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Publication numberUS1023116 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1912
Filing dateSep 20, 1910
Priority dateSep 20, 1910
Publication numberUS 1023116 A, US 1023116A, US-A-1023116, US1023116 A, US1023116A
InventorsGeorge T Bailey
Original AssigneeGeorge T Bailey
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Cooling device for bottles and packages.
US 1023116 A
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G. T. BA1-LEY.



1,023,116. A Patented Apr. 9, 1912.





1,023,116. Patented Apr.9,1912.


:VHN/55555.- i /IvVENTo/e.

Ward Rando 60. 7.- @0f/@y ATTORNEY.

l of which the following isa specification.




To all fwwmc't may concern: y

Be it known that I, GEORGE T. BAILEY, a' citizen ofthe United States,.residing inthe city of St. Petersburg, in the State of Florida, have invented a new and useful Cooling Device for Bottles and Packages,

My invention relates to cooling devices and consists in part of an ice retaining chamber h'aving below it a water tank intowhich is fed by a serpentine passageway, by means of gravitation, cylindrical packages to be cooled therein and having a downward projection of one part of the ice chamber to a point beneath the surface ofthe water preventing circulation of air from the lower part of the serpentine passageway; and some of the objects of my invention are l. ToV provide means of cooling by means of ice in an ice chamber above the part and above the article to be cooled. .2. To provide means for automatically feeding the articles `to be cooled to the water below the ice cham- -3. To provide a trap to prevent-the V ber. circulation of air in the serpentine feed chamber or magazine. 4. To provide means for covering the articles to be cooledwith a uniform casing to prevent them from becoming clogged in the serpentine chamber or magazine. 5. To provide means of hav-l ing the articles first taken from the cooling device to be submitted to the coldest waterv in the tank. 6. To provide means. for releasing the package or carton in the front of the train of cartons and for removing from the cooling tank and for releasing them singly as desired to be used. 7.- Tol provide means for adding addition of sections to my cooling device 'so as to extend4 the magazine containing the bottles, packages or cartons. 8. To provide means'in the form of an e'xpansible cylindrical carton for containing a bottle or other package so as to make a package or cylinder of uniform sizes to'be used in the serpentine passageway of the magazine. 9. To provide means of utilizing the cavities between the walls of the serpentine passageway and the walls "of the case of the device to receiveand to cool such articles as fruit,-meats or other perishable provisions. 10. To provide a non-conducting substance in an inclosing case to prevent the waste of the cooling influence of the ice by communication with the atmosphere, etc. I attain these objects Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led September 20, 1910. Serial No. 582,841.

Patented Apre, 1912.

by means ofthe construction illustrated in Y the accompanying drawings, .in which :e-

Igure 1, is a cabinet of the device. Fig. 2, 1s a perspective of one of the extension sections alone. Fig. 3, is a perspectivev of the cooling device with one ofthe extension @sections Fig. 4, is a top view of Fig-8. anend elevation of a bottle inclosed in the spring metal thimble shown collapsed in Fig. 6. Fig.v 6, is an end elevation of the in Fig. 5, Aas collapsed to its normal shape.. Fig. is a side elevation of the spring metal thimble shown in Fig. 5, and in Fig. 6, and containing a cappedvbottle. Fig. 8 is a right side elevation of the cooling device with one extensionfsection thereon andA showing the course of the thimbles shown in Figs. 5, 6, and 7. Fig. 9, is a front elevation of Fig. 8. if Similar figures refer to similar throughout the several views. i

lthereon. Fig. 5, is

parts section of one edge of the spring metal thimble shown The cooling device 1, the serpentine' pasvsageway'9, with the trap formed by the downward projection 15, `into the water tank 4, and the extension section 2, constitute the principalv framework ofmy device.

In the top part lof the cooling device 1, is situated the ice chamben 3, in which is represented a lump of ice 8,l with water extending up to the water line 16, in thebottom of the ice chamber'3. At the water line 16 is an orifice 17, which` allows 'the drain from the melted iceto pass `into the lower part of the serpentineV passageway or chute 9, until the said serpentine passagewayor chute 9, and the water tank 4, are filled upy level with the overfiow pipe y5, so that any excess of 'y water above the waten line 16, will escape through said overflow pipe 5.

To cool articles likev bottle '11, they are submerged inthe water in the serpentine passageway or chute 9, or in the water tank To prevent'sch articles', as bottles 11, from'cramping or clogging in thelserpentine passageway or chute-9, I provide an elastic metal cylinder 10, which is shown in Fig. 6, collapsed in its' normal shape and is shownv expanding in Fig. 5, as when a bottle 11, is forced into the spring .metal thimble 10. These metal thimbles are made uniform for certain sizes of one of my coolingdevices, `but may be made longer or larger in either dimension to suit various packages or artireadily coolvfthe contents of the bottle as' 2 shown inFig. f?.

1 of shutting out tension-section 2,. l and makinglan'mclosed cover for ythe' icel f' ofthe extension vice f 1, and the lower .cles

to facilitate the .accessot cold water to more The lower part16.,.ofthecoolingdevice1,1 have' designated .a cooling and' other vict-uals, an

provided with a hinged-door 7., for yaccess to .for .the purpose he warm airjfrom the same. InSheet2, is represented Fig. 4, Fig. 8,'y

and Fig. .9, drawnon thesame uniform scale The`- ice v the 'cooling chamber 26,1ana

and containing the same parts. chamber. iin Fig. 8, 1s represented asv formed lin part of the upper .part ,of the-cooling defront part of the ex- 'l I placed upon the device 1,

chamber 3. In the rear `compartment 12 chamber for :the retention or 'cooling ter, meatsiand V,other-food stuffs, which compartment 12, may be'fitted or provided with otherfform's orcompart'ments In vthe npper tront part of each extension section 2, 1s

the 'compartiment y26, which may be used to e "contain ice orpther cooling'ysubstances or to cover the 'topfmost extension Fig. 3.

each section lof the serpen tine' passageway or chute- '9 matchesthe most extension .to the-bottom Volgthe water v extension sections 2, 2,

- compartment 26, of

section 2,v isy providedat with arrangements to interlock with its 'i 4 mateabove'l and below by means of the Y raised outer .flange 13, at; the topk ofeach .ex-

maybe used' 'to containbut'ter, meats and other victualsas desired. Each extension its top and bottom tension. Theiremovable lid 14, is provided rear lwall 25 of rear wall at top and bottom of the connecting extension sect-ion and the front Wall 24,

'or `chute 9,

of the serpentine passageway wall in :each

matches its correspondingfront extension section .above and below-and thus"- makes' the serpentine passageway or chute 9, continucnisA from the top of the uppertank 4. lum or ice, kin-rtli'efice chamber 3,v Aand the samemay be placed. in the -ront upper 1 designatingnumeral 8, represents a 2, if'desired. However, the rule is to place ice'in only the-ice chamber 3, as it i-s not always necessary to cool the contents inthe but the articles conto 'bec'ontained iby .them or to suit l.the yvarious sizes or yshapes of the serpentine passageway or chute for different numbers or These yspring metal thimbles when in their normal form'v receptacleiand it Vis `suitable tor theretentlon-and cooling of' fbutter, meats, is

section`2, is an additiona of but- The l principal object ot this metal each extension .section tained inthe spring metal thimbles 10, 10, should be cooled as they descend yby gravit-ation to the water tank 4preparatory taken out and used. As the A water in the watertan'k 4, rises above the water line 16, it escapes through the overflow pipe 5, thus preventing iooding of the ice vchamber 3. It is .designedV that the water 'line 16, always y Aentends above the downward projection or `throat piece 15, of the ice chamber 3, thus forming atrap to prevent circulation of air from above the water line 16, of the water tan'k4, up through the serpentine passageyWay vor chute' 19, or Adown through it thus preyVenting the warming of the water on' the Aarticles contained in` the zserpent-ine as- `sageway or hute19., or in the cooling recep- The 'design-a-ting numeral 23 represents a sectional View ofthe edge of the metal wall ot'. the cooling ydevice 1, and the extension sections 2, while 21, represents the wooden case or housing inclosing the whole cooling device excepting the top 14, of the up'- permost `extension section. Between the to be woodencase 21, and the metal wall 23, is A kprovided a fill-ing comprising a coat 22 yof Acork or j other non-conducting substances vto prevent the transmlssion of caloric.

In each of the extension inthe front'thereohis a continuous loop of theserpentine passageway or chute 9. The front wall 24, of this loop is permanently lattachedfto'the inside of `the front wall 23 of the extension section 2, while each wall ofthis metal wall 23 matches with its mate above'jand below. v 1

The vdesignating numeral 19, represents the intake vof the serpentine passageway o r chute while 18, represents the outlet at `the bottom of the serpentine passageway or chute 9, in each extension section 2.

sections 2, 2, and

The hole17, in the. bottom of the ice`- chamber 3, .may be at or below the water line 16, as desired,

while in rig. 7, is Shwil a been 11, en!

clasped in thev spring metal thimble 10, it

is also understood that the spring metal thimble maybe varied in its dimensions to containpackages of other forms andthe thimble 10, is to 4form a uniform cylindrical package that will not clog in the serpentine passageway or chute 9,'whenmoved bygrayitatiombut will roll or slide down the serpentine passageway or chute .9, to the bottom and front of the water ,tank 4, as shown in Fig. 8.

Ihe cooling device 1, may be used alc-ne, and in .such case it will 7, of the spring metal thimbles 10, and 'in this case, it would be covered with thefremovable lid, 14, shown-on topof extension section 2, in section 3. serpent-ine passageway or contain about 6, or Y YAfter filling 'the chute in the coolthe magazine for the spring metal thimbles 10, the operator will place upon the cooling device l, one of theextension sections 2, either filled or empty. If placed upon the same empty he can proceed to fill it by in serting thimbles containing the desired articles,.as bottles 11, lLinto theintake 19,

until it is filled when he may place the removablelid 14 thereon, or instead thereof may place another extension section 2 thereon, and after filling the second section 2, may proceed as before, 11sing as many extension sections as he may require to contain the quantity of spring metal thimbles at one time. The weight. of the several packages contained in the thimbles 10, '10,. will not cause an excessive pressure upon l those below by reason of t-he additional extension section 2, from. the fact that the walls 24, and 25, tend to break the force of gravitation 'of thefspring metal thi'mbles sustained-by them from pressing excessively A on the springmetal thimbles below each one in succession. These said thimbles'falso pro-- tect the packages contained in them from tle 11, shown contained in "the spring metal` thimble 10, in Fig. 5, and Fig. 7, ,cany be 40 pulled or pushed out ateither end and used as usual.

As the coldest water in the tankf4, will" be in the bottom of the tank, the article or articlesl contained in the spring metal thimthe first entrance into the water at the water line 16, in the serpentine passageway or chute 9until they reach the coldest water in the tank at the bottomv of thev tank 4. This form of cooling device is intended to be applicable to be connected with auto-l matic devices for removing the spring metal thimbles 10, 10, and their contents 'from the .v water tank 4,such as the so called coin in vthe slo-t machines. This devioeis also ini tended to accommodate other forms of lpackages other than the spring metalthimbles 10, to be fed to the waterl cooling tank 4, through the serpentine passagewayor chute 9, as desired. n

The rear chamber 12, of the extension section 2, as well as the cooling receptacle 6, may be fitted with. shells o r compartments to cont-ain or cool various victuals desired to be placed therein.

and their contents desired'in the magazine bles 10, 10, will be gradually cooled-from,

I am aware that prior to my application, cooling devices have been used provided with an ice chamber above the cooling chamber, I therefore, donot claim suchv a combination broadly.A

Ipclaim: 1. In a cooling apparatus for bottles and packages, a suitable case, an inclined chute extending from the top of said case near its -rear end to the front end of the case ,near

itsv bottom, an ice chamber in said case abo-ve the saidy 4inclined chute, a. drain from said ice chamber to sald chute, a downwardproy jecting throat piece 15 at the front end yof said ice chamber into the lower en d of said chute, and a lid or cover for saidice cham'- ber, all in combination withV 'a pluralityof cylindrical bottle or package casesprovlded 'f vto roll in 'said chute, substantially as' set forth. 5

2. 'In a cooling apparatus for bottles andv packa-ges,a4 thimble made of a sheet of A spring metal bent into the 'form of a hollow .cylinderjsovthat one longitudinal edge will over lap its opposite edge a distance approximating to the normal diameter of the respectivecylinder, and provided to inclose a bottle or other package, in combination with a chute in which itis provided to' roll'down- Wardly, substantially, as set forth, and for the uses specilied.

`3. Ina cooling apparatus for bottles and packages, a rect-angular case, an inclined .chute within said case, an ice chamber within said case and above said-chute,.an openin in vth'etop 'of said case above the lower'. en of said 'chute vadapte'df'to admit ythe human hand, adrain oricein said ice chamber connecting with said'chu'te, an overow pipein "said case and above the lower end of thetop wall or roof of said chute, and below the top of said lopenin a downward projection 15, at the front en of said ice chamber and eX- ltending' belowV the level of said overow pipe, an o ening in 4the upper end of said chute to t e top of said case, all .substan tially as set forth.

4. In a cooling apparatus forbottles and packages an extension section adapted to be 1 placed upon the said cooling apparatus and having within it ya serpentineshaped .chute used as a magazine to reeeive'- and deliver..

packages of uniform shape. and size, to the magazine in said cooling apparatus substantially asset forth.

extending fromithe 'top of said case near its rear end to the front endof said. case, near its bottom, an ice chamber in said chute, and

a lid or coverv for said chamber, an extension 5 used as a magazine to receive and deliver packages, allsubstantially as set forth.

. 12o 5. In a cooling appliance'for bottles or packages a suitable case, an inclined "chute 6. A cooling appliance for bottles and packages comprising a rectangular case, an

inclined chute, within `said case, an ice chamstantially ber upon said chute, and within .said case, an opening in the top of said case above the lower end of saidy chute large enough to admitthe human hand, a drain orifice inthe iioorof said ice cl1amber-connect-ing with said chute, an overo'wout et in front of said caseandv above'the lower end of said chute land below the top of Said opening, a dowl'r jwardwatertight projection or throat 15, atv the front end of said ice chamber and extending below' the said outlet and the water line in said chute, an opening in the upper end ofsaid chutet'o the top of's'aid case, subas set-'forth and forthe purposes specified;

7. In a cooling appliance for bottles and packages, the combination of a suitable rectangular case, an inclined chute Within said case adapted to contain packages, an ice chamber above said chute and Within said case adapted y'to contain ice, an accessiblev opening 1n' the top of the front end of said case above. thelower end 4of 'the said chute,

and large` enough to admit access' of the human hand and to admit the extractionof said pa ckages, a drain orifice rin said ice '30 chamber connectingwith said chute, an over .flowpipein the front ofthe said case and above the lower end o i'l said chuteand below ythe top of said opening, a downward water- I tight projectionV orv throat at the front .end

of Said ice chamber and extending below the level of said, overflow pipe andjclear across said chute, an'opening inthe upper end of said chute'to theto of said case, lan extension section upon'sald cooling appliance and .having'within it a serpentine shaped chute used as a' magazine to receive and deliver substantially as set vforth.l

8.l In a -cooling appliance for bottles and packages, thecombinatio-n of a suitable rec-- within saidcaSe, an'op'ening in the top of said case above the lower end of said chutev large' enmigh toadmit access of the human hand, a drain orifice 1n sald ice chamber connect-ing with sald chute, an over flow pipem y packages to the said inclined chute below it,

.S145 tangular case, an'A inclined chute within saidcase, an ice chamber above sald chute and* the' frontfof said case and above the lower end of Said chute and below the top'of said opening, a downward projection or throat piece at the front end of said ice chamber and'extending below the level of said drain pipe, an .opening in the upper end of said chute to the top of saidcase, an extension section provided upon the said cooling appli- .ance and lhaving 'Within it a serpentine shaped chute adapted to beuscd as a magazine to receive and deliver packages of unilform shape 'and size, all substantially as set f forth, and for the uses specified.




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