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Publication numberUS102977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1870
Publication numberUS 102977 A, US 102977A, US-A-102977, US102977 A, US102977A
InventorsSigmtjw Simonson
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Improvement in tables and counters
US 102977 A
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s. SIIM'ONSON. Q .Tabl and Counter. No.102,977. Patented May 10, I870.

Invenlbr Warm:


I need swa new u I q SIGMU'NDSIMONSON, or BRIDGEPORT, connncrlcu r.

Letters Patent No. 102,977, dated May 10, 1870.

xm novnmeivr in means AND COUNTERS.

The Schedule referred to in theseLattera Patent and making part of the name- To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that LSIGMUND Smonsox, of Bridgeport, in the county ofFairfield and State of Connect- 1 icut, have invented a .newand useful Improvement in Tables and Counters, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had' to the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification. This invention is applicable to kitchenetables, office.-

' tables, library-tables, ladies" work-tables and tables of other kinds, and to counters for stores;,the improvement consists in so hingiug a top to a table or counter'tbat it "may bebrought into an upright position, and in providing beneath or within the said top one or more pendulons. orgravitatingracks or trays, for

' the reception of such articles of merchandise as are tov be displayed for sale on counters to which these racks are attached. y y 4 In the accompanyingdrawingwhich represents my 5 invention as applied to a kitchen-table- Figure 1, is a front view, showing the top raised to an nprigbt position, and

Figure 2 a transverse section, showing the top down outhe table, and showing it raised in dotted lines.

Silnilar letters of reference indicate corresponding paltsin both figures.

A is the. top of thetable, which is represented as of inverted box-like form, and which is hinged atthe back by hinges a. (t, to the base or lower part B of the table, that it ,may .be raised to the upright position. shown in fig. 1, and dotted. outline in fig; 2, in which position itv'may be held from falling back by one or more braces 1), consisting of rods or cords.

O O' are the pendulous or gravitating racks or trays,

- Witnesses:

' suspended within thetable-top A by pivots a c, at

each end.

These racks or trays may be of any suitable const-ruction, according to the kinds of table or counter to which they are applied, and'thc articles which they are to contain.

In the table represented, O is a tray suitable for the reception of table-cutlery or silver or plated-ware, and

G is a rack for spice-boxes f fi'composed-of two end pieces d d, between which are secured a solid bottom board 0, upon which thebottoms of the boxes rest, and an upper board g, in which there are holes through which the boxes are inserted and by which they are kept in placeon the bottom board's.

'lhe racksor trays thus appliedalways hang and are maintained by their own weight in the sarneposi- 'tion, so that. the articles within them are always retained therein, whether the top A- is down inthe ordinary horizontal'position of a table or counter, or in. the'elcva ted upright position, or being' moved from one of said'positions to the other.

When the top A of the table or counter is in the upright position, the trays and their contents are displayed to the view and'within easy reach of a person in front of the table or counter. v

WhatI claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

. The combination of the hinged top A of the table or counter, and one or more pendulous racks or trays O G, substantially as and for the purpose herein described.


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