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Publication numberUS1023834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1912
Filing dateMar 3, 1911
Priority dateMar 3, 1911
Publication numberUS 1023834 A, US 1023834A, US-A-1023834, US1023834 A, US1023834A
InventorsJohn G Gareis
Original AssigneeJohn G Gareis
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US 1023834 A
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. roHN e. creams,- orrmmnnnrnn, PENNSYLVANIA.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN G. Genius, a citizen of the United States, and a.- resident of the city of Philadel hia, county of Philadelphia, and State o Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improveclosure, reference being had to the accom` inner side, and 'another a close the pocket.

Further objects of the invent-ion are to provide a simple, inexpensive book of thecharacter herein described and of such de-y able as a ments in Bookbindin'gs, of which the following isa full, clear, and complete dispanying drawings, forming .a part of this specification.

This invention relates to book bindings and more particularly to. that class in which a portion of the binding for.

One object of the invention is the construction of a forwardly opening vpocket on one side of a book and provided with a flap or' closure therefor extending freely from the forward portion of the book.

Another object is to extend the binding of the bookfree'ly from around the back there? of to form a pocket between itself and the book and within the pocket thusfy formed to secure a series of alternately folded' layers of suitable material, one layer formingthe partition for the pocket,`to secure the opposite ends of the extensions to the adjacent ends of the innermost side of `the pocket and to secure a flap to the inner side of sign and appearance as tp make it servicel prayer book, ldlary, text book or the like,

appear in the following specification. In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a book embodying the invention;

Fig. 2 is a section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

with the flap open and the pocket inexpanded position; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sec tional view of the upper corner ofthe pocket.

adjacent to and including a part of theback,

.of the upper corner of the free edge ofthe pocket lookingtoward the rea-r or hinged ledge ofthe. cover andshowing the flap in" Specication of Letters Iatent. Application and march a, i911.

serves'to form a pocket and another portion, the Hap there-v rand operative to embodying a. receptacle for coins,` bills, memoranda, etc., besides other 1m` provements on the present art such as will Patented Apr. 23, 1912. Serial N 0. 812,047.

open position .and broken o'; and Fig. 5 is. a section-on the line 5 5 of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the arrow. The general divisions ofthe book will be considered as comprising a to 5, bottom 6, front 7, back 8 and sides 9 an 10 respectively.

As shown in Figs. tionv comprises mainly comprising signatures and rounded to form a body portion 15` bound at the rear outwardly projecting flanges 16 and 17, of which the latter is the greater, the anges forming recesses in .which the board cover on A pocket on the other side lie.

Around the back portion of the book is secured .the binding material 18, which passes at one side around the flange 16, for- .wardly along the outer side of the board 19 to the edge thereof, where it is turned inwardly and terminates at a point 20.

binding is alining 21 for the board 19, which extends fromethe front to the back thereof, is bent at 22 and extends forwardly again to form one 'iiyleaf 23 of the book. At the opposite side 10 of the book, the binding v18 projects around the flange 17 to form a section '26, which extends forwardly toa point 27y where it is 1 and 2, the inven-f' one side and the bent inwardly to I Covering and shielding the end 20 of the inelose and secure the forward edge of a fsectionof lining 28. The lining 28 extends ,rearwardly along the inner vtio 26 of the binding to a point 29 where nt forwardly to form a loop 30, from the `opposite 'rear extremity 31- of which it again extends forwardly to a point 32 to yform a cover 33 for the signatures. The

loop 30 constitutes a partition for the-space betweenthe section 26 and the side 33 of thel cover. Similar to the construction on the -side 9 of the book the lining 35 f the cover 33 extends rearwardly and .is bent at '36, from which point itextends forwardly to form the ily-leaf 37.

From the construction just described, it is seen that there is formed a pocket between the section 26 of the binding and the cover 33 on the side 10 of the book, and further, it isV obvious that the pocket is divided by the forwardly looped portion 30 to form two adjacent compartments inolos'ed'at the 4'upper and lower ends in a mannerhereina-fter described.

The ap for the plurality of pocketsf corn'- -prises a section of suitable material 40 secured between the coverv33 and the `lining side of the secthereof, and extending outwardly' to a point 4l Where it is folded back upon itself, tc. `:clude the outer extreme edge of a piece o: etitl'ening material 42, Whichin turn eX- tends somewhat short of the 'outer edge of the pockets. A lining 43 is provide'd for the flap and at its outer extremity covers the inturned edge portion of thelap40 iv'hilehits innermost extremity 44 projects into the pocket adjacent to the mainfloook` feria 'iho'rt distance. Havingfseeured the #i-ap "in -a closed position to the section ofthe' -bind ing, there is provided a glove fastener-,fthe male member of which isi-secured through the section of binding 26 and the lining-28. thereof, and the.female member 5l of the fastener is secured thronglrthe flap `40, `section of stifening material 42 aiidliniiiigi. 43 thereof. v 4 v i I i rihe manner in which lthe upper and-lowerV extremities of the `pockets* are'` incloed is clearly illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4,?Whidh are views of parte of the `upperrear and* forward corners of the pockets. .Referring to Fig. 3 the back portion"of thebiiiding material ldisshown as being"itiiriied` in at its upper longit .idin l edge 55.VJ :The mate-` rial i8 also embodies a larger inwardly bent portion 5G extending forwardly fromf'the back of the book the entire length .of the pockets and Securing together the Aupper edges of the lining 28 thereof, thendouble thickness of the partition 30,-'andf-thewtwo' thicknesses lllland (llkof the gusset, (52.1,'I`liey gusset (32 extends as shown downwardly. from, under the inwardly folded V'edge 'por-tion 56 of the forwardlyy extending ,portionofthe binding material, and is bent upwardly. toga.. point even with the upper level of ,theypor tion 56 as at 62, thus forming the gusset.y Q'Thc v inner thielcnessf (l0 of the gusset .terminates at 03, n'lule the outer thickness 61 continuent up and over the extremity 63, alsov includ-y ing the cover Bil, and is secured beneath the x.

Yupper edge of the lining 35nthereof heA several thiclii'iesses 'of material ust described f are secured together and tothe bacldportion of the binding by means of ashort lofi,

suitable material (34, which extends,fi;oiii,be

of the binding. This describes theeonatriiction of the upper gusset 62 inclosingthe pockets exactly siiiiilaivfo thatwhich,l is ein-.I ployed with the gusset inclosing' thellqviferl extremities of the pockets. i V f In Fig-4 is shown the chnst'riltio n, ployed in securing the uppeij'gusset(Qftiiithe that this figure' taken looliirigfiiil til posite direi-,tion to that, of Fig. 'iin'da shows that the upper extremity 'ofllirefzflapi' 40 is folded inwmdlyupondtelf at theA edge 65. d

' u ,CXteiision wardly and in. secured to the reai polltwn 1,8 i

Frein the foregoing description it is observed that a book is provided with longi tudinal flanges 'on the rear edgcel thereof, ni front of which, portions of the binding and apoeket are secured.. l"ui'ther.`the pocket is formed by the ,prolongationM oit' the binding from around the back of the book and spaced from the cover adjacent the signatures therey of, and that the upper and lower extremities still furtheiu'vthat a flap is provided for the, ,forward open end of the pockets, which coinprises 'a piece of'suitable material secured -to'the forward edge of the cover Von the pocket side'H of the hooltand extending out- Wai'dly therefrom. However, it is not de- 4sired to limit this invention to the precise details` of construction' and arrangement herein set forth, as it is obvious that variousf modifications may'loe made therein Without departing from the 'essential features of the invention as defined'm the appended claims.

desired to protect by Letters Patent: 1.l Arbook cover having a board on one sidey a back, a forward extension of the maf` Lteri'al of saidback on the opposite' side,ia-`

section of material folded alternately in op#` posite directions toforni thel other leide of the cover, a partition and a lining for said 'extension.

. .2. ,A tbookA cover Vhaving a boardoii'oiie s1de,a back, a-'forward extension of the mar of'thev'pocket are inelosed by gusset's. `And 'Having -thus described the invention, it ie terial of said back on the opposite side, a i

section of material folded alternately in oppositedirections to form the yother sideof the cover, a partition'and a lining fors said extension, and gussets securing said exten- 'sion to the'other side of saideover, at the 'ends' thereof. 0

, 3; A book cover having a board on one side,` a back, a forwardr extension oiitl'ieinirv i-terial of said back onvtheopposite side7'a` sectioir of material folded'alternately in op-` posite directions to Vform-thcjother side 'ofV j 4 i .-thecoyen a partition anda lining for said Lextension, gussets securing-said extension to`-"` the eideofisaid cover at the ends thereof,l a ,tiap secured to said cover side,I and means to secure the outer portion of said flap, to'` said 4, Ar book having flanges at the eide edged fthereof, one of said4 anges being ofgreaterI` K v.Width than theother, c'over board :on thel, Y Side Said book!having:"theI smaller of'said `flanges, and aforvv'ardly opening pocket formedof layers ot' folded .oppogsiteSidefofsaidbook and abutting the: y greater of saidvianges.- v l I' adjacent parte thereof, and: it will"henot'iced materialien tii`e"` .l at theiside edges A book having-Hengelsthereof, vone of said flanges being ofgrleater side of said book and abutting the greater of ilo said flanges, and a flap for said pocket seside, a back, a forward extension of the 'ma'- terial of said back on the opposite side, a section of material folded alternately in opposite directions to form the other side of the cover, a partition and a lining for said extension, and gussets seem-ing said extension to the last-named side of the cover, atthe ends thereof, said gnssets being integral projections from the opposite sides of said extension. i

S. A book havingr flanges at the side edges thereof,` one of said flanges being; of greater width than the other, and a cover comprising a forwardly opening pocket. formed of layers of folded material on the side .having the greater of said flanges. l i

9. A book ha ving flanges at the side edges thereof. one of said tlanges being,r of greater width than the other, a cover comprising a forwardly opening pocket formed of layers of alternately folded material on the side having the greater of said flanges. and a flap secured alongr the forward edge of the innermost of said layers and extending freely therefrom; l0. A book having flanges at the side edges thereof, one of said flanges being of greater width than the other, a cover compr1sing a forwardly opening pocket formed of layers of accordion-folded material arranged on the side haring' the greater of said flanges, a tlap secured along' the forward edge of the innermost of said layers and fasteningmeans for said flap on the outermostl of said layers.

' l1. A book cover having` a board on one side and. a back, the material of said back extending forwardly on the side opposite to saidboard, an accordion-folded section ofy material forming the other side of the cover, a partition and a liningy for said extension, and means securing the rearward creases of said accordion section to said back.

1;). A book cover having' a board onl one` side and a back, the material of'said hack extendin(r forwardlv on the side o nos-ite to JOHN G. GRlIlS. ll'itnesses J. S'rixn'r huracan-m, ALEXANDER lxmi.

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