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Publication numberUS1023358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1912
Filing dateFeb 9, 1911
Priority dateFeb 9, 1911
Publication numberUS 1023358 A, US 1023358A, US-A-1023358, US1023358 A, US1023358A
InventorsLillian M Bender
Original AssigneeLillian M Bender
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US 1023358 A
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1,023,358. Patented Apr. 16,1912.

W/TNESSES: Inn/mm Lillian jZ Benet?" (J 1 I B) V A TTORNEY UNITED STATES PATENT ouron.-



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Apr, 16, 1912, Application filed February 9,1911. Serial No. 607,665.

To all whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, LILLIAN M. Bnivnnn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Seattle, in the county of King and State of Washington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Face-Masks, of which the following-is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in masks such as are used for the correction or removal-of facial defects.

The object of the invention is the provision of a device of this character which will cover more of the face and neck than has hitherto been practicable owing to the discomfort occasioned by the lack of suitable means to adjustably apply. the mask.

The invention is particularly designed for the'removal of wrinkles and sagging flesh through the provision of a snugly fitting elastic bandage to the portions of the face above and adjacent the mouth'and to the chin and neck by means of a comfort-ably vWorn device that is conveniently adjust-able to afford desired amounts of yielding pressures to the parts to be treated. The invention consists in the employment of a novel form of face mask combined with devices for securing the same to-a persons head and neck to afford an advantageous treatment to the parts affected and with no discomfort to the wearer. In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a plan view of a mask and securing means therefor embodying my invent-ion. Figs. 2

and 3 are pictorial viewsillustrating the application of the invention.

Referring to said drawings, the reference numeral 1 designates my improved face mask which is preferably made of a sheet of elastic material, such as rubber, and having its peripheral and interior edges reinforced by strips 2 of the same material. The mask is shaped to fit the chin and neck of a person and is arranged to extend upwardly to cover the upper lip of the wearer.

An aperture 3 is provided to furnish a mouth opening. Tabs 4 and 5 extend later ally from the-upper portion of each of the opposite sides of the mask and near their outer extremities are respectively provided with eyelets 4' and 5. Tapes 6 and 6 are secured at one end of each in the eyelets '5', thence are passed through hook-and-eye at tachments the wearer, as a collar, and a tape 15 is laced alternately through the opposite eyeletslt to cause the lower portion of the mask to 1 65 I embrace the neck. The degree of yielding pressure desired to be exerted upon the neck can be regulated through suitablelacing and then secured, as by a bow knot 16. The portions' ofthe mask surrounding the mouth and inclosing the chin are adjustably secured at desired amounts of pressure by means of the tapes 6 and 6.

Through the medium of the two tapes 6,

6 and by means'of the hook-and-eye attachments 95-10 a tension may be exerted upon thechi n and those-parts thereunder where so-called' double-chins voccur. The free 3 ends of tapes 6, 6' are designed tobe tied together upon the top of the wearers head, as at 11, and finally engaging the hook-andeye attachments together. 'By reasonof these tapes having a running engagement through the eyelets and the'hook-and-eye atthe strains are distributed. Should undue pressure be present at any part of the face it may be relieved by the through the eyelets or said attachments without disturbing the knot fastening of the tapes. Double-chin causedby sagging flesh is reduced, and also portions about the upper lip wherein the unsightly nose-to-mouth lines are apt to appear are corrected as are also the other lines about the sides of the mouth. The portion of the mask enveloping the neck removes the discoloration -wearer drawing the tapes more or'less 1 thanieithen pf other. airs, saiduiiper ortions together, and -a single lace for 'adpair beingof greeter-lengt than any 0 the nStabIy connecting the lower tabs together. 10

- I ether-pairs, a pair of laces ealch connected Signed at Seattle, Wash, January, 1911. v

, to an intermediate tab and extending s'lthrough an uppertab, a hookand-eye at LILLIAN M. BENDER. tachment mounted upon that portiondf the Witnesses: laces between, the upper and intermediate PIERRE BARNES}. tabs and furthet adapted to eonneet theseid I I .H. BARNES.

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U.S. Classification606/204.35
Cooperative ClassificationA45D44/22