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Publication numberUS103026 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1870
Publication numberUS 103026 A, US 103026A, US-A-103026, US103026 A, US103026A
InventorsLbti Dedeeick
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US 103026 A
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To all whom it may concern: l


Leners 'patent N0.'1o3,o26, lated May 17, 1ero.

p IMPRorE1v-rrz1wrv IN SLEEPING-comms.

The Schedule .referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same. l

i Be it known thatrI, LEVI Dnnnnlcx, of the city,

county, and State of New York, havejinv'ented a new anduseful Improvement in Travelers Sleeping-Collaryand I do hereby declare that the following is a i`ull,\clear, and exact description thereof', which will-enableothers skilledin the art to make and use the same, reference being had `to the'aceompa-nying drawyings forming part ot' this specification, in which the` figure represents lmy improved colla-r opened out.

i My invention has for its object to furnish au improved collar, by means of which a traveler maybe able `.to support rhis head, while sitting in a railroad-v cal;1 vor other conveyaneeso as lto sleep'eomt'ortably; an

`It Consists lin a collar constructed and provided with straps, as hereinafter more fully described. A represents a collar, which must be of sutieient breadth to reach to and support the back part of the head while rest-ing uponthe shoulders, and of sn cient` stiffness or body to prevent` it from crushing or wrinkling down about the I neck so as not to properly support the head.

.'lo the end parts of thc collar are attached straps, B,` made into loops, and which should be provided with slides or buckles, so that the s'aid loops may be contracted or extendedfas may be required.

` The collarA may be made of any suitable material, and. may receive the necessary stiffness from being made of several'thieknesses, from quilting, from whalebones, or other suitable stiffness. But I prefer to make it of two thicknessesof rubbercloth or other material that will not allow air to pass through it. In

thiscase `it should beprvided with `an air-tube, through which the necessary amount of air may be blown into it, said air-tube :being provided with a suitl,able cap or stopper, that will prevent the air from escaping. i

The rubber cloth-or other material may be iliade thicker in strps,-so that the collar, when iniiated, may be slightly7 corrugated 't-iansversely, as shown in the figure, to serve as stays to stiifeu it, and prevent-'the f space than a pocket-h-andkerchiet'.

In using the collar, it is passed around the back of.

the neckaud the fore-arms arc passed through the loops of the straps 'I 3,said loops being so adjusted in length that the arms, when passed through themmay rest in an easy and' comfortable position. By= this meansthe weight vof the 4hands and arms will support the head, and enablethe travelerto sleep comfortably. 'If desired, the straps B maybe leug-thcned so that `their loops may beipassed' over the feet or around the legs of the traveler; or they may be attached to any other convenientsupport.`

\Vhen, from the unevennessiof the road or other cause, the head has a tendency to roll, the straps B may be crossed upon the breast before passing the hands through them, bringing the collar'A closer around the neck.

Having thus described my invention,

I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters IatentlA sleepiiig-collar composed pt' the neck-collar A, shaped as described, and the adjustable arm-loops B B, as and for the purpose specified.

lhc above speeilication of my invention signed by me this 20th day of Septen'iber, 1869.



GEO. W. Manno,


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Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/383, Y10S128/23