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Publication numberUS1032025 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1912
Filing dateFeb 5, 1912
Priority dateFeb 5, 1912
Publication numberUS 1032025 A, US 1032025A, US-A-1032025, US1032025 A, US1032025A
InventorsMeyer L Robbins
Original AssigneeMeyer L Robbins
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Article of jewelry.
US 1032025 A
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4 M I? 1mm M. L. ROBBINS.



Patented July 9, 1912.

"f wqe ATTORiJEY of New York am1c1.s aawaae or new soax nnif .1'iaeew Application filed Februariyfiflfi. Serial lip. 575,518.

To all whom it may concern. Be it known that I, MEYER L. RoBBnis, a citizen of the United States, and a resident borough of Manhattan, in the county of New York and State of New York, have made and invented certain new and useful Improvements in Articles of Jewelry, of which the following is a specification. 1

My invention relates to an improvement in jewelry, and more particularly to articles such as finger rings, scarf ins, brooches, hatpins, and the like the 0 ject being to mount the jewels, particularly the smaller sizes thereof, in such a way that the greater part or portion of their surfaces will be exposed to view and nothidden by the metal. p

of the mounting, as is the case when the latter is constructed in the ordinary way.

A further object of my invention is to provide an article of jewelry constructed in such a way as to render it possible to utilize the smaller slzes of jewels impossible to be mounted in the ordinary way, and with these and other ends in view my invention consists in certain 'novel features of construction and combinations of partsas will be hereinafterfully vdescribed and pointed out in the claim.

While my invention is capable of use in the manufacture or construction of various articles of jewelry,-I have shown it in the drawings as applied to a finger ring, Figure 1 representing such in elevation; Fig. 2 is a lan taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a detached view in side elevation of that portion of the article in which the jewels are mounted; Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on theline 5-5 of Fig. 4; Fig. 6 is a view similar to that in Fig. 3, but showingthe jewel provided with indentations instead of an opening entirely through the-same.

Referring to the drawings, A. represents a ring provided at one portion thereof with a mounting B to contain jewels C, such as pearls, precious stones, etc. That portion of the article B, and which practically serves as a mounting for the jewel C, is constructed with a base D curved either longitudinally or transversely, if desired, in accordance with thepurpose for which the finished article is intended, this base D being right view thereof; Fig. 3 is a sectional view base D, and pointed at their extreme ends, as illustrated in Fig. 4, the two rows of prongs or fingers being to retain the ewels of approximately the same size. These prongs E may be of any 'desirednumber and spaced at any desired a distance apart, accordlng tothe number of 'ewels to be employed and the size thereof,

t being intended that two 0 positely located prongs or fingers shall to hold or retainfin'place each respective jewel.

stones, but preferably pearls, each being rov1ded with an opening F extending ent rely through the same, asillustrated in Fig. 3, or provided with indentations G on provided onits edges with the fingers or prongs E, extending-at right angles to the preferably parallel in order e employed The jewel C may be any of the precious opposite sides thereof. Each of these jewels is located within the channel formed by the two rows of fingers or prongs E, the extreme ends of the latter being bent inwardly at angles as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 6, these extreme pointed ends being inserted into the opening F or into the indentations G, thereby securely retaining the jewel in place.

From the foregoing it .will be understood thatwhen the article is constructed as above described, the jewels will have the major portions of their surfaces exposed to view, thereby reflecting a larger amount of light, and in other ways materially adding to the pleasing effect thereof, particularly as by exposing nearly the entire surface thereof, the jewelswill appear to be much larger in size than when partially hidden, as in the old form of mounting. Furthermore, I am able to employ jewels of such a size as are incapable of being mounted in the ordinary manner, as by so doing they would be almost hidden from view by the. metal of which the mounting is formed.

What I claim is: 7

An article of jewelry comprising in part a base having a plurality of prongs along the edges thereof spaced apart and oppositely disposed respectively in pairs and extending substantially at right angles to the base, the outer free ends of said prongs being extended substantially at right angles to the prongs, the extension of each pair being 5 prongs, substantiall as-describd .1-

2 a 1,082,025 directed towai'd each other, and jowls, e aol i St ate, of New York, this 2 day of Feby A. D. of which is provided with recesses in the op- 1912" v f 'posite sides thereof intowhi'ch are extended;;% the outer free ends of .two oppositelylooatod MEYER L; ROBBINS. I: m. M L I K 1 wltnesseswv Signed at New 'ork, borough of Man NABMAND MAN'rozqn, hattan, in. tho county'ofNewfYork, and' ALMA A. ROLLER.

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U.S. Classification63/28, 63/27, 63/26
Cooperative ClassificationA44C17/02