rail 16. i provid sendi'ieiiveijv Qpipes li 1.7 lending; to sand trap l9 f ijl\" cent the hex let, and mounton the truck 12.

as indicated at 20----20, the ejector pipes 21*21 connecting the ipcs 17 end It in compensating imivcrenl y'momhir- Li'ml'llP- in connection with. Fig 3. ininspeetion of Fig. *2 Hi the then-m le,

'it ivill he observed that the pipl's 1i and 9.1. berry-respectively. universal oints BR--23,

which are structurally in all. substantial respects alike, euch joint oomprnong esfeem tiall'y nod socket members 24 and 25.,- the all being retained in the 10d socket by means of .a clamping ring 26 which is adjusted in position by moons of screw bolts 27--27' having look nuts "lib-48 which are held'i'n position'hy mono of a. wire 29 passing therethrough. ithe-1 the membe'r 24' is arranged a seat 30 for espr-ing 31,.the opposite end of which spring rests upon a flange 32 formed upon an extension 83 of the socket member, encircling which extension are the spring 31 and seat 30. The ball member 24 is provided with on extension 33 internally threaded at 34 to receive the pipe 35, which construction makes a smooth connection between the extension 1-33 and said pipe and is adapted to deliver the sand freely to a pipe 36 threaded into a similar extension 37 on the joirit 23*. v

For the purpose of preventing the en trance of any moisture, such as rain or weter of condensation which might be doposit'bd upon the outer surface of the pipe 35-, thereb dampening the sand and more or less seriously interfering with the o era tion" of the device even tothe extent 0 ren- 16 derin it inoperative, the extension 33 is likewise threaded externally to carry an internally threaded coupling 38 .within whichiis mounted pipe 39 which acts as a ard to revent the entry of'water or the eposito moisture upon the pipes 35 and '36. It also serves to maintain such pipes in alinementand obviate any tendency to buckling, which would prevent free reciprocation of the ipes as the truck-turns relatively to the 01181 while'the locomotive is rounding a curve. From the foregoing description, it will be 3p arcnt that by use of my improved son but also compensation is made not only for the lateral strains upon the piping as well as ,for the increase in the length-of such piping requifed as the truck moves relatively. to the boiler.

-Heving thus described my invention and illustrated its use, what I' claim is new and desire to secure by letters Patent the 40 following:

v 1. In anapparatus of the character de- M embed; in combination, je s,a.nd"del1veryipe provided with a universal -'oint menir, a/sand ejector pipe provl ed with a universal-joint member and a reciprocating connection between said pipes, provided'at mach end with universal joint members re- :spectively co-ec-tin with said first mentm'fierl universal joint members. 2. loan apparatus of the character described, in combination; a sand delivery ipe provided with a universal oint-memaer, -a 'sandejectorflpipe provi ed with a. universal joint member and on extensible 5 connection between said pipes, provided at .eaeh end with universal jomtmembers re spectively ec-acting with said first men i tionedunivcrsal joint members. 1 j

3. In an apparatus of the character de- 9,, scribed, in combination, a. sand delivery .iPe provided with a universal joint memm a. sand ejector pipe .provided ;;with e,

universul joint. member and; e'flexi-bl'e and reciprocating connection betweensaid pipes, provlded at each end with universal 1010!,

" tion between seidfielivery and ejector memelivery pipe connection asmooth de livery pipeis provided which not only lacks engula-rities hindering the ejection of sand,

8. In ,ai locomotiveh'eving a truck and 0.

connections and one o seid'memb'ers being members respectively co-acting with said first m ntioned universal joint members.

4. Inn-locomotive having a truck and a boilergivotelly mounted upon said truck in com lnntion, a; sand ejector member car ried by the truck and having a universal joint member, a hand delivery member carried by the boiler and havinge universal joint member,-.-and an extensible connec here, providedet'iuch end with universal j6int members eo-ecting with said first mentioned universalj-ointvmembers;

5. In a locomotive having a truckend boiler pivotally mounted upon said truck'in combination,- a sand ejector membercerried by the truck and having a, universal joint member, a sand delivery member carried by the boiler and having a universal j oint mem ber,-and a reciprocating connection. .between said delivery and. ejector members, provided at each end with universal joint members co-a'cting with said, first mentioned universal joint member's.

6. In a locomotive having a truck and a boiler pivotully mounted upon said truck in combination, a sand jejector member; carried by the truck .andhaving a unjv arsal joint member, a sand. delivery imembe carried by theboiler andheving a universal joint mom ber,.-L-enfi a, fiexiblevconncction-betwe'en said delivery and ejectormembers, provided at each end with universal joint members. coacti g with said firstjnentioned universe )01 members.

, loo *Z-In a, locomotive having a truck and a boiler pivotally mounted 1111011 said truckin combination, a sand ejector member carried b the truck,- a sand delivery member on tried by theboi'ler, and u' universul'joint between said. delivery and: ejector members,

- one of said members beingprovided with a, guard to prevent the entrance (if-moisture therewithin.

I boiler pivotelly mounted upon snid truck,

I a, sand ejector:- member carried gt-b'e truck,

a sand delivery member carried by the boiler, paid members carryin reciprocating pi e connections end one c said members e ,gprovided with a guard to prevent-the entrance of moisture herewithin.

9. In a .occmotive ying a truck and-u boiler nivoteily mounted upon said truck, in com inetion, a sand ejector member carried by the truck,'a'"'sand d'eliveryrmember carried by the boiler, and a universal. 'oint between said: delivery and ejector me'm rs, said members carry n reciprocating, pipe in combination, a sand ejector member our 1 0 ,necting said recip rocating member to said HARRY VISSERING.

first mentioned members and a guard to pre- Witnesses: vent the entrance of moistuie within said PAUL CARPENTER,

b the truck, a. sand delivery membei' In testimony whereof I have. hereunto can i by the boiler, a reciprocating memsi ed my name in the presence of the two 10 be; lie'tween said first mentioned members su scribed witnesses. having a universal joint at-each end conreciprocating member E. C. NAYLOR.

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U.S. Classification291/45, 285/263, 138/148, 285/81, 285/302, 285/146.2, 138/120, 285/269
Cooperative ClassificationF16L27/06, F16L27/053
European ClassificationF16L27/06, F16L27/053