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Publication numberUS1018193 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1912
Filing dateJul 18, 1910
Priority dateJul 18, 1910
Publication numberUS 1018193 A, US 1018193A, US-A-1018193, US1018193 A, US1018193A
InventorsFerdinand W Hinkle
Original AssigneeFerdinand W Hinkle
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US 1018193 A
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l AAnfomz.


Patented Feb. 2'@ 19.12'.

v To all whom it concern:

UNITED smgjis FERDINAND w. HINKLE, or Los ANGELnsbALIronmA A iiurso-ifiizlma.V l

Beit known that I, FERDINAND HIN- 4KLE, a citizen of the-United States of America, residing at Los Angeles, inthe county -of- Los Angeles and State .of California, have invented certain new ,and seful Improvements in Atomizers, of which the i501-,l

lowing 1s a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to devices for spraying the throat and nostrils, and the I' principal object ofthe samedis to provide a tached to asuitable receptacle and in which sprayer'or nebuliz'er that can be readily latmeans are provided for catchingthe waste or drippage so that the same will not gain t access to the receptacle.

In carrying outvthe objects of the inven- A tion generally stated` above it will be under- `stood, ofcourse, that the essential` features thereof are necessarily susceptible of changes. in details. and structural arrange@ I ,l ments, one preferred and practical embodi nient of which .is shown in the accompanyinv drawings, wherein 'sectional view of the igurez 1 is a vertical improved sprayer. Fig. 2 is an enlarged `fragmentary vertical, sectional view. Fig. 3

is a detail 'fragmentary sectional view of he dischargetube v,and nozzle.

Referring to the accompanying drawin rby numerals, 1 designates the receptac e l which forms a part ofthe improved sprayer,

- and ywhich is provided `with an externally 'threaded Ineck 2. AnI internally threaded lcap 3 is detachably engaged with said neck, said cap being equipped with a-horizontal partition plate 4 which provides an upper chamber '5- from which a neck 6 projects. A discharge tube 7 has one end fitted in said neck 6, the other endlof said tube 7 being externally threaded for detachable engage- 'ment with thenozz'le 8'. Aeoinpression bulb r 9 hasa tube 10 extending therefromwhich enters the chamber 5 andisA equipped with d an angular vextension 11 thatextends l. through plate 4 and delivers air to the interior ofthe receptacle. Adjacent the eX- tension 11, a delivery tube 12 extends i throughfplate 4:, one end of said tube-.12 Aentering thefchamber l5 beneath neck 6, the jother portion of--said tube projecting into the base of the receptacle.

Plate' tis provided with perforations 13, and depending from said plate and surrounding the lower ends of said perforations,is a tube 14 that is fastened to said Yplate by means of rivets or othenfastening 'means which pass through the outturned -upper flange 15.

Tube 14:l is internally threaded and the externally threaded neck 16- o'f a drip receptacle 17 detachably engages the same, i It will be understood from the forego-ing thatv by compressing bulb- 9, air will be forced into the receptacle 1 and force the contents therefrom through tubes 7 and 12 and nozzle 8 to cause the said contents to spray, in a .manner well understood.

In using the device, the liquid not discharged from tube 7 and chamber 5 will flow through the perforations 13 of plate 4 and be caught by the receptacle` 17 The cap 3, as will be readily apparent, supports the drip receptacle, delivery, discharge and air tubes, so that by unscrewing the said cap from the receptacle I, free access can be had to said receptacle.

The discharge, delivery and air tubes are preferably formed of flexible material, such as rubber, and the cap and part-ition plate are formed of light metal, such as aluminum.`

What I claim as my invent-ionis A device of the character described com-p ing within thev cap, a discharge nozzle on said pipe, a partition plate in said cap, said plate provided with perforations in one portion thereof, an internally threaded tube ldepending from said plate and entirely surrounding said perforations, said tube having an annular flange, means for securing said iange to said plate, a drip receptacle threaded in said tube, a delivery tube pass'- ing through seid partition inflate adjacent into said receptacle, and means for supplysand drip receptacle and having its outlet in air into said tube. l0 'end located to one side of the center of the n`testimony whereof I hereunto affix my inlet end of thefdischarge pipe, terminating signature in Apresence of twowitnesses.

5 short of the lower end `of the discharge FERDINAND W. HINKLE.

pipe, a tube passing through said cap and y Wtnesses: f provided with an annular extension adapt LOUIS SrEAToN,

ed to pass through said plate and extend GEo. D. BAILEY.

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U.S. Classification222/108, 128/200.14, 239/121, 239/362
Cooperative ClassificationB67D1/16