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Publication numberUS1035765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1912
Filing dateMar 27, 1912
Priority dateMar 27, 1912
Publication numberUS 1035765 A, US 1035765A, US-A-1035765, US1035765 A, US1035765A
InventorsGeorge Ballard, Clare Ballard
Original AssigneeGeorge Ballard, Clare Ballard
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Extension bed and spring.
US 1035765 A
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1,035,765. Patented Aug.13,191.2.


Climat G. L C. BALLARD.


APPLIOATION FILED 111111.27, 1912.

1,035,765, Patented Aug. 13,1912.




1,035,765. Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 1.3, ,1912.

Application meri March 27, 191'2. serial No. 686,564.

that the'bedmay be readily converted tromv a single into a three-quarter or double bed, and conversely from a double into a three-- quarter or single bed; and to this end the invention consists incertain improved con-' structions, arrangements, and combinations of devices, which will be tully described hereinafter, and then pointefl [out in the claims. gi

Other objects will appear and be better understood vfrom thatI embodiment ol our invention ot' which the following a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereol', in which;

Figure l is a perspective of the invention. Fig. 2 is a detail plan showing on'e end portion of one of the spring rolls ai ranged in its bearing and the means for adjustablyfsecuring it against turning movenient. Fig. 3 is a sectional detail showing the means for seeuring'thc rail sections in. their adgusted positions. Fig. 4 is aldetail.

vertical cross section showing the means for holding theend rail sections against downward springing, said section being taken on the line that ot Fig. 3. Fig. 5 is a top plan View of the spring rolls and bed spring.

The head piece a, foot piece b, side rails' c-oand end rails d-d are all ot' metal, so also'are the lugs e e which support the side and lend rails and which are formed integral I* otherwise suitably connected with the head piece a and foot piece 7). Instead 0f forming the head and foot pieces each of one section, We form each of lsaid parts of. ytwo sections, the sections 5-5 ot' the head and foot pieces having upper cross hars 6 6 and lower cross hars'Yf-T, which are,

suitably connected to the sections 5-5 and which in length, correspond approximately to one-halt the length ot the cross bars of a double hed. The sections 8-8 of the head and foot pieces are provided with cross bars' 9 9 and 10-710 :which aline with .the cross bars 6-6 and 7-7 and which are so constructed as to loosely receive the said cross hars (5 4) and 7--T, with which they correspond in length. Thus, it will be seen that when the sections (36 and 7 7 are moved relatively far out, ol the sections 9m!) and 1t)-10, as shown in Fig.' l, the maximum width of the bed will be had and since the combined lengths ot the cross bars are now equal to those lot' the cross bars ot' a double bed, the bed as now adjusted will eon'l'orm in Width to a double hed. 0n the other hand when the cross hars G-6 and T-T are moved into thecross bars SJ-fl and 10-t0 until to three-'fourths ol their surfaces are fusible, then the width ol the bed will correspond to that of the ordinary bars (-G and il-7 are moved farther into the cross bars 9-9 and 11)10 and until the combined lengths ot' the cross bars conform to those of the ordinary single bed, the 'ned will then contorni in width to the width of a single bed.

going adjustment asto width, .il the end rails (Im-(Z were each ot one piece three of these end rails, each ot' a dltl'erent. length length of end rail required tor a bed ol certain width, would have `to be. used. Therefore, in order to obviate the 'additional cost of a bed which would be made necessary by having to have three sets ot' end rails, and the ditliculty which would be experienced in removing and replacingl end rails for each 'new adjustment and also the worlt'whirh would be called for in taking the end rails desired to be used, from a place of storage and returning tothe storage those removed from the bed, and the annoyance reslting from .inadvertently taking the wrong size yloedrails from their place of storage to the place where the bed is located, we have consti'ucted the side rails d-l each of-two sections of different sized angle iron and designated respectively by l'lfll and 12.-l2. The sections 11-1l which are the smaller, slide into the larger sections 12-12 and the sections are adjustably secured by spring 'latches 13-13 which have noses 1st-14 which pass through openings in the sections 12 and through openings in the. sections 11 when the last-named openings aline with the openings in the sectional?. The angular shaped clips 15-15'are adapted to embrace the sections 12-1Q and have-bent! three-quarter bed and finally when the crossv It is 'evident that iii carrying out. the foie from the others and conforming to the 4,

port-ions 16e-16 Which 'aces of the sections 11-11 and thus `claxnp the sections together and prevent noticeablebear on the opposite springing thereof under lWeight.

The lugs e-e are provided with suitable` sockets 17e-17A hich are adapted tol reoeive bosses 18-18 atthe` outer ends of the secable pattern,

.connected to tions 11-11 and 12412 and the said lugsv are also provided with semi-circular recesses 19-119- which receive and forni bearings for -the cylindrical endportions 20e-20 of the spring rolls 2 1-'21. The spring 22 which is of a single has its opposite ends suitably. the rolls 21-21 and since these are rotatably mounted in the lugs, a suffil aient portion of the spring 'may be coiled j tion corresponding to the Width ot' a double bed Withoutdetaching either of its endsfroni ,the 'rolls 21. Each roll has at its opposite end portions, flanges 23--23 which by bearing on the lugs e-e, prevent longitudinal or endwise movement of the rolls and each r'oll also Vhas a ratchet 24, anyvo'f Whose teeth' may be engaged by a dog 25 which prevents turning of the springl roll'. 'Each rollV also has a non-cylindrical boss 26 to Copies of this patent may be obtained for piece and a .ing sections,

length of Woven Wire of suit-v :inserat lreceive thesocketof a'suitable crank handle which is remployed for ,turning the rolls when it is desired to adjust the spring and for tightening the4 spring by .turning either roll, after the spring is adjusted to conform tothe adjustment of the bed. What We claim as new is: Y 1. An .adjustable vbed comprising a head foot piece made up of telescopside rails Connecting said head and foot pieces,"- extensible end ra'ils carried by said head and 'foot pieces, spring pressed means for retaining said end rails inv adjusted position, and an adjustable spring including rollers having their opposi te ends journaled in the said head and foot pieces. l 2. Anadjustable bed comprising a head ypiece and a footpiece made up of telescoping. sections, side 'rails connecting the *said head 'and foot' pieces, extensible ffiid'. rails carried by the said head and foot pieces, and an adjustablespring including rollers having their opposite ends journaled in. the saidhead and foot pieces.

In testimony whereof-we affix our. signatures inpresence of two Witnesses.



v .Fiiorp `B. BELEos'r,

v STANLEY C. Rooms.'

h l. v

ve cents each, by addressing tha Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C. .I

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