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Publication numberUS1022878 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1912
Filing dateAug 30, 1909
Priority dateAug 30, 1909
Publication numberUS 1022878 A, US 1022878A, US-A-1022878, US1022878 A, US1022878A
InventorsWalter D A Ryan
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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US 1022878 A
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1,022,878. P tented Apr. 9, 1912.

Witnesses-z Inventor 7/zmwwfl/ Walter DJfLR an,

zling the eyes of the observer.

' lowering their support so:

properly positioned with reference to lamp it is'customary to provide it with a WALTER DA. RYAN, 0F WATERTOW'N,

s n rnna oFFioE.




Specification 01 Letters Patent.

Patented Apizt), 1912.

1 application filed August 30, 1909. Serial No. 515,139.

To all whom it may concern: 4

Be it known that I, \Vaurnn DAIRYAN, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at \Vatertown, county of Coddington, State of South Dakota, have invented cer-- tain ne and useful Improvements in Diffusing-Clusters, of which the following is a,


This invention relates to incandescentelectric lighting and especially to devices for supporting one or a group of incandescentelectric lamps in'such a manner as to pro-' duce an economical distributionof the light.

fOne objectof the invent-ionis to facilitate the use of ncandescent lamps having clear with-' bulbs and Qf-lugh intrinsic brilliancy, out producing an unpleasant glare or daz- Another object is to enable lamps of differentsizes to be employed in the same cluster, means being provided for raising and that they can be the inclosing globe or difiuser.

Before taking up in detail the construe! tion of this cluster, attention should be called to the fact that in order to diffuse the rays emitted by an incandescent electric translucent bulb or globe, which may be either frosted inside or outside, or made of opalescent glass. It is well known that i when such a translucent medium is placed in the path of light rays a large percentage of them-is prevented from passing through and converted into heat. In an incandescent electric lamp this heat is not only useless, but is positively injurious, because it facilitates the consumption of the incandescent filament and thereby reduces the life of the lamp by thirty or forty per cent. Inasmuch as the intensity of illumination varies inversely as the square of the distance from the source, it follows thatthe higher the intrinsie-brilliancy of the source the greater must be the distance therefrom ,of the diffusing envelop, in' order that said envelop may reduce the intrinsic brilliancy to a degree which is safe for the eye of the ob server. It is therefore better practice to use a clearbulb, which gives the lamp a longer life, and. to surround it with a diifusing outer enyelop ,big enough to keep the intrinsic brilliancy down to normal.

' My invention is therefore of especial value in connection with themodernla-mps of high intrinsic brilliancy, especially those havin tungsten filaments. In carrying it into e i fect, I provide a reflector, a platform supported .above it and vertically adjustable, one or, more lamps suspended from said platform through openings in said reflector, a difi'using globe surrounding the clear bulhs of said lamps,a sheet'metal casing above the reflector, and suitable means for suspending this structure and conveying current thereto. Ventilating openings and passages are arranged to permit'a flow of air up through the globe and past the lamps through vents in the casing.

In ,the' accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a. sectional elevation of a cluster embodying my invention, and Fig. 2 shows a fragment of the reflector with one of the openings through which the'necks of the lamps pass up into their receptacles. 7

At the center of'the cluster is an upright stem 1 preferablytubular and attached at its lower end to the center of a substantially horizontal nickel-plated sheetmetal reflector 2. Rising from the reflector are posts 3 which support a platform 4 consisting of a fiat annular 'metal, plate having holes through which said posts pass. The posts and out are preferably screwthreaded for nuts 15.

on which the platform rests'and by means of which itcan be adjusted up ordown. Receptacles 6 are secured in apertures in said platform with their sockets opening downward, so that the lamps 7 must be inserted into said sockets from below, being thrust up through openingsS in the reflector 2. These openings are notched at 9, or are otherwise irregularly shaped to afiord air-passages through the reflector adjacent to the lamp bulbs.

The cable 10 conveying current to the lamps passes down through a tube 1'1 .screwed into a member l2-attached to the upper end ofthe stem 1. A hook 13 is secured to the upper end of the tube and has a longitudinal hole in line with said tube for the passage of the cable.

A spun metal casingincloses the stem, platform and tube. It is preferably made in three parts; acanopy flat top with a central hole fitting the tube 11 so that said bell is sup ber 12, and a body 16 so ewhat smaller in diameter at its top-tham'the mouth of the l l a bell 15 having a i ortedby the membell, into which it is telescopedand-to. which itisrigidly connected byzjstuds 17 leaving a. narrow and the' body.-

Jointed to theTlower end of the stem is .a

rod 18, which carries at its lower end a flarpassage between the bell ing holder 19. by means of which the difi' 1h 1dfi m1y up against the reflector 2,

within an-inclosing flange 22 on said re- .A Wide diffusing ref lector23 may be sciCUIGdiO the edge of theinner reflector 2, if

' desired. This, style is especially suited for stores'and mills, where large'areas are to be illuminated.

By raising or lowering the platform,-

lamps of different sizes can be employed, their bulbs being adjusted to the proper position to effect the best distribution of light.

'Air entering at the perforations 21 rises past the bulbs and flows through the openings in the reflector, the central opening of the platform and around its edges, and finally out by the annular passage between the body and the bell, carrying off the heat and keeping' the cluster cool.

In accordance with'the provisions of the patent statutes, '1 have described the principle of operation of my invention, together with the apparatus which I now consider to representthe" best embodiment thereof;

but I desire to have it understood that theapparatus shown is only illustrative, and that the invention can be carried out by other means.

What I claim as'neW-and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

'1. A diffusing cluster comprising a-horizontal reflector having openings, a platform supported above said reflector and vertically adjustable with reference to said reflector,

, and incandescent lamps suspended from said platform and passing through said openings.

2. A diffusing cluster comprising a reflector having openings, posts rising from said reflector, aplatform adjustably supported on said posts, and lamp sockets mounted on said platform in line with the openings in said reflector.

S. A diffusing cluster, comprising a reflector having openings, a platform adjustably' supported above said reflector, down Wardly opening lamp sockets mounted on said platfori'n in line with said openings, and a diffusing globe supported below said reflector.

. The combination with a reflector, of a diffusing globe below the same, incandescent lamps inclosed by said globe, and means for adjusting said lamps up or down with reference to said reflector.

5. lhe comb nation with a reflector having openings of irregular shape, ofincan descent lamps received 1I1-Sl 1l openings, a'

diffusing globe inolosing said lamps and having an opening at its lower end, and a casing above said reflector provided with vents.

6. In a diffusing cluster, the combination with a stem, of a reflector centrally sup:

ported thereby and provided with openings, an annular platform above said reflector, means for vertically adjusting said platform, lamp sockets mounted onsaid platform in line with the openings in said re flector, a rod jointed to said stein, a diffusing globe supported by said rod below said reflector, and a sheermetal casing surrounding said platform and stem;

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 28th day of August 1909.


Witnesses: I



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