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Publication numberUS1032610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1912
Filing dateApr 3, 1912
Publication numberUS 1032610 A, US 1032610A, US-A-1032610, US1032610 A, US1032610A
InventorsEmil A Kern
Original AssigneeEmil A Kern
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Poison-indicating bottle.
US 1032610 A
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LOSQl, Patented July16,19172.

@X3i/tucson f' 75. www.

EMIL e. nnen, on einem Ii ,ostente new Yonn, new tinnen?.

ttp'cciee'ton of Lettere @atenei Patinete@ Jimmy Mi, MM2,

Legitimation leil .epri t, 29H5. fiorini Eto. ttlt.

lTo all whom it 'may emi/eem:

Be 1t Etno-Wn that t. Finne It. linnn e, sul

I ject of the Freemen rtinperoireeidingg7 et West New York, in the county of I'ludson und Sttte of New Verwey here invented certain new and useful improvements in Poison--l'miieating Bo-tticfls, ot' which the foliowing ie e speciiieetioin reference*being hedl to the zlceoing'ianyini; drawings.

This intention relates to improvements in poison indicating bottles anti has for its priinery object, to provide n hottie of this type wherein novel ineens are employed fior indicating the character et the contente of the hottie so es to intnilliloly prevent all liebiiity ot' n oerso'n mistaking; the emile 'for e recepteele containing ninirmieee medicament. I Another ohiect of the invention resides in 'the provision ot e hottie 'ot the nhove type 'the neck of which in proritieri with e seit contained ilieminnnt @o that the neck portion ot' the ioottle 'will he iilunineteti.;l thus,

viinmeiliuteiy indicating the poisonous lnetnre. ot the contents oit the bottle.

With the' above end other oofieete iu View thc invention coneiste in the novel features of construction and. in the combination. and

' nrrangenient or ports heroine iter more fnily i upon the suites@ of .the hotly tleseribeci, pointed ont in the claims, anti shown in the'eceo'iupenying drawings; in which,

Figure i is n eide. elevation of e poitjon in (heating hottleI emhoflying the present invention; 2 is en enlarged vertical sce- 't-ion of the upper neck portion ot' the hottie;

Fig. 3 ie' e section taken on the lino 3-3 of' Fig. 2; end Fig. t. 'is `an elevation of :i slightly modified form ot the bottle.

Referring in deteii to the cirewing, 5 inclicntes the hotly of :i hottie sind 6 the neck thereof. Spurs or projectiono 7 are molded it blank or piain surface portion 8 heine; provifle 'For the accommodation of poison indicating la hels to be pasted thereon.

in the manufacture of thev hottie the neck portion thereof is provided with an internal annular chamber 9 which extends Substan-y tially the entire rlcpth of the bottle neck.

'lthe upper end of this enzimi-im i5 closed hy 50 the @ange or heini i() which in orineci upon the neck. rthe chmnber il of the hottie neck ie :tempted to receivea phoephorentoiriiluminoting chemical indicated ,et il, and 'this illuminer/it projecting the iight myn through the transparent gglassx- Wilt cleiiriy disclose the appearance or character oit the bottle to, the observer no that he Will'loe aware of the eoxfxtents thei'eot even hetero he has the some is grneped by the nenti, the @purs '7 or mojeetions upon the body ot the bottle will inmediately indicate that the-neme contains poisonous iiquid.

lt will ort course be obvious thet if der eireri. the spurs or projections may he extended upon the neck portion ot the bottle. "they may also be errungen *upon the hottie in various other ways than :te teecribed in the present drawin'y. The invention is sus- 85 eeptihle of. still further moificntion within the scope of the appended claims without tlenniiting from the essentiel tentures or sncvricing any of the advantages thereof.

What l claim is;a

t. t bottle having e neck consisting of inner ind voutet Weile'torming e chamber therebetween, and a light emitting compound disposed in seid chamber, one of Suid walls being extended over one end of the other wall to entirely close said chamber und permanently confine said compound thelem.

2. A bottle having nneclt consisting of grasped the bottle with the hond.. ln this 60` ln the une oit n bottle of either tomi, when 735- inner and ou'ter Walls `forming Va chamber In testimony whereof I hereunto nx my Jtherebetween, sind a light emitting comsignature in the presence of two witnesses.

pound disposed in and entirely filling said M, I )Af chamber, said inner wall bei-ng extended IMU A' KLLB' over one end of the outer wall to entirely Witnesses:

-closeA said chamber and permanently con- ADAM REISING,

ne said compound therein. PAUL SCHULTZ.

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U.S. Classification250/462.1, 40/310, 116/72, 362/34, 215/367
Cooperative ClassificationC09K11/04, F21K2/00