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Publication numberUS1031821 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1912
Filing dateJun 12, 1911
Priority dateJun 12, 1911
Publication numberUS 1031821 A, US 1031821A, US-A-1031821, US1031821 A, US1031821A
InventorsRoland Schwarzenbach
Original AssigneeRoland Schwarzenbach
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Camper's outfit.
US 1031821 A
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Patentd'July 9, 1912.


R. SGHWA RZENBAGH. CAMPER'S OUTFIT Patented July 9, 1912. I 2 snnnTs-s UNITE rns E rates. Y



To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROLAND SGIIWARZEN- nAoH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Hornell, in the county of Steuben and and has for its objects toprovide an outfit of this character which may be easily and quickly attached to the person who is to transport the same, which when so attached can be conveniently and comfortably carried, whichis adapted to contain and pre serve in suitable conditionthe provisions I the manner of carrying receptacle.

persons, length, as b and supplies required by ohe or a party of and which includes the necessary cooking and serving utensils for such person or persons. These and other objects of the invention, together with means whereby the same may be carried into efiect, will best be understood from the following description of one form or embodiment thereof illustrated in the following drawings, in which- .Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating the outfit. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the outfit. Figs. 3 and 4 are perspective views of the telescop ing parts of the metal receptacle showing their manner of use as cooking vessels. Fig.

5 is a horizontal section of the receptacle on line 5-5, Fig. 2, looking down. Figs. 6 and 7 are perspective views of some of the smaller vessels which fit within the metal Referring. to the drawings, 12 denotes a pack or jacket inclosin'g. the outfit proper and by which the same is transported. Said jacket comprises a sack, preferably of canvas, havin a closed bottom and an open top "and boun by straps 13- stitched or riveted thereto. Secured to the straps 13 are pack or shoulder straps 1&1 which preferably pass beneath the jacket and are made adjustable buckles 15. By passing the arms and shou ders through the pack straps 14 the outfit may be attached to the person and carried on the back after the manner of a knapsack.

I6 denotes a rece tacle of a suitable sizeto fit within the jaw et 12, and 17 a removable cover therefor. Said receptacle and clover preferably comprise two telescoping Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July'fi, 1912.

: Applicationfiled June 12, 1911. Serial No. 632,753.

- vessels adapted for use as cooking utensils,

to which end, as shown, they are provided with chains 18 by which they may be suspended, and u'sedas pots for-boiling water, coffee, etc., or tables.

-Within the. receptacle or vessel '16 is a series of removable superposed vessels or compartmentslll, herein shown as three in number, each provided with. a removable cover 20. These vessels are for the purpose of containing meats, vegetables, or other goods andmay be used cooking utensils. The vessels 19 are herein shown as of different depths but are each of a size and shape to fill the chamber of the receptacle 16 transversely. In addition to the vessels 19 are other vessels 21 and 22 which are smaller than said vessels 19 so as to fill said chamber only partially, but which collectively .or in connection with companion smaller vessels for cooking meats and vege-- are of a size and shape to fill said chamber transversely with a packing fit. As shown the vessels 21 are provided with screw closures 23 and ma'y be used to contain finely divided solids such as sugar or the like, or for liquids such as milk, etc.

The vessels 22 are shown as provided with removable covers 2 1 and are intended for tea, cofiee, etc. the vessels 21 and 22, or elsewhere if con venient, there may be provided a platter or tray 25 raised edges of which provide a space in which may becarried knives, forks, spoons and the like. Above the vessels 19, 21, and 22 is one or more series of nested ves sels which approximately complete the lllling of the chamber of the receptacle 16 vertically beneath the cover 17 and thus afford a. fair packing and transporting fit for the entire contents of the receptacle. These last .named vessels preferably include one or more boxes or compartments 26 having screw or other removable closures 27 and. adapted to contain butter, lard, etc, a suitable number of nested plates 28, and a suit able number of nested cups 29.

It'will be observed that the telescopic arrangement of the vessels 16 and 17 provides for a slight variation in the capacity of the receptacle 16 so that additional small articles may be carried if desired. In the arrangement shown salt and pepper boxes 30 are arranged in the spaces between the two series of upper nested vessels. Furthermore the inclosing jacket 12 provides a Between the vessels 19 and 2s ing 1. A campers outfit comprising two cooking vessels fitting each other telescopically so as to provide an extensible and contractible receptacle, said cooking vessels being provided with suspending means, 'a flexible jacket inclosing said receptacle and which jacket is provided with carrying means for attaching the outfit to the person who is to transport the same, said receptacle being adapted to receive various goods-containing vessels and also to hold various culinary articles or vessels.

2. A campers outfit comprising two cookvesselsl fitting .each other telescopically so as to provide an extensible and contractible receptacle, said cooking vessels being provided with'suspending means, a flexible jacket inclosin said receptacle and which jacket is provi ed with carrying means for attaching the outfit to the person who is to transport the same, a series of goods-containing vessels fitted in said receptacle and i v Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by Washington, D. (1.

partially filling the same, and nested cups tacle is inclosed and which is provided with carrying means for attaching the outfit to the personwho is to transport the same, ,a series of super osed goods-containing vessels fitted to sai rece tacle and some of which are of a size to filll the chamber of said receptacle transversely and others of which are of a smaller size so as to partially fill said chamber, but which, in connection with companion smaller vessels, fil1 said chamber transversely with" a packing fit, and a series of nested vessels or cups superposed on the; said goods-containing vessels in said receptacle, and thus approximately complete the filling of the chamber of the 1 receptacle vertically to afford, in connection with said telescoping vessels, and transporting fit for the of thereceptacle.

In testimon whereof I aifix in presence of two witnesses.



a fair packing entire contents my signature,

addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

comprislng a pair of

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