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Publication numberUS1025012 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1912
Filing dateJun 22, 1909
Priority dateJun 22, 1909
Publication numberUS 1025012 A, US 1025012A, US-A-1025012, US1025012 A, US1025012A
InventorsElise R Norwood
Original AssigneeElise R Norwood
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Water-bag retainer.
US 1025012 A
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To all 'whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, ELIsE R. NoRwooD, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city and count-y of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Water- Bag Retainers, of which the following is a specication.

The object of this invention is to provide a hot lwater bag or an ice bag with means for retaining it in any desired position on different parts of the body in treating a patient by means of such an appliance.

The invention is designed more especially for use in connection or combination with a rubber bag or bottle, such as 'is used in the sick-room or hospital at the present time to make hot or cold applications to different parts or surfaces on the body or its members to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and for other purposes.

To these ends and objects chieliy the invention comprises a water or ice bag or receptacle provided with fastening devices and a detachable retaining device in the form of a bandage having means for attaching to it the bag in such manner that the bandage or retaining device will hold and confine the bag in position on or over the part or locality to which the application of heat or cold is to be made.

The retaining device of my invention consists of the parts and combination of parts as hereinafter described and pointed out in t-he claims at the end of this specification.

In the accompanying drawing is illustrated in perspective a rubber bag of well known kind or description with the retaining device of my invention attached ready for use.

A indicates a rubber water bag of the kind or description now in common use; B is the retaining device; and d are fastenings provided on the bag and the part B, by means of which the bag and that part are fastened together.

In one form or construction the retaining device B is composed of a strip of cloth or other fabric-preferably of inelastic qualitysufticiently soft and pliable to be comfortable when secured around the body or a limb of the atient.

A strip of single or double thickness and of sufcient width to cover the body of the bag A is stiffened by ribs of whalebone or other substance or material f inserted Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led .Tune 22, 1909.

Patenteaapr. so, 1912.

SeriaLNo. 503,767.

in pockets g to prevent the device from curling at the edges; as it is desirable that it should retain a smooth unwrinkled state.

Usually the strip is made about double the width of the bag A, so that when folded Ilover it will wrap or cover both sides of the By means of snaps Z attached to the edges of the bag at the top and bottom, and studs secured at suitable points on the strip B to engage the snaps (Z, the bag is attached to the bandage and is held in place on it.

Fastenings of some kind, such as buttons and button-holes z-, are provided at the edges of the covering and retaining strip B for securing t-he flap or that part which is folded over the bag. On one end of the strip or bandage is a strap D, and on the opposite end a buckle E for drawing the device to place and securing it in position.

This device constitutes a convenient and useful means for retaining a rubber bag in position on any part of the body especially under conditions where the position of the patient renders it difficult to maintain the bag on the spot where it is desired to make the application of heat or cold, or where from the restlessness of the patient the bag cannot ordinarily be confined in place.

The means employed for securing the water bag cover in place, such as the strap D and buckle E, when arranged as shown in the drawings serve not only to maintain the covered water bag in place upon the person but also may be used to close the ends of the retainer left open when folded over upon the bag, which is sometimes desirable.

The device will be found particularly useful in retaining a water bag or an ice bag on a child or a person too ill to control or hold the bag on the part to be treated.

I claim l. In combination with a rubber water bag, a retainer comprising a strip of textile fabric of proper width, when folded upon itself to inclose the bag, and provided with fastening devices for detachably fastening the folded over portion along the edges so as to cover the bag, a strap on one end of the said strip and a fastening device on the opposite end adapted to secure the folded strip in position on the part to be treated, and fastening devices on the inner side of the strip and the edge of the water bag for detachably securing the bag in place.

2. The combination with a water bag, of

a retainer therefor comprising a strip of fabric of proper width, When folded upon itself to inelose t-lie bag, and provided at its edges with fastening devices for detaeliably securing tlie folded over portion of the redevice being arranged to secure tlie retainer its open ends over the Water bag.


tainer so as to cover the bag, and a strap Witnesses: and a fastening device applied to the ends E. E. OSBORN, of the retainer, the said strap and fastening M. REGNER.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

in place upon the person, and also to close 10

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