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Publication numberUS1029864 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1912
Publication numberUS 1029864 A, US 1029864A, US-A-1029864, US1029864 A, US1029864A
InventorsS Goldsmith Max
Original AssigneeCellular Metal Company
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Metallic lath.
US 1029864 A
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1.029.864. i\lll'l`.\lilil(' LATH. Max S. tioensiii'i'ii, Cincinnati. Ohio, assignor, by

inesiie assignments, to The Cellular Metal Company, St. llernard, Ohio, a Corporal"iled Oct. 27, 1910.

a nietallic latli of improved construct-mm. which is comparatively light., and vet strong t and comparatively rigid in both directions.

A further object is to produce a luth prol vided with flanged openings, for holdin the plastering in placfe on the lath, in whici the flanges add to the stillness of the lath in both directions.

These and other objects I attain in lath embodying the features herein described,- and illustrated in the drawings accompanying this application and forming a part thereof.

In the drawings, the figure is a fragmental perspective view of a metallic latli eiiibodyf ing my invention.

.l`he latli illustrated is provided with the i stiflening strips 3 and elongated rectangiilai flanged openings 5 formed in the metal of the latli, which is located between the stitl'- f ening ribs. The flanged openings 5 between the stiflening ribs are arranged in i two rows, and the openings of one ioiv are provided with staggered relation to the openings in the ot ier row. tions in one row or series are inrallel to each other. ln addition to this, tlie openings iii one row extend at iiglit angles to the openings in the other row, and each opening extends :it an :ingle of 45 degrees to the strips 3. lVitli this arrangement the flanges of the openin s of one row cooperate. with the flanges of t ie adjacent row in stifl'ening the lath vertically as well as horizontally, and in this manner roduces a much stiller latli than has hereto ore been produced with material of the same weight. The flan es surrounding the holes perform the unction likewise of assisting the ribs in supporting the plaster firmly.

ln use, the latli is secured in place with j the axis of the ribs 3 in a vertical plane.

What I claim is:-

1. A iiietallc latli provided with longitudinally extending stillening ribs between which are a plurality of longitudinally e.\'- tending series of elongated holes with flanges along the edges of the holes, the holes in a series being parallel to each other` at an The pertoraangle to the oles of an adjacent series, in

staggered relation thereto, crossing a straight. line joining the ends of said adJa` cent series, and the edge of a hole in one series and the edge of a hole adiacent thereto in the same series being on a line normal to the width of the latli.

MAX S. GOLDSMITl-l. Witnesses:

Wam-ea F. MURRAY, W. TnoiiN'roN Boonii'r.

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U.S. Classification52/674
Cooperative ClassificationE04F13/04