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Publication numberUS1018518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1912
Filing dateJul 22, 1911
Priority dateJul 22, 1911
Publication numberUS 1018518 A, US 1018518A, US-A-1018518, US1018518 A, US1018518A
InventorsLee Pettit
Original AssigneeLee Pettit
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US 1018518 A
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s Arrmouzox LY 22, 14511.

Patented Feb. 27, 1912.

' Lnnrnrrr, or oLnBURNE, TEXAS.

' scnarnn ALeraars.;

Specification of Letterslatent.'

rateateenebgeaaeaa Application filed July 22,4 Serial No.i6 39,8 60.

To all 'inkom may' concern.'

vto the accompanying drawings.

Be it known that I, LEE Pn'r'rrr, a citizen [of the United States, residingat Cleburne, in the county of Johnson and State'of Texas,- have-inven'ted certain new and useful Improvements in Scrapers, of which the following is avspecication. reference being had This invention relates to floor or V`wall 'Scrapers and more lparticularly to a scraper attachment for broom handles, the invention having for its primary object the provision' of a very simple and inexpensive device of ...this character which -may be easily and quickly attached to or removed from the end of the broom handle. Another object of the invention is 'to provide a'scraper attachment of the above character which constructed that the same may be applied toa--broom handle ofany diameter and rigidly 'secured thereon.

Still another object' ot theinvenon islt-o provide a device of-.strong 'and durable con'- struction and one which isof great., convenience and veryeflicient in'practical With the above .and other objects in' view, the invention consists of the novel features of construction, combination end arrangement of part-s hereinafter fullyv described and claimed, and "illustrated in;I the accom- Figure 1 is aside elevation of' my improved scraper showing the same attached to the end of a broom handle; Fig.2 is a section taken'on the line 2--2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a section taken-onv the line 3 3 of Fig. 1;

and Fig. ais a detail perspective view of the scraper.

with the blade, the metal is extended laterally beyond the longitudinal edges o'f the body portion as indicated at 7 to form. av

' relatively broad bearing seat 8 vfor the lrounded end of,thebroom handle, said scat being concave vsofas At'o closely engage with the end of the handle. Thes'craping blade erlyapplied will 4be 'very'.rigidly' retained in position and held against accident-al vdis- "f 6 is of rect-angular form in cross section and is widened' so. that the same extends beyond" opposite sides'o'f the broom handle to provide-an extensive scraping edge 9.- @Upon oe the other Yend of the lbody 5 ofthe attachment an annular resilient band l0 is formed,

said b and extending in a plane at right an-` 4gles to 'the longitudinal plane or the body 5 andl adapted .to completely surround the ai' handle of the broom. The body 5 is provided with a" longitudinally disposed offset extension l1 whichis centrally formedupon,

its end and with' this odset, vone end ofthe resilient band, l0 is integrally connected... I'

The free end 'of said band is adapted'to be disposed between the periphery of the broom handle and `the inner face of the'exten'sioii 11. A-set screw 12- is threaded inthis ex- 4tension `and is adapted to engage-the end of' vthe' band and tightly bind the same against the broom handle whereby-^longitudinal movement of the body of the scraper upon said -handle -is elfectually prevented. By

providing the,` resilient 'band 3.0, the attached ment may be readilyfapplied tobroom handles of-va'riou's diameters. It will also be readily seen that by ormingtheextnsion' '71upon the body of the device which extends beyondthe center of the broom handd' liability of disengagement of the handle-from the surface o fthe seat '8, inthe useofthe device 'is overcomeand unduestr'ain-"upon the body 5 isl obviated.'

From the foregoing isthought-that- .the

construction and manner of applying" my improved scraper .attachment will be .fully understood. The device willbe found oi' great conveniencefin the scraping' of 'floors or* walls. to remove matt-en which `has aol-22 Y hered thereto.. The scraper may` alsobei easilyand quickly attached to or remolefi'.. from 'the-end. of v the handle and when proppliacement. The device can also he manufactured atfan extremely low cost as. the-same fis constructedfrom'a single piece kof-metal.` I desired, it will be understood that the", use of 'the' set screwjlQ-.may he dispensed with" and the clamping engagement ci the band. 10 upon the broom handlfrelied' upon- Itol hold the attachment 'in place..V

' While have shown and.describr-adz` .the .preferred form and. proportions'o'f myim- .L proved scraper, -it will be understood vthat the device w isgsusceptible of considerable y' of a scraper attachment for said handle comprising an elongated concavo-convex body hung upon awall When not in use.

modification Without departing from the essential feature or sacrilicing any of the advantages of the invention.

vI have also provided the blade G with an enlarged ,opening 13, whereby this device when mounted on a broom handle, may be readily engaged with a nail, hook or the like, whereby the complete device may be readily This opening will, of course, lessen the amount of material necessary in the manufacture of the blade and thereby lessen the weight of he same.

Having thus described the invention what claimed is The combination with a cylindrical handle,

adapted-to be engaged upon the periphery of the handle and having a lateral extension on one end Aprovided with a concave seatk to be engaged by the end of the handle, a scraping blade integrally formed upon said body posed in a plane at' right angles to said body, said band being adapted for clamping engagement upon the periphery of the handle, the. free end of'said clamping band being adapted to be received between said extension and the periphery of the handle, and` a set screw threaded in said offset extensionof the body and adapted to engage the free end of the clamping band and rigidly secure the same in engagement with the handle to prevent relative movenientl of the attachment thereon.

In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my signature inthe presence of tivo Witnesses. LEE PETTIT.


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