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Publication numberUS103330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1870
Publication numberUS 103330 A, US 103330A, US-A-103330, US103330 A, US103330A
InventorsAlbbet Heussek
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Improvement in box-openers
US 103330 A
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,A` being ja slightly tapered metallic` bar, either litiiedtaiee l @aient (fettina @ALBERrHEUssEa or ELLINGTCN, CONNECTICUT. ,l

l lLetters Patent No. 103,330, datediMay '24', 1870..


The Schedule` referred to :ln these Letters Patent and making part of the same Tovall whom, 'it may concerni:` i `Be it known thatiI, ALBERT Heussn, of Elling- `ton, iu the countyof Tollandand State of Gonnecticnt, `have invented certain `Improvements in Tools for Opening Packil'lg-Boxes, of which the following is a specilcation", reference being had tothe accompanying drawings, in whieh i f l t Figure 1 represents afsection through the line a: x.

Figure 2 represents a 1 section through the line z z.

` i `Figure 3 represents `an outlineview.

Object of `tliefIneentiozL My `invention consists inthe combination of awedge, a shackle-bar, a reciprocating hammer, `a screw-driver,

t "andlacla-w for drawing nails, arr.'u1gedin snella manner that the point ot' the wedgemay be driven between a box- 'andits cover, by the force of a blow,`

` reciprocating hammer coming in contact with butt o"r shoulder of wedge, as it is rapidly reciprocated upon the bar, atl the other en d ot' which is` attached a shackle for the-purpose of removing broken v y, hails, 821e., which eonld not be drawn with an ordinary t c'law, as islformed by slot-ting the wedge at the other ,i end of the bar; andthe screw-driver, which is formed byiincreasing the length of, one` of the tapering sides forming said claw,\is for the purpose of removing such screws as may happen to take the place of nails in holding the lid or `coverfto,` the boxmore thoroughly` explained in the following y i General Description.

squarelor ilat, or any other suitable shape, so that hammer B mav be made to reciprocate 'but not rotate thereon.

` Firmly attached to one end of bar A is a metallic wedge, O, provided with a claw, D, one ofthe sides, ol' which is sniciently long to answer as a screwdrivel',

`E, andV operated by hammer B, which, in this ease,

acts as a handle for the same, it being heldor guided parallel thereto by means above described; shacklcF ybeing attached'by means of pin G,`freely vibrates at one end of the bar A, which `if' supported and the 'opposite end raised, the shackle end thereof will be low-h ered, (it being curved on the bottom side like that of an ordinary erowbar,) and if thus placed against a nail or spike, and the shackle thrown over the same, an apportionate ii'iction will there be caused for every fraction of power applied to the other or lever end `of thebar;` hence, by the use of this device, a broken nail may be as readily drawn as one with a perfect head could be drawn bythe use of the claw at the other end of' bar.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure g by Letters Patent of United States, is

The implement' herein shown and described, convsisting of the chisel (l, bar A, handle B, and shackle li, all the parts being constructed as and'f'or the purpose set forth. y


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Cooperative ClassificationB67B7/16