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Publication numberUS102471 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1870
Publication numberUS 102471 A, US 102471A, US-A-102471, US102471 A, US102471A
InventorsAlbert Fenton
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Improvement in needle-cases
US 102471 A
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nitd 5mm A @wat `dtjijiirr. n


team Puma Nb. 102,471, ma Ma@ 3, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all fwhom it may concern:

Be it known that we, WILLIAM AVERY and AL- BERT FENTON, of Redditch, in thecounty of Worcester, England, have invented a new and improved Needle-Case; and We do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof,

which willl enable others skilled in the ai't to make and use the same, reference'being 'had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification. i

Thisyinventiourelates to improvements in that class vof needle-*cases in which the needle-packet is causes to raise up above the top of the needle-case,

when open, to admit of obtaining .a needle thereii'oni'A more easily; and

vlt consists in eiecting the raising of thepacket by the raising of the cap ot' the case', which-is hinged-at -one'side ot' the top ot" the casehby providing the: said 'cap with a cranked projection, extending downward into the case and jointed to the side of the'packet by a connecting-link, or other suitable connection.

Figure l is a sectional velevation of, `a needlecase A constructed according to our improvement, and shown in the closed position ;'l

' Figure 2 is an elevation at right angles tothe plane of iig. l; and

Figure 3 is an elevation with the needle-packet elevated.

Similar letters of reference indicate -corresponding parts.

the cap raised and r other sub- A is the case, made ot sheet metal o stance, and open at the. top.

vB is the cap, made'of similar substance, and pivoted or hinged to the part A at 0, and swings thereon in opening or closing.A or into the case A.

D is a cranked projection or arm, attached to the It may either shut over cap near the hinge or pivot, so `as to project downward -into the case when the cap is closed `down, and it is connected to the packet-holder E, which slides into the case from the top, by the link F, jointed to it and to the packet-holder, near the bottom thereof'. A-

When the cap is raised, the arm D swings upto the horizontal position represented in 1ig. 3, and thereby raises thepacket-holde'r E inthe case, as shown, and presents. the needles, so thatthey lmay be readily takenl by the thumb and finger from the packet. The saine result may be produced by connecting the' link F directly to the cap near its free end, and suitably bending the said link to allow the cap to rise to a perpendicular position, in which case, the prqiection D may be dispensed with.

Several packets may be arrangedin one case, all to be opened by. the cap, or several cases may be attached in a cluster with separate caps, or one for all, andthe cases, with two or more packets, may have va :cap at each end,- drawing one or more packets `ont at each end.

Having thus described our invention,

f We claim as new and desire Vto secure by Letters Patentf y The link F, combined with thecap B and needlepacket holder E, all relativelyconstructed and arranged so that the packet and cap will be simultaneously raised above the case, as set forth. The above speciiication of our invention signed by us this 18th day of January, 1870. Y A WILLIAM AVERY.

ALBERT FENTON. 4 Witnesses: l




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