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Publication numberUS1034211 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1912
Filing dateSep 6, 1911
Priority dateSep 6, 1911
Publication numberUS 1034211 A, US 1034211A, US-A-1034211, US1034211 A, US1034211A
InventorsFrank De Palma
Original AssigneeFrank De Palma
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Illuminated enameled-metal barber's pole.
US 1034211 A
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'Loeeeit pecifleettorrof Lettere Patent.

tteiteirte July 30% 1912.

.ttiylioetozt fllecl September 1911. Serial Ho. M7,'t'?.

To all whom it may concern:

Be' it known that l, FRANK DE PALMA. n

Citizen of the United States, anti e resident-V of the city of New York, boro'ngh of Broohlyn. in the count-y of Kings ami State of New- York, hove invented e new anti im roved lllumimtterl Enamelecl-l/l'etel Berers Pole, of Which theiollowing; is a tull, clear, and. exaot description.

Among the principal objects Which the present invention has in view ere: to provicie a structure of the character mentioned, the arts whereofere reetlily Combined end quis ly renewecl; to .provide means for seo'uriiig the structure in position; to provide means for preventing the Wear or waste irioifl dent to employment showing on the'structure to impsir the appear-enes thereot; end

to provide access to the interior of the polo' or sign.. f

One emhodiment of the present invetition `xs disolosed in the structure iiiustreterl in the accompenying (lrawings7 iii :Which lilre characters of reference olenote oorresporiing parts in ell the views, :m in Which- Figure 1 is e sifle view of e, herhefls Pole oonstructeol ancl erraiigeti in sc'eoroleiioe With the present iriveritiori; Fig is s cross section on en enlergecl scale.. teken on the line 2-2 in Fig. 1; 3 is e, cross section on en eiilergerl scale, teken on the line 3---3.

in Fig. 1; end Fig. 4 a. tietfiil view in cross section, of a, corner fraginent of the poie shown in Fig. 1.

As seen in the acooropenyiog (lrawingjs. the peolestel 9 is formeri. With s solirzl loose 10.

The beselO is extended beyond 'the plate 11 Which forms a rest for the saiol pefiestal. As shown iii Fie. 3 eit the (irewings the peflestel 9 is pre erflbly given. a Shapeti'ienguler in cross section. the oorners whereo'f are ronnclecl to the more remlily and neetly talte the enamel With which the ss-icl' los-se is cerefully covered. Extended `iiiwarrl `from the base 10 ere the lorsoh'ets 12, 12.4

'lfhe bracltet-s 12', as shown best in Fig'. 3 ot the drewirgs, are raislly rlisposed from the outer Wall tifthe bese toward the center thereof. i The hreckets 12. ere provided to receive the pletejlB, whieh plate 13 is provirlecl'mith s series of trussed erms 14 which support e oollar 1-5 thr'migh a perforation in Which is extended thehead 16 ot a [legg bolt. The plate 13 is proviii'ecl with a hece'ssfll'? to form at prissaige for the conluit corner stiles 22.

vtore 531 eiiolthe pedestsl 9.'


heving the heacl 16101' enohoring the bolt in position. The tipper edge oil. the lasset) lsproviclecl with :i hol'tmg fleciigge to receive e sxmiler fiange h20 of the superstrueture 21.

The super-structure 21' is provider! with the The stiles 22 ere inte; e

grslly connected with the beiting tienges 20 i et the' outer end lower end of the super.-``

structure 21. The said stiles 252, erev suitobly rehhetedlto receive the tronslueeittv pan'els 23, 23 ami the oloor frame. 24. 'Elie oor trente 2% ooiistitutes one lside of the triziiigwv ler shepe ot thesuperetructore 21, and is provideri With vhmges 25 Which seem-e the Sonic tloor itreme to one of the stiles 22, es


seen hest in 2 oif'the (trer/rings. flflhe i oloor frame M is proviect with e.. trerisliioent 'panel 26. l The seil door is further provided with any siiitehle. lrey operatecl look, not shown in the aooompenyng dro-wings* flire superwtructure 21 may loe seoureri to the post 9 by means of' the store .boltsf2'l' or othersuiteble tastening'clevioes. The corlm section hetweenrthe super-structure 21 eiirl the tlome is made in allrespeets siriiiler to theoonnection between the superettflie The (iome 28 consists of a :ti nsto-ooiiioe-.l struetiire heving three corner stiles 29. 29 end suitebly closetl panels 30 mounted in end supporteti on the. seiel stiles. Above clome 28 is mounted en'opolesoeotglobe Any suitable Iileane for ettiicliing the glohe 31 to the eierne 28 is employeri. The pipe 'til is 'vertioelly extent-'led to within the glohe 31l 'aicl pipe is provided at suitable intervels `With Wire out-- lets etui lamp soclcets to liolcl the inee; centlamps 19. The lamps 19 ere easily iii-- stslleii ancl removecl when theoor Qt -is thrown open.

It 'will loe nnderstoori that the psnels 23 end V26 are arranged :ind colored in any suit-V able design ami mannen shown iii-Fig. 1 the tt-(laptation of the sign or polo is that usually employecl and ecloptecl loy the loarbers, 'and the paliels are arrange in the red and White, or other colors, iridicative of this tredel' The colors imparted trithe panels 23 ancl 26 it trill be unclerstooo'. are translucent so that when the lamps 19 ere iliumi-I uet lOC

1 tres,v together With rang-ed With reference to t-he attraetive appeurnoeniade thereby when illuniinnl'ecl by- 'the lumps 19 contained within the structure.

- The metal from which the various structhebase, are conniosed.r permiis the same to be highly ena-meled and the enamel to be baked thereon. This forms :i durable, attractive and lasting sign.

When the; sign or 'post is empoyed as shown in Fig. l as a side\\"alk sign, the base 10 above the sidewalk is raised and the same is lifted away from the corroding infiuence of wm'ier held on the said sidewalk.

Heving thus described my invention, what I I claiin as new and. desire to Secure by Let- I ters Patent is:-

l In :i devioe of the character. described, un l opaque hollow metal base having rounded i Corners; a plurality of holding brae-hets exj tended'inward from the sides thereof; :in I anehor plate to rest on said brackets, said plate having :i truss supported central collar;- and ho (ling menns extensible through said plate and said collar for securing said device rgidly in position.

In testmony whereof IY have signed my name to this speeificationiin the presenee of two subscrbing witnesses.




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