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Publication numberUS103347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1870
Publication numberUS 103347 A, US 103347A, US-A-103347, US103347 A, US103347A
InventorsMitchel Lepp
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Improvement in saw-tables
US 103347 A
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Ciiititeti tutes @tutti 69Min.


Letters Patent No. 103,347` dated May 24, 1870; antcdatcd May 17, 1870.


The Schedule referred to ln than Letten Pztant'and making part o! the lama.

To liu-hom it may concern:

Figure 2 is a. vertical longitudinal section of the same. Figure 5 is :i vertical view of the same, with top removed.

The nature of my invention consists in providing a saw-table with a sliding flame, so constructed and arranged as to slide to or draw from under the top and between the flame-work of the table. The outer end of the said sliding iin-me is provided with a bearing-roller, the upper surface of ywhich projects slightly above the line ofthe said table.

The sliding frame is supported by a way or tinck, hearing against tho lower edge of the said sliding frame, and ruiming from the back of the inside of the table frame to back a little past the center, while its front ends are supported by two roller-wheels, revolving on their axles, which are fixed in the frame of the table, below the lower edge of' .the sliding frame.

A shallow box is also made in the front part of the -ame, iu which the necessary tools can be placed and preserved when not in use.

By these improvements long boards can be supported while being cut or slit, as well as short ones, and the material can be kept in line without trouble or care, while being operated upon; and the frame can be drawn out to suit a longer or shorter lengt-h of boaid, as may be required, thus dispensing with the necessity of using a horse or bench, which is always attended with more or less inconvenience, and, when not in use, is apt to be in the way, while the sliding frame can, in a moment, be slid under the table out of sight, and ready for use when required.

The shallow box also forms a ready receptacle for the tools which may belong to the machine, when they are not being used.

'lo enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe it in reterence to the accompanying drawings and the letters of reference marked thereon, the same letters indicating like parts.

A represents the usual frame-work of a saw-table; a is the top of the said table.

B is the sliding frame, constructed of the said pieces b b, and end pieces c c.

Thel said pieces b and c are of wood, and about tive inches, more or less, in width, and about ono and a quarter inch thick, well fmmed together.

A third cross-piece, d, is placed in' the frame at near t-he center, and when it stiffens the said frame the said cross-piece also forms one of the sides of the tool-box (l, which is made. in the front part of the frame.

e c are two supports, attached to the front of the frame, and support the rollerD by their axles.

The said sliding frame B is supported beneath the table top by the fixed track g g, figs. 2 and 3, which tmck is firmly secured to the frame of the table, and bythe rollers s a, working on axles fastened to tho front part of the table beneath, the same as shown in fig. 2, and by dotted lines in tig. 3.

This sliding frame, when not in usc, is slid in its plato beneath the table, as shown by red lines in fig. 2, and when required for use, the said frame. is dmwn out to any distance required by the length of the board to be slit or cut, which board is partly supported by the table, and partly by the roller D of the sliding frame, and, when thus placed, the roller D prevents the far end df the board from tilting down.

The tool-box O, placed in the fmme, forms a convenient receptacle for the saws, tiles, wrenches, and other tools needed to kcep the machine in order, and to adjust it. for use.

Having described my invention,

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

Tbe arrangement, herein shown and described, of saw-table A, sliding-frame B, tool-box O, and roller D, when constructed substantially as and for the purpose set forth. Y

M. LEPP. Witnesses W. S. Bucxss, ALEX. SELKIRK.

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