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Publication numberUS102406 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1870
Publication numberUS 102406 A, US 102406A, US-A-102406, US102406 A, US102406A
InventorsJulius Katz
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Julius katz
US 102406 A
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Letters Patent No. 102,406. dated April 26, 1 870.

The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making pari: of the same.

I, JULIUS KA'rz, of Cincinnati, Hamilton county,

Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Plane-Stocks, of which the following is a specitication.

Nature and Objects of the Invention.

My invention relates to an improved facing device for wood-workers plane-stocks.

General Description. with Reference to the Drawings.

Figure '1 is a perspective under-side view of a planestock, embodying my improvement.

Figure 2 is a partly-sectionize'd side elevation thereof.

Figures 3, 4, and 5 are transverse sections at the lines X X, Y Y, Z Z, respectively.

I make the entire under surface of my improved plane-stock to consist of blocks or strips of bone, ivory, orsimilar hard organic substance, glued together in two pieces or slabs, A and B, of which the slab A, in rear of the throat O, fits, and occupies a dovetail excavation, D, on the under side of the wooden portion Z of the stock, to which it is trmly glued.

The component strips a and b of either slab are also firmly glued together, and additionally securedV together by Screws E.

The slab B, instead' of being iinmovably fastened to 'the stock, is made capable of'a slight longitudinal adjustment, and, for this purpose, is surmounted by a bolt or stein, F, which, extending upward through-a slot, H, in the planer-stock, is secured by a nut, G', on the top of the stock.

Of the stripswhich compose the shiftable piece, B, the two outside ones, b b', project rearward from the others, and enter jogs'or gains a in the slab A.


I claim herein as. new and of my invention- Facing a plane-stock with a congeries of strips of bone or like substance, glued ,and screwed together and fastened to the stock proper in the manner set forth.v

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my hand.

fitnesses Geo. H. KNIGHT, J AMES H. LA'YMAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB27G17/02