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Publication numberUS1026263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1912
Filing dateOct 9, 1911
Priority dateOct 9, 1911
Publication numberUS 1026263 A, US 1026263A, US-A-1026263, US1026263 A, US1026263A
InventorsRoss Hazelrigg
Original AssigneeVaco Mfg Co
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Vacuum supporting device.
US 1026263 A
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Patented May 14, 1912.

,BQOSIS HAZELBIGG, E OAKL'AND,:QALIFORN pli eati led. Maire :tion togcont'aet .with =the sn'r faeeito'"-whieh.65 48 1I; 85 5, rhere njsprmgv the; eup'isgattaehed and througlttheir rev the"'v aicutim"=eap and {contact silieney, 'distendlthe said cap and thereby fac'e;to which the cu p increase its suction space, as. is set forth in 'nqreafse e uet' pa "fthei:aforesaidiapplieationi- The arm-B lles. 'it's end out'turned asi' i ndijcated at 7 SQthat'itZ 13*; be used in. a amanner"similar" ard 'aekg'and' the arnr'ti has its end irf'the to'l m" I I p fof a hookjSf upon whieh articles may be sus- 't-f g l i eenttieliea 1p and pended. 1 the arms so that there will be no danger of In the modified form of the invention slippage offlsaid' arms' .i-elat-i\-i..f0 idhead.. shown in Figs. 3, 4 and 5, two wires are em- In earrying out the 'olijee )f-gthefiinren bedded within the head of the eup', the'arches tion generally stated above 'twill' of eourse, and 10 of said wires-erossi'ng within the be readily understood that ntial .feasaidhead. The arms 11- 12 and [3-H tures thereof are-nee" sa ptihl'e of are similar to the arms 5 and (i, but owing to 80 ini'prov edfl taehed to 'a supportin snrfaetmerits, lint. certain "pr er California; have1inventedleertain new and seful- Improvements in"Yacu l 1nt-, Supp0rt- I .Ymg"Devices,l"of ;'whieh-'--th' o1 oWmgis aj erin-to hanges gi n2 rite-ta and ,am embodiments '(lf the same are show n in .the accompanying tlrawings fwherein;

Figure l is a riew in fro ttion of the 'raeinum' support"; aha-1w at- Fig.3 is a eentral \eitieal seetional View taken on the l ig. 3 is a riew similar to Fig. .1. but showing a lnmlitiedtornl of the invention. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary \'ereeirtm s mfroni nte DEVICE; I

v of fetent' sa'mef. g... wire is; embeddedwithin thg -e ach end of said arch. natetl by-the numerals 5' and 6. mam- "Preferably the wire used large pianowrire has the same -|s both strongand resilient.

tieal sectional View the line 4t, Fig.3. Fig. 5 is a'detail perspective view of the arms used in the modified form'uf the invent-ion.

Referring to said drawings Irvinunerals, l designates the wall or others-in'l'aee to \vhieh the improved raeuuni supporting derive is attached; Said deviee eomprises the usual eup-shajxkl body 2.. Said body 2 is provided t-h an enlarged outstandiln and preferal ly rounded head 3 whieh flit-ms a hand grip h v means of whit-h the altaehin; oi"

taken suhstanthilly on said rap and adapted to eontat't with the detaehing'of the lmdv to its supporting sinface is facilitated: v I The cup and head are integral and are 1A,; Agsxqnon. T0 vAco mA yrAcrdRmG Aj com-omnonj'or CALIFORNIA. r

' pan'mm ,ef rubber molded to' the desired nd "'in Titheproees's of molding the said wire ibeingprovide'd. with a'f central enehed portion 4 which provides thenec'es sax-y interlocking engagement vbetween the headfi'an'd the wire. An armprojectsfrom said 'nrmsbeing :desiga;

i Thee'rm's pnd the- Outerdgepf theeu'p and so that-their ends will be-finqmsi- 1 sha pe are cu riye the.erossingfrelation'of'their-eentral arches,

they radiate from the head of the cup andtherehyprovide two suspendinghooks and two (mtturned ends for cards and the like.

It will he seen from the foix'going that as the wires are molded within the. heads of the cup and are held therein by means of their eentral areh. the finished artiele .will he hoth st mug and serrieenhle.

\Vhat l claim-ashrv invention is':--.

As a new. artiele of manufaeture. a \'aeutint cup. and resilient arms projeetingtrom surt'aee to irliieh the cup is altaelled to inei'ease the suction spaee thereof. said arms having an l1rill-shape eonnertilrg portion embedded Within said tttlpj l-n testimony whereof I hereunto allix my 10 signature in presence of two witnesses.

mass n.\zicr.n toe.

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U.S. Classification248/205.7, 24/305
Cooperative ClassificationF16B47/00