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Publication numberUS103152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1870
Publication numberUS 103152 A, US 103152A, US-A-103152, US103152 A, US103152A
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Improved bolt-ctttting device
US 103152 A
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lwith great power. l

y The invention consists in so'hanging the movable @am eine.


Letters Patent 2\To.103,152,l dated .May i7, 187

nvnovrzb BOLT-CUTTING znsvrcn,4

The Schedule referred to .in these Letters Patent and making 'part f the same.

To all whom it may concern:

invented a new andusefnl Improved Bolt-Gutter; and

I do hereby declare that thefollowing isa full, clear,

and exact description thereof, which will enable others `skilled in theart to make and use the same, reference being had `to the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification.

- Figure l ,l'epres'ents a side View of my improved bolt-cutter. i i

Figure 2 is a" transverse section 'of the same, taken on the plane of the line a: x, iig.' 1.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding This invention relates to anew bolt-cutter, in which the movable jaw isso hung that it canV be operated jaw ina pair of pivoted straps, ahd in a bracing-lever, that the motion, although short, will-be extremely powerful. Y l v A, in the drawing,.represents one handle of' my improved bolt-cutter.

To the end is secured the fixed chisel or block, a.

The other handle B is, by a strong pin or arbor, O,

pivoted in ears b, that `are secured tothe outer end of anarm, D.

`'lhe inner end oi' thearm `D is pivoted to ears c.

projecting from the `handle A, as shown. Toeccentric pins 1, formed at the ends of the arbor Bt a knnwn than, Levi mames, 0f oak Hin, in4 `the conntyof Greene and State of New York, have' ears c in suitable manner.

`The true bearing for the handle B is formed by the. A straps E,`where the same hold the pins d. Thus, as l the handle B is turned, it will,|on account of its eccentric support, swing the ears b, and, with them, the

tool e toward the tool a, or away from the same.

l The instrument may be used for cut-ting bolts, rivets, wire,'or other material, according to the tools secured in it, which are removable and Areadily replaced. i

By adjusting the fastening of the straps E on the handle A,'the distance for theA motion of the chisel can be varied. The chisel can thereby be entirely used up. For this purpose the screw, f, which secures the ears g, to Vwhich the lower ends of the straps are secured, is made longitudinally adjustable on A. y

Having thus described my invention,

I claim as new and desire to secure by Lettels,

' The combination of lthe handle A,'havirig projcc-y tion c, the arm D pivoted tosaid projection, the straps E fastened' atl the lower end to and adjustable upon the handle A, and pivoted at the upper end'on 'eccentric C, ears b attached to arruD, eccentric C embraced by said ears, and the lever B, all as set forth. Witnesses: LEVI DANIELS.



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Cooperative ClassificationB26B17/02