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Publication numberUS1020395 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1912
Filing dateNov 3, 1911
Priority dateNov 3, 1911
Publication numberUS 1020395 A, US 1020395A, US-A-1020395, US1020395 A, US1020395A
InventorsFrederic J Beck
Original AssigneeFrederic J Beck
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Lock and tag-holder for mail-pouches.
US 1020395 A
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1,020,395. Patented Mar. 19, 1912. v

Witnesses Inventor W Attorneys UNITED STATES PATENT OFFIGE.




To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, FREDERIC J. BECK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Poplar, in the county of Valley and State of Montana, have invented a new and useful Lock and Tag-Holder for Mail-Pouches, of which the following is a specification' This invention relates to improvements in looks, especially designed for mail pouches or bags.

The invention has for-its object to provide for simplifying the organism of the lock, the action and application thereof.

A further object is to provide for readily effecting the closing of the mouth of the bag or pouch.

A still further object is to provide for tightening the pouch closure-forming strap in connection with the actuation of the lock or its mechanism, instead of by a separate act, heretofore performed by tugging or pulling manually upon said strap.

A still further object is to provide for combining with the look, a tag-holder in such manner that the data may be readily viewed or observed.

A still further object is to provide against the casual misplacement-or separation of the look from the mail pouch or bag.

A still further object is to provide for carrying out the aforesaid ends in a simple, expeditious and effective manner.

The invention consists of certain instrumentalities and features substantially as hereinafter fully disclosed and defined by the claims.

In the accompanying drawing, illustrating the preferred embodiment of my invention wherein it will be understood that various changes and modifications, as relates to the details of the construction and arrangement of the parts, may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention, Figure 1 is a perspective of the lock as applied to a fragmentary mail pouch or bag, the lock being in unlocked position. Fig. 2 is an elevational view of the same parts With the mouth of the mail pouch closed and the lock in closed position. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section of the same parts with the lock in open position. Fig. 4 is a detailed perspective of the hasp or strapsecuring or tightening member and the actuating or adjunctive member thereof for manually actuating the same. Fig. 5 is a Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 3, 1911.

Patented Mar. 19, 1912.

Serial No. 658,397.

transverse section taken through the haspmember.

In carrying out my invention, I provide in connection with the usual mail bag or pouch lock 1, which is suitably riveted or otherwise effectively secured to the mail pouch or bag 2, a hasp 3 adapted to be housed and to slide within the casing 4 of said lock, said hasp including two pivoted or hinged-together members or sections 3 and 3 the member or section 3 having a longitudinal slot 3 receiving a headed stud 3 on said casing. The hasp-member 3 has one end or terminal formed with a hook or curvature 5 for engaging a loop or ring 6 suitably secured or applied to the otherwise free end of the pouch-closure-forming strap or member 7 the opposite end of said strap being riveted or otherwise suitably secured to the mail pouch or bag by having the hasp in two pivoted or hinged together members or sections, it will be caused to conform to the bottom of the lock case, as it is manipulated.

The hasp-member 8 has articulated, pivoted or hingedly connected to one end thereof, as at 8, a tag-holder 9, preferably of general rectangular outline and suitably pivoted to, and within the casing l, near the hinge-connection 8 therebetween and said hasp. The pivotal connection between the tag-holder 9 and the casing 4 is preferably effected by means of a pintle or pivot 10 passed through or received by apertures 11 in opposite lateral extensions or projections 12 of said tag-holder, said pivot or pintle being received by and fixed in the lateral portions of said casing. Said tag-holder 9 has projecting from its inner surface, near one end, an angled stud or keeper 13 for engagement with the automatically locking tumbler of the lock-mechanism (not shown) for the retention of said tag-holder in effective or locked position together with the hasp, a slot 14 being provided in the lockcasing for the passage therethrough of said stud or keeper 13, in effecting such engage ment.

It will be noted that by suitably actuating the tag-holder member 9 as when it may be required to secure the closure-forming strap 7 around the mouth of the mail bag or pouch, said strap being connected to the hasp 3, the hasp will be moved so as to withdraw the strap-attached end of said hasp within the lock-casing, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 3 and accordingly draw or secure said strap tightly around the pouch or bag, thus effecting the closing of the mouth thereof. The member 9 will, of course, during such movement of parts, he engaged with the automatically locking mechanism, for such retention of the hasp, with the pouch-closure forming strap, while by the withdrawal of the strap-attached end of the hasp within the lock-casing the otherwise free or detachable end of said strap will be inaccessible from without said casing, thus providing for securing said strap against clandestine or unauthorized detachment, as will be readily appreciated. Also it will be noted that the tag; contained by the member 9, will be readily observable for facility of reading or examination, while the device is always in position for ready use, being a fixture of the mail bag or pouch, therefore may not become casually misplaced or lost.

The device is also extremely simple, accordingly inexpensive of manufacture, is readily applied for use, effective for its intended purpose, and may not be readily tampered with.

\Vhat is claimed is 1. A lock of the type described, including a slidable hasp having a hook-ended terminal, means adapted for connection with said hook-ended terminal and for efiecting the closing of the open end of a pouch, said hasp including two hinged together members, one member having pivotally connected thereto a tag-holder member, itself being pivoted in position, said tag-holder member having a keeper adapted for cooperation with the locking mechanism.

2. A mail pouch lock, including a slidable hasp having a hook-ended terminal, a closure-forming strap having one end provided with a loop for engaging said hook-ended terminal, the opposite end of said strap being secured to said pouch, a headed stud on the lock-casing, said hasp having a slot receiving said headed stud, said tag-holder member having pivotal connection with said hasp, and itself pivoted upon said lock-casing, and having a keeper adapted to pass through a wall of said lock-casing and to have engagement with the tumbler of the locking mechanism.

3. it mail pouch lock, including a slidable hasp having a hook-ended terminal, means for forming a closure for the open end-of said pouch, said closure forming means being connected to said hook-ended terminal and to said pouch, a tag-holder having pivotal connection with said hasp and provided near its connect-ion with said hasp with outstanding extensions, and a pivoting member for said tag-holder, received by apertures in said outstanding eX- tensions and secured to the lateral portions of the lock-casing, said tag-holder having a keeper adapted to pass through a wall of the lock-casing for engagement with a tumbler of the lock.

4. A mail pouch lock comprising a slidable hasp including two hinged-together members, one member being adapted for the attachment thereto of a pouch or closure-forming strap, the other hasp-member having pivotally connected thereto an actuating member itself pivoted in position.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses N. W. ODGARD, W. E. INGLEHART.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

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