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Publication numberUS1022858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1912
Filing dateNov 15, 1909
Priority dateNov 15, 1909
Publication numberUS 1022858 A, US 1022858A, US-A-1022858, US1022858 A, US1022858A
InventorsJohn Markus
Original AssigneeJohn Markus
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Yieldable support for furniture.
US 1022858 A
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1,022,858. Patented Apr. 9,1912.

svwwltoz a ttozmqd Wit no 4/1 mam/" JOHN MARKU'S, OF GLEN CARBON, ILLINOIS.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 9, 1912.

Application filed November 15, 1909. Serial No. 528,071.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JoIIN Minutes, a subject of the King of Hungary, residing at Glen Carbon, in the county of Madison and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Yieldable Supports for Furniture, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to yieldable supports for furniture, and more particularly to a support adapted to be used in connection with stools, chairs and pieces of furniture adapted to support persons.

The primary object of my invention is to provide the legs of a stool or chair with novel sockets for yieldably supporting the stool or chair, thereby cushioning the stool or chair when carried over irregular surfaces.

Another object of this invention is to provide a yieldable socket that can be advantageously employed in connection with the stools used by motormen upon trolley cars, the yielda-ble sockets cushioning the stools to that extent that the motorman is not subjected to vibrations when sitting upon the. stool during the movement of the car.

ith these and such other objects in view as may hereinafter appear, the invention consists of the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts to be specifically described and then claimed.

Reference will now be had to the drawing forming a part of this specification, wherein there is illustrated a preferred embodiment of the invention; but it is to be understood that the structural elements thereof can be varied or changed without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

In the drawings :Figure 1 is a side elevation of a stool provided with yieldable supports or sockets. Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view of one of the supports or sockets. and Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of a modified form of support or socket.

In the accompanying drawing. the reference numeral 1 denotes a sleeve or tubular body adapted to be titted upon the lower end of each one of the legs or supports 2 of a stool or piece of furniture. The upper end of the sleeve or tubular body 1 can be socured upon the legs or supports 2 by rivets 3 or other fastening means. The lower end of the sleeve or tubular body 1 is exteriorly screw threaded, as at 1 to receive a cap 5 having a central vertical opening 6. Slidably mounted in the opening 6 and extending into the sleeve or tubular body 1 is a rod 7 having the inner end thereof extending into a recess 10 provided therefor in the lower end of a cylindrical head or piston 11, which is slidably mounted in the sleeve or tubular body 1. The upper end of the rod 7 is riveted or otherwise secured in the recess 10, as at 12.

The lower end of the rod 7 is provided with a head 13 having a depending exteriorly screw threaded shank 14 upon which is screwed a cylindrical body or foot 15.

Interposed between the lower end of the cap 5 and the head 13 and encircling the rod 7 is a coiled spring 16 preferably made of a resilient rod or strip of metal which is rectangular in cross section.

The sleeve or tubular body 1 adjacent to the leg or support 2 is provided with a small opening 17 to allow air within the sleeve or tubular body 1 to exhaust during an upward movement of the cylindrical head or piston 11.

In assembling the various parts of the yieldable support or socket, the spring 16 is first positioned upon the rod 7. The cap 5 is then placed upon the rod and then the end of the rod secured in the head or piston 11. The head or piston 11 can then be placed in the sleeve or tubular body 1. and the cap screwed upon the lower end of said sleeve or body. The upper end of the sleeve or body can then be. fitted upon the leg or support 2 and secured thereto.

It is obvious that the spring 16 will normally cushion a downward movement of the leg or support 2 and thereby prevent the leg or support 2 from being unduly jarred by a movement of the floor or base supporting the piece of furniture equipped with the yieldable sockets.

In Fig. 3 of the drawing. I have illustrated the tubular body 1 provided intermediate the ends thereof with an annular interior collar 18 and the rod T which ex tends into the tubular body I is provided with a collar 19. l lncircling the upper end of the rod 7 between the collar 19 and the collar 18 is a coil spring 20, serving the same purpose as the spring 16. In this modification the cylindrical head or piston 11 is dispensed with.

Having now described my invention what I claim as new, is

A yieldable support for furniture legs comprising the combination with the leg, of a tubular member having a part of its upper end surrounding and fixedly secured to the leg, said member further provided in proximity to the lower end of the leg with an opening of small diameter, a cap mounted upon the lower end of said member, a piston mounted in said member and normally engaging the cap, a shiftable rod eX- tending through the cap and secured to the piston, a head carried by the outer end of the rod, and a coiled spring surroundin said rod and interposed between the lower end of the cap and the said head.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the "Commissioner of Patents Washington, D. C.

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