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Publication numberUS1020212 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1912
Filing dateOct 21, 1911
Priority dateOct 21, 1911
Publication numberUS 1020212 A, US 1020212A, US-A-1020212, US1020212 A, US1020212A
InventorsEdward A Lukowski
Original AssigneeEdward A Lukowski
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US 1020212 A
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APPLIoATIoN FILED 001.21, 1911.

1,020,212. Patented 1111111121912.



Specification of Letters Patent.

,Patented Mar. 12, A1912.

Application filed October 21, 1911. Serial No. 655,940.

To all 'whom 'it my concern:

Be it known that I, EDWARD A. LUKow- SKI, a cit-izen of the United States, residing at Hammond, in the county of Lake and Stateof Indiana', have invented new and useful lImprovements in Beer-Taps, ofv

which the following is a specification.

r1 his invention relates to beer taps and hasfor its main object to provide an improved beer tap, capable of being readily inserted in the bushing without the use of a mallet or other device for pounding upon the tap. A Another object is to provide a beer tap in which the danger of leakage is reduced to a minimum.

Other advantages will appear in thev course of this specification and with all of said objects and advantages in view, this invention consists in the several novel features of construction, arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter set forth and claimed.

The invention is clearly illustrated in the drawing furnished herewith in which- Figure 1 is a side elevation of one form of my improved Leer tap showing the same applied to a fragment of a barrel, Fig. 2 is a detail central vertical section thereof, Fig. 3 is a detail horizontal section taken on the line 3-43 of Fig. 2, Fig. 4 is a view, partly in side elevation and partly in central, vertical section,'of a fragment of the tap and bushing showing the two parts disconnected,

- Fig. 5 is a plan of the bushing and Fig.. 6

is a plan of'a certain sleeve forming a part of the device;

In Figs. .1 and 2 of said drawing, the beer tap A, is shown as secured in a bushing B,

f threaded in a barrel C. As usual, in accordance with the common practice, a long hollow rod or tube D, extends through the tap and projects into the barrel; its lower end contains ports the hollow of the rod and its upper end has a valve and suitable connections for a hose or other pipe leading to the faucet.

The tap A, has a tubular body portion 10, containing a stuiing box `11, atits upper end for making an air and water tight sea-l around the rod D, to prevent leakage at this point. `Said body 10, has a flange or head upon its lower end that may comprise a collar 12, threaded upon a reduced neck from 'the lower end of the body. As shown in the drawing, the

for the admission of beer to rounding saidbody 10, and

the base of the,.neck and below said collar 1s .an -elastic washer 14, surrounding the neck and held thereon by friction. The washer serves tomake an air and .water tight seal between the tap and bushing, as

collar abuts against a shouldered portion at I will be hereafter more fully set forth. The

cavity in the body 10, is of a larger diameter than the. rod D, whereby an air space 10, is provided between said rod and body, and said air space opens at its lower end into the barrel and at itsupper end into a passage formed in a boss 15, projecting out from the side ofthe body 10. A nipple 16, arranged -to be connected with a -tube.lead

the boss 15, and has a rubber check valve 17, of the ordinary form upon its inner end that opens toward the air chamber 10a. Surslidably and rotatively mounted. thereon is a sleeve 18, hav` ing an inturned -iange 19, at its upper end and outwardly projecting lugs 20, upon its lower end. Between the flange 19, and coller 12, is confined a coiled springv2l, which is held Junder compression between said flange and collar, said spring actin to tightly seat the washer 14.,` upon the bus ing to prevent leakage between the body and bushing. Fig. .2 shows the tap connected to the bushing, but when the 4two are disconnected, the spring Amoves until it strikes the bossv 15.'

The bushing B, hasa threaded annular wall 22, that screws into the barrel' and vif desired may be formed with a flange 22, that bears against the side or head of the barrel.

Extending inward from the lower end of the wall 22, is a web 23, having an upturned `neck 24.l concentrically arranged with respect to the wall 22; its upper end enoircles the lower end ofthe neck 13, and bears against the washer 14. lThe upper end of the neck 24, is preferablyformed lng from a pump (not shown) is secured on the sleeve up lug's2'0, are 'arranged to .be'inserted underneath 'said ribs at their highest point, so that by turning 'the' sleeve-in the right direc- A tion, said lugs willibe caused to move down -the bushing with the washer resting upon v -the seat 25;

'firmly seating `its washer upon i tact with the lowery sides of said ribs.

sleeve should be turned sufliciently to bring the sleeve is forced down into the hollow. of'the'bushing between the neck 24, andarular vwall 22, until the lugs 20,

vpass the high ends of the ribs orlocking devices- 26,' `whe1'eupon`-the bushing is .turned toward the right to .bring the lugs into con- The the lugs 20, down .near.the lower ends of the ribs 26, so. as to insure' a heavy pressure of the spring upon the head 12, in order that there maybe no .danger of leakage at the joint between-the body and the bushing.

The rod D, is thenthrustthrough. the hol- 'low of the body 10, and down uponthe cork (which up to this time remains in the open- 'I ing'- of the neck. in vthe bushing) and the cork `is-pushedqin by the rod, the latter being lowered in the barrel tothe desired position, after which the gland of the studin box is screwed down- .to make amtightjoint around 'therod at the top. The tap Y is nowready-fo'r use andthe hose or other connection. from' thefa'ucet may be secured upon the fitting atfthe-topof the' rod and n thev valve opened.' .Beer` mayl then be drawn off in the usual Imanner.

pressure m'the barrel becomes low, air may 40 I realize that various 4alterations 'and v modifications of -this device are vpossible without 'departing from the spirit of my.

. receive a hollow ro flanged end arranged to seat upona When the eforced in through the nipple 16, the air chamber .10, and-down into the barrel.l

invention, and `I do vnot 'therefore desire to v limit myself tothe exact'form of construe- {tionshown and described I'cl'airn asi new. andjdesireto secure by Letters Patent: I

-1. In-a beer'tap, thecombination witha hollow, detachabletag body arranged to bushing and beyond said flanged end a reduced neck encircled byanA elastic washer, of a I bushing arranged-tothe secured in afbarrel,

said bushing having inclined locking mem-v f'bers, and' having"v an upstanding neck f orming a seat for said hollow body, and a `having an upturned neck forming having inclined lockingribs arran and having one tubular locking member surrounding and connected'. with said hollow tap body, and having means cooperating wit-h'said locking members 'of the bushing, for clamping said body upon said seat of the bushing with the elastic washer interposed therebetween. 2. In a beer tap, hollow', detachable tap body having a flanged end, of a bushing-'arranged to be .secured in a barrel, said bushing`having an upstanding flanged neck, and inclinedV locking ribs, a sleeve surrounding said hollow tap body and having an inturned flange at its upper end and lugs on its lower end arranged to engagethe underside of said vlocking ribs, anda coiled spring confined under compression between the inturned flange 'of said sleeve and said flanged end of the hollow tap body for holding said body-upon the seat of the bushing. j

3. In a beer tap, the combination with a hollow, detachabletapbody arranged to receive a hollow rod, asleeve surrounding said hollow body and having a pair of outwardly projectinglugs on its lower end and a coiled spring held under compression-between said -body and sleeve,'of a bushing a seat forthe 'end of the hollow body, said bushing having a pair of oppositely disposed, inclined,locking members arranged to 'engage `said lugs upon the sleeve to hold the spring incompression and seat the'hollow body upon the neck of the bushing.

4. In a beer tap, the combination'with a hollow, detachable tap body having a flanged end, a sleeve surrounding said body and formed with an inturned flange at its upper end and with outwardly Projecting lugs on its lower end, and a coi ed spring confined under compressionA between said lflanged end of the tap body andthe inturned flange on lthe sleeve, 'of 4a bushing arranged to be secured a barrel; said bushing having an annular seat arranged t( receivejthe flanged end of the tap-body, anc ed to engage the lugs of the sleeve to hol `the saic spring under compression and thereby seal the'flan ed end of thetap bodyupon th seat of t e bushing.

In witness whereof, I have hereunt( signed my name at Hammond, Lake county Indiana, this 17th day of October 1911.

EDWARD A. LUKowsKI. Witnesses:


the combination with a-

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Cooperative ClassificationB67D1/0832