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Publication numberUS101830 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1870
Publication numberUS 101830 A, US 101830A, US-A-101830, US101830 A, US101830A
InventorsSamuel Crump
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Samuel crump
US 101830 A
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nitd Satana @wat Gettin.


Lette/rs Patent No'. 101,830, dated April 12, 1870.

The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part cf` the same.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, SAMUEL CnUMr, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement iu Bronze-collecting Attach-- mentsto Bronzing-Machines, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification, and in which- Figures l and 2 represent outside elevations at right angles to each other ot' my improvement as applied to a'bronzing-machine; and

Figure 3, a sectional elevation of the saine.

Similar letters oi' reference indicate correspond-ing parts.

1n machines for bronzing labels, show-cards, and

' other work, the bronze being in the condition ot' an exceedingly tine powder, becomes scattered, and tioating in the air, is not only lost to a large extent, but, being inhaled by' the worlnnen in attendance, is very detrimental to health.

The vibration, consequent upon the'rapid working ofthe machine, as in the case of a cylinder machine, towhich the invention is here shown applied, although itis equally applicable to others, agitates and assists in scattering the bronze, so that, notwithstanding the machine is usually boxed in, to catch, in a drawer or receptacle below, the surplus bronze brushcd olf the printed mattei' in its way through the machine and otherwise settling therein, a large amount of bronze #invariably escapes both through the necessary openings in the case and joints or seams therein.

To obviate this loss and injurious escape of' the bronze, I attach to'the brouzing-ulachine or case, in which tlze same is boxed, what I denon'xinate avacuum bronze-collector, and which consists of a suction-fan or device operating to draw the air from the machine or interior of its case, and, with suchair, all oating or detached particles ot' bronze, and to expel the same along a suitable pipe or tubular passage, either to pendent .canvasor other like bags, or into water in which it will be precipitated, or suoli loose bronze may be otherwise collected after it has been drawn ott by the fan.

Referring to the accompanying drawinga tubular passage, C, which may dip at its outel end in water to collect the bronze by precipitation; but it is preferred to make this tubular passage of a cranelike form, and to attach to it, in a pendent and remov- Y able manner, at oritices b, made in its upper arm or portion, bags l), made of canvas, or other suitable material that will permit of the air drawn in by the fan passing ont through its interstices,V so as to prevent choking, but wili not allow ot' the bronze escaping through it.

In this way, the surplus or float-ing bronze is deposited by its gravit-y, and collected in the bags as it is passed by the suction-fan along the tubular passage C.

A vacuum or suction being created within the case a of the ln'onzing-machinc, and the fan B being supplied with air exclusively by the necessary openings and cracks or joints in the case, all surplus or tloating bronze is passed by and th rough the suetion-fan to the bans or receptaclearranged to'receive it.

Although reference here only has been made to bronze, the invention is equally applicable and' isdesigned to include the use of other materials for the like purpose, such as ultra-marine, Paris green, f ioek, and crystallized glass, any of which may be worked in the bronzing-machine.

What is here claimed, and desired to be secured be Letters Patent, is-

1.. lhe combination ot'a suction-fan or device with a bronzing-machine, or the case inelosing the same, and a tubular passage connecting said case with a suitable receptacle or receptacles for collection of the tioating bronze, substantially as specified.

lhe combination of the bags D with the tubular passage C, the suotionan B, and the bronzing-machine A, or its case 1f, essentially as shown and de scribed.


FRED. Havxns, HENRY Pannen.


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Cooperative ClassificationB05C11/06