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Publication numberUS103593 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1870
Publication numberUS 103593 A, US 103593A, US-A-103593, US103593 A, US103593A
InventorsAndrew C. Flint
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Improved reading-stand
US 103593 A
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gana eine,


- Lam PazmNo. 103,593, daad May a1, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making paxt o the salme.

To all whom 'it may concern.-

Be it known that I, ANDREW C. FLINT, of Chelsea, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Reading-Stand; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and form part of this specification, is a description of my invention sufcient to enable those skilled in the art to prac= tice it. v

My invention relates to the construction of a reading-stand or book-holder to be attached to a chair or table, and designed to hold an open book at such height, such degree of vertical inclination, and such angle laterally, as shall present the pages in the most desirable position to be read by the person sitting before it', in the chair or at the table.

In my invention, I employ a book-holding frame or table, turning upon a horizontal arm or shaft, which is mounted upon a vertical shaft or spindle, and swings freely (in horizontal directions) upon the top of said spindle, the foot of the spindle being provided with a clamping device, by which the apparatus can be fastened to the arm or seat of a chair, or to a table-top.

My invention consists, primarily in `combining with astand, having these provisions for horizontal swinging movement and adjustment of angular position, a book-holding slide, which may be moved, upward or downward upon the frame which supports it, and

which is selilretainiug, as to position, to lwhatever ex tent it is so moved. y

'lhe drawing represents a stand embodying the invention. y

A shows the stand in perspective.

B is a section on the line :v x.

C is aseet-ion on the line y y.

' `a denotes a vertical and stationary spindle, secured to the chair or table by a clamp-screw, b, and arms c c.

To the top of this spindle, one end of a horizontal arm or shaft, d, is jointed, as seen at d', the joint permitting the arm to swing horizontally upon the-vertical spindle, and the freedom of movement of the arm being controlled by a suitable nutand screw, or screw and washer, aslseen at c.

Upon this arm or shaft is mounted a box or frame, f, thatturns axially upon the shaft, and upon the top of this box or frame is the hook-holder g, provided with a ledge or rest, 7, against which the bottom of the open book rests, and with springs, 'i t', that hold the open pages iu position. The box or frame turns axially upon the shaft to set the book-holder at any desirable degree of inclination, and theholder is arranged to slide up and down upon the top of the box, with provision for retaining itin any position to which it' is slid, so that, by setting it up or down, the book is brought to whatever position, in respect to height, the reader may wish. A'

rlhe book-holder has on its under 'side two tongues, k, which slide in grooves Z,- -and on the shaft cl, within the box f, is a roller, m, turning loosely on the shaft, and having wound upon it'a cord, a, one end of which is fixed to the roll, and the otherl end to a hook, o, at .the lower end of the slide or holder g.

Within the roller is a coiled spring, p, whose tendency is to turn the roller and wind the cord upon it, the winding of the cord drawing up'the slide or holder g. The stress of the spring is so adj usted as to nearly counterbalancethe tendency of the holder to descend, soV that the .holder is slid up with the slightest pressure of the hand, and the winding stress of the spring may be increased or diminished by rotating the box upon `the shaft d, one end of the spring being fastened to the shaft, so that it is more or lessvcoiled or nncoiled in accordance with the direction of rotation of the bos upon the shaft.

i The box f sits between a fast flange or collar, q, on the shaft d, anda loose collar, fr, and, by turning a nut, s, the box may be more or less tightly confined between these collars, so as to regulate its ease of movement upon the axis or shaft d, in adjusting its angle of inclination.

It' will thus be seen 4that the apparatus combines` capability of movement ofthe book-holder in every direction, so that the book nay be set at any lateral angle, at any degree of vertical inclination, and at any' height, as required by the position, the eye-sight, or the disposition of the reader, audthat such provision is made for adjustment of the parts4 as to their ease y of movernent,.as .wil make itpwithin the power of even the most unskilled or ordinarily-skilled persons to manipulate the holder in its compound or different movements.s l

By thus having a Vstand, in which the book is so l easily placed and held,'and brought .to the most desirable height and position to be read, the trouble and annoyance of holding a book in the hands are 0bviated.

A reading-stand, having a free-moving counterbalanced slide, substantially as-described.

Also, the arrangement of the roll or pulley, spring, and slide, with reference to the shaft d, by which the 'stress of the slide-sustaining spring is regulated orA increased or diminished by rotation of the slide upon the shaft, substantially asdescribed.

` AND. C. FLIN'I. Witnesses:



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