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Publication numberUS1034160 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1912
Filing dateApr 22, 1912
Publication numberUS 1034160 A, US 1034160A, US-A-1034160, US1034160 A, US1034160A
InventorsHenry W. Starkweather
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Electric primer.
US 1034160 A
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APPLIUATIUE fum AER. z2, 1912.

LMQQ, 4 @ami-,66. 30,11912.



narran s'rafrus rarnn'r orrioii.



Specification of Letters Iatent.

Patenten July so, 1912..

To aZZ whsomt may concern Be it known that I, HENRY W. STARK- WEATHER, a citizen of the United States, re-

Siding at New Haven, in the county of New Haven and State of Connecticut, have in vented a new and useful Improvement in Electric Primers; and I do hereby declare the following, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and Jthe characters of reference marked thereon, to`

be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, and which said drawings constitute part of this application, and represent, in Figure 1 a View 1n side elevation of anv electric primer constructed in accordance with my invent-ion, shown on a greatly enlarged scale. Fig. 2 a view thereof in een tral longitudinal section. Fig. 3 a view of the empty primer-shell as it appears before its forward or inner end is crimped for the retention of the Wad.

Fig.. 4 a idetached? view in side elevation of the contact-button. Fig. 5 a detached view in side elevation of:

the insulating ring for the contact-button."

Fig. 6 a detached View in side elevation of,

the insulating spacing ring. Fig. 7 a deprimer-shell. side elevation of the bridge-wire.

My invention relates to an improvement in electric primers, the objectbeing to pro- Fig. 10 a detached view in;-

duce a simple and reliable primer constructed with particular reference to compactness,

fewness of parts and eheapness of produc-f tion.

With these ends in view, my invention consists in anfelectric primer having certain details of construction and combinations of parts as will be hereinafter describedand pointed out in the claims.

In carrying out my invention, I produce in any approved manner a one-piece shell 2 formed with a powder-chamber 3 extendingy substantially throughout two-thirds ofthe length of the shell and designed to be filled with black or other suitable powder 4 confined by a wad secured in place by crimping the extreme forward or inner end of i Ward face of the said contact-button.

the shell as at 6. The rear or outer end of the shell is formed with a container-chainber 7 substantially corresponding in diameter to the powder-chamber 3 and separated therefrom by a web or diaphragm 8 extending at a right angle to the longitudinal axis of the shell and formed as shown, with a cent-ral, circular dash-opening 9 which provides for the passage of the igniting fiame from the chamber 7 to the chamber 3. The Said chamber 7 receives a flanged sheetmetal cup or cup-like container 10 the crimped forward edge 11 of which rests upon the outer face of the diaphragm 8, whereby the cup is positioned in the chainber 7.

In assembling the several parts located within the cup or container 10, an insulating ring 12 of angular cross-section is placed in the bottom of the said cup so as to rest upon the annular flange 13 at the outer end thereof, the collar 14 of the said ring 12 fitting snugly within the opening 15 within the flange 13- of the cup. A anged contact-button 16 is then introduced into the cup 10 together with the platinum ignition or bridgewire 17 the outer end of which is hooked over the flange 18 of the button, the mainor body portion of which extends rear- Ward ythrough `the collar 14 aforesaid of the insulating ring 12. The contact-button 16 and bridge-wire 17 having been positioned in the cup, the insulating spacing-ring 19 is set into the cup so as to rest upon the for- The outer endv of the bridge-wire 17 is then brought forward to rest upon the forward face of the ring 19 after which the contact- 4washer 2O is .set within the cup 10 so asto rest upon the outer end of the bridge-wlre 17 and thold the same in place as shown in Fig. 2 in which the .wire is seen to extend diagonally across .the space inclosed by the insulating spacing ring 19. The edge of the cup l0 is now crimped as at 11 to retain t-he .contact-.washer 2O in .place. The space inclosed by the ring 19 and contact-washer 20 is now filled Iwith gun-cotton 21. It will be understood that the several parts are assembled within the cup or container 10 prior to its introduction into the chamber 7 in the shell 2.

In using the primer the current is transferred from the firing mechanism of the i gun toi-the contact-button 16 from which the gun-cotton 21, the ame of which leaps further description.

tainer having received within the sai forward through the Hash-opening 9 into the powder-chamber 3 containing 'the pow- .der- 4, the ignition of which ignites the charge, `whatever it may be, in the shell in `which the primer is used.

" Instead of forming the diaphragm 8 with a single central flash-opening, it might be formed with several Hash-openings; so, too, if preferred, two or more bridge-wires might be employed instead of a single b e `too obvious to call for illustration or '.fItIwill be observed that the container'lO is, s'o to s eak, self-contained in so far as it .is entire y assembled with all of its parts prior to its introduction into the containerchamber 7 in the primer-shell 2. The conits contents is handled as one piece, and as such is introduced into the container-chamber in the primer-shell Without any reference 4to the powder-chamber of the shell or the contents thereof... :By my improvement the cost of assembling `the primer-shell is thus greatly reduced, the shells and container being made and. assembled'in quantities, whereas in the priorpractice most of the arts connected with the function of ignition have been applied one by one.

I claimz- 1. A one-piece electricf primer-shell formed with a powder-chamber and a container-l chamber substantially corresponding to each other in diameter and separated by a diaphragm arranged at a right angle to the longitudinal axis of the said shell and. substantially corresponding in thickness there-l to, and formed with a Hash-opening.

2. self-contained container for use in electric primers, the said container consisting of a sheet metal cup formed at its outer end with an inwardly turned annular flange, and the vsaid cup-containing a contact-button` retained in place by the said flange, an insulating ring inclosing the said button, a brid e -or ignition wire located ring, and combustible material to be ignited bythe said wire, located bridge-wire. These changes are thought to ips/1,160' I within the said vring infront .of said button.

3. In an electric'primen the combination with a primershell formed with a powderchamber and la container-chamber connected by a Hash-opening, of a. self-contained container' adapted. to be introduced. into the container-chamber without reference-to the powder-chamber and containing apcontactbutton, insulating material, an i "tion wire, and combustible material to be ignited by the said wire.

4. In an electricprimer, the combination with a" one-piece primer-Shell V"formed with a powder-chamber and a container-chamber separated'froin each other by a diaphragm yhaving a flash-opening; of a self-contained container adapted to fit within the said4 container-chamber, and an insulating ring, a contact-button, abridge-wire, and a contact-washer, all located in the said 'conv tainer.

5. In an electric primer, the combination with a primer shell formed with a powderchamber and a Vcontainei;'chamber; of a container located within the said vcontainerchamber, and a contact-button, bridge-wire, contact-washer, and insulating memberslocated within the said container, whereby the contact-button and bridge-wire are insulated therefrom.

6. In an electric primer, the combination with a primer-shell formed with a powderchamber and a container-chamber separated by a diaphragm containing aiaSh-opening; of a cup-like container located within the said container-chamber,a flanged insulatingring located within the vouter end of the said container, a flanged contact-button lo` cated within thesaid ring, an. insulating spacing-ring located within the container and bearing upon the said contact-button, a contact-washer located -within the container and bearing upon the forward face of the insulating spacing-ring, and a vbridgewire extending between the contact-button and spacing-ring and into the space within the spacing-ring which is filled with guncotton and located in line with the ashopening aforesaid. v

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification in the presence of `two subscribing witnesses. i


' Witnesses:


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