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Publication numberUS1032840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1912
Filing dateJan 23, 1911
Priority dateJan 23, 1911
Publication numberUS 1032840 A, US 1032840A, US-A-1032840, US1032840 A, US1032840A
InventorsJohn T Keough
Original AssigneeJohn T Keough
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Vibratory dilator.
US 1032840 A
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1,032,840. Patented July 16, 1912.

i may be employed to assist the'dilatory ace To all whom it mm;

- imrrnn :STAWENT FI .romrr. motion, on LOS anentns, CALIFORNIA.

mm'ronr DILATOR.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed January 23, 1911. 'Serial No. 604,059.

. Be it known that 1, JOHN T. I citizen of the United States, residing at Los Angeles, in the county oFLos Angelesand State of California, have iniinted new and tion and to render it more effectual and complete. f 1

According to my invention, a dilator of ordinary outline and'configuration is provided with a vibratory mechanism, prefer.

ably electrically actuated. The vibratory mechanism is arranged so as to deliver the vibratory movements to the entering point and dilating portions proper of the dilator, thesebeing the ortions' where the vibrations are most e ciently communicated to device.

the muscles and overlying tissues to induce their expansion and to thereby cause complete and efi'ectual dilation." The body of thevdilator may be made of any material, but is preferably of metal, and is hollowed out to receiv e the vibrator mechanism. The mechanism is mounted on a ca which may be removedfrom the dilator ody for inspection' or repairs. An electrical connection may also be made between one side of the vibrator circuit and the metallic body so that the self induced current from the vibrator magnets will pass to the body of the person and (give a direct electrical efiect' body wherd'they are most efliclently transas well as the mechanical vibration,

l have shown a preferred form of my invention in, the accompanying drawings, in which:- T y I Figure 1 is an elevation of my improved Fig. 2 is 'alongitudinal section of the same. Y In the drawings 5 designates the body portion of my device which may be of any desired size and configuration, being illus- A trated'in the form typical to dilators now in use. The body is preferablymade of Knouon, a-

metal and is hollow as shown in Fig. 2, havmg an entering point ,6 and a swelled portion 7 immediately following the point.

Above the swelled portion a contraction takes place in an upward directionas at 8 the body above the contraction being cylindrlcal and .having a flange 9 on its upper end. Above the flange a screw threaded portion 10 is provided for engagement with .cap 11. a

Cap 11 is preferably of the configuration illustrated and of hard rubber or some similar substance. An electro-magnetic vibrator 12 is secured to the underside of the cap I Patented Jul 16, 1912.

where it is within the interior of body 5 when the cap is placed on the body. This vibrator has magnets 13, a vibrating armature 14, and a make and break contact 15,

the wiring connections be'ng of the usual character. Wires 16 pass hrough cap 11 to binding posts 17 where connection is made to any suitable source of electrical current,

say one dry cell. Armature 14 has an, arm

18 which carries hammer 19 in the form of a ball. Hammer 19 is movably inclosed in a tube 20 which presses with its lower end a ainst the lower inner end ofthe bod 5 and is supported at its 0 upper end by a isk .21 having spring flanges 22 which engage with the irfiier surface of the reduced ortion 8 of the body 5 and keep tube 20 pressed posts 17, the hamm r 19w1ll be vibrated so as to strike the tu e 20 on opposite sides. From tube 20 the vibrations are communicateddirectly to the lower portions of the mitted to the parts which-it is desired to di late. In addition to the mechanical vibra-- tion an electric current may be transmitted to the body ofthe dilator and thence to the tissues and muscles" y a connection 25 between one of bindin sts 17 and flange 9 of the metallic dilator body, the current then returning to the battery through the body,

the return path from the body being compleQiby'the' use of an ordinary hand electrod not shown. Through this connection point and a dilating portion immediately tion and removably mounted thereon, an

electro-magnetic vibrator mounted on the interior of the body, ahamme'r-adapted to electrical circuit for the vibrator, and

the high potential generated by self induction in the vibratormagnets is transmitted to. the parts desired to be dilated, the electrical and mechanical effect being combined to relapse and otherwise aflectth'etissues.

Having described my invention, I claim: 1. A device of the class described, comprising a hollow dilator body portion of an electrical conductor and having an entering behind said point, a cap for the body porinner face of the cap and within the hollow be vibrated by the vibrator, abutments connected with the dilating portion of the body and adapted to be struck by the hammer, anv


for supplying electric current to said v ibrator and means for connecting dilator body portion to one side of said electric supplying means. i

2. In a device of the-eharacteridescribed the combination with a rigid, pointed dilator body, a vibratory mechanism located within said body portion comprising an are mature movable transversely with relation to the dilator body and an abutment supportedwithin the dilator body in position.

to be'struck by said armature, said abutment extending to the pointed end of the dilator body and being in contact therewith at said pointed end,

In witness that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto subscribed my name this 23d day of December, 1910. I


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U.S. Classification601/18, 607/138
Cooperative ClassificationA61H23/0218