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Publication numberUS1021679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 26, 1912
Filing dateNov 3, 1911
Priority dateNov 3, 1911
Publication numberUS 1021679 A, US 1021679A, US-A-1021679, US1021679 A, US1021679A
InventorsAlfred W Jansen
Original AssigneeAlfred W Jansen
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Fireless cooker.
US 1021679 A
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Pavtented Mar. 26, 1912.




APPLmATIoN FILED Nov. 3, 1911.

1,021,679. A vPatented Maf. 26, 1912.



FIBELESS COOKEBl Application inea Novembers, 1911. "straatnaam-127.

ATo all whom it may concern:

Be it known that LALFRED IV. JANSEN, al citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago Heights, in the county of Cook and- State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fireless Cook! ers; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact descriptionA of, the invention, suchas will enable others skilled in the art towhich itappertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to tireless cookers `and has for an object toprovide a cooker in the form of an insulated cylinder, both ends of which can be removed for the purpose of cleaning or other purposes. f

A- furtherobject of lthe invention is to provide improved construction of the cylindrical portion of they cylinderfrom which both the top and bottom are removable. f

With these and otherJobjects in view the invention comprises certain novel constructions, combinations [and arrangements of parts as will be hereinafter more fully de.

scribed and claimed` In the drawings -F igure 1 is a view in side elevation of a cooker made in accordance with the present invention. Fig.' 2 is a vertical, diametrlical, sectional view of the improved cooker. Fig. 3 is an inverted plan view of the cooker. Fig. 4 isav transverse sectional view taken on line.`4-4 of Fig. 2, with part of the removable bottom broken away. f

Like characters of reference' indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

The improved cooker which forms the subject matter of this application comprises an outer shell or casing 1|0. and an inner cylin der 11 with the s ace between such shell and cylinder filled wlth heat insulating material of any approved form, as conventionally shown at 12 in Fig. 2. i i

The outer shell and inner cylinder are se'- cured together by means of formin flanges 13 and 14 upon the opposite ends o the cyl-` inder which engage annular rings 15 and 16 respectively.- The annular ring 15 is secured to the casing 10 by employing a ring 17, preferablyr ornamental in nature, and turnin the upper edge of thev `casing 10 inwa dly, as shown at 18, such inturned edge being clamped between the annular ring 1.5'A

andthejornamental ring 17. g

'git-'the lower end an ornamental base 19 `Speciicaticn of Letters Patent.

to receive the innerV ed 1 rigidly together. f

Patented Mar. 26, 1-912.

is employed and the casing 10 is provided with al bead 2() forming a groove or furrow y of the ornamental base, as indicated at 21, with a bolt 22 passed `through 'such ornamental base and the annular ring 16 so that the edge of the casing 10 is clamped between the base 19. and the.

ring 16.' In this manner the .casing 10 and the cylinder 11 ,are clamped firmly and The ring 15 is provided with an annular ,ra-bbetto receive a flange 23 of an insulating cover 24 which sets into the cylinder 11 and alsoto receive an ornamental cover 25 which, being spaced awayfrom the insulated cover v24, provides a dead air space which also adds to the insulating eiect of the cover.

At the lower end thecylinder is provided with an insulating removable bottom 26 w'hich is-provided wit-hV a flange 27 fitting' yintoY an annular recess in the ring 16 and removably secured therein by bolts 28 which also serve to position the brackets 29 upon which are mounted casters 3Q, such fname and casters being removable with the bottom by removing the nuts from the bolts 28.

It will be apparent from the construction that the upper end of the cooker is openedl in the usual and ordinary manner by the removal of the cover 25 andthe inner insulated cover 24. This is for the ordinary use when the cooker is in operation. For cleaning purposes and the like, the bottom may also be removed from the lower end of the cylinder by removing the nuts from the bolts 28 and .releasing the removable bottom 26, which leavesacylinder open at both ends, readily and easily cleaned.

I claim 1. Ina tireless cooker, an-inner cylinder having outturned -ianges, an outer shell having a. bead formed at its lower "edge, a

base engaged within the'groove formed at the bead, an annular ring clamping the base and shell and engaging the ange at'one lend of, the cylinder, and an annular ring at' the other end engaging the other flange of the cylinder and the upper end of the casing.

2. In a, tireless cooker, an inner cylinder having outturned flanges at its opposite ends, an outer casing` having a bead formed at its lower edge producin a furrow upon itsouter surface, an annuir base engaged within the furrow, an annular ring disposed between the cylinder and the casing and rigidly securedto each, and an annular ring casters carried by the removable bottom, and engaging the cylinder at its opposite end a heat insulating top member adapted to be and clamping the upper end of the casing. inserted in the top of the inner cylinder.

3. In a reless cooker, inner and outer In testimony whereof I afIX my signature 5 cylinders spaced aipartl ang having heatb in- .in presence of two witnesses su atin materia tere etween, a ase formedgupon the outer cylinder and eXtend- ALFRED VV JANSEN' ing downwardly `to serve as a support, a Witnessesz heat insulating bottom member removably IVALTER H. PUSCHECK, 10 insertible in lche inner cylinder, supporting FRANKNV. JANSEN.

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