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Publication numberUS1036066 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1912
Filing dateNov 25, 1910
Priority dateNov 25, 1910
Publication numberUS 1036066 A, US 1036066A, US-A-1036066, US1036066 A, US1036066A
InventorsHenry E Bown
Original AssigneeHenry E Bown
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Aseptic kitchen-cabinet.
US 1036066 A
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D... o. nl Hw N5. I2 .um NGO www Bmw I En?. KN o Hmm Pm EI su AP .A


aww/nto@ H. E. BOWN.


APPLICATION IILED NOV. 25, 19N). 1, 36,966., Patented Aug. 20, 1912.

2 sums-SHEET 2.

u.. mw

. mentlocated 'iin an ASEPTIC KETCHEN-CAB1N ET.

Specicationof Letters Patent.

llbatent-ed Aue. 26, will@ Appliei'ion filed November 25, 1919. Serial No. 593,994.

@il 'ec/5.0m, it may conce vi; 4

it known that L HENRY E. BoWN, a 'citizen of the United States,

itale ot Ghio, have invented certain nevv and use'u'l improvements in Aseptic l.itcliei;i-abiuets, oe which the following is si, ciiication.

'luis invention relates 'to asepticl kitchen it is designed tof construct a `wherein spices and the like cabinets and convenient cabinet ineusiis, llora"5 coiiee. may be Ilept. in such same will be protected from dirt, germs and 1 ythe like and also trom mice and rats.

ine present invention contemplates the construction of a cabinet of this nature, out t essed steel or similar metal, enameled 'pl' and balred several times, presenting a glaze and impenetrable surface which in no Way a' housing 'for objectionable and unhy matter. Vath the above and other objects of nilar nature Lin view, the invention conin -tlie construction, combination an arrangement oi parts set forth in and falling within scope ot the appended claim.

.ln the accompanying drawings-Figure 1 a perspective view ot a cabinet con- ."ructed in accordance with4 the present invention, Fig. 2 is a central vertical section thereof, and.. Fig. 3 is a top plan vietvot the iiour compartment.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 10 indicates a base structure rectangular in formation and divided horizontally by the partition or shelf 11. The compare below the horizontal shelf or partition 11 is divided by a vvertical Wall' 12 into` the compartments l2 said'compart-u ments being adapted to receive and retain cooking utensils oi the heavier and more clumsy type. rlhe compartments 12 are rovided with the doors 12a, which swing about a vertical axis, said stantially air tight structures.

T he space or compartment partition l1, has a longitudinally extending horizontal shelf 14 located in the back thereof, to which access may be had through the doors 15 located at each end of the compartmenty 18. A door 16 swings about'a horizontal axis Whichis located between the doors 15, said door carrying a flour; bin 1 which is ladapted to hold approximately residing'at Columbus, inthe county ot Franklin' and:

the cooking a manner. that theA 'movotlie contents oi said receptacle,

13 above the A the edges of the aperture before which it operates and is `Wider than the bin.. 17, con-- sequently no dirt or similar foreign matter may enter intothe compartment or the, bin.

Theshelt 14e.. is designed to support utensils and articles which are not used frequently,

consequently ready access thereto is not nec essary. A.. stop 1S is provided in the rear terminal ot the bin 1'( and retains the same in a, predetermined positionyvvliiletiie ilour fis being' removed therefrom. The stop 18'is in the form ot a pinhaving an eye uponone end and fitting in a curled upper edge of the rear loi the bin 17. The eye is for the purpose oi? preventing the pin Jfrom'sliding in the curled portion and for facilitating removal.

A super-structure 19 rear side ot the oasingor cabinet l0 and Ais divided into 'two compartments 2O and 21 bv the horizontal shelt 22. The compariM ment 20 is divided into tvvo compartmentsor spaces by the vertical partition 22a, eaci.. compartment being provided with aV door 2l. These compartments have mounted therein a plurality of hoo rs Q5 upon which may be. hung cups,v strainers etc. Centrally disposed in the space 2l is a compartment 21a the iront of which is closed by a door 21 Which swings about a horizontal axis and is retained in a horizontal position when swung' to the limit of its outward movement.

receptacle 21 in the compartment 21 and is adapted to contain twenty-tive pounds 'of sugar. rear wall of the receptacle 21d is of greater length' than the forward Wall, thus facili- 'rating the ready removal of the contents of said receptacle. l"Vhen it` is desiredvto rethe same, the door Q1 is moved to the position illustrated in dotted lines in Fig. 2, and the receptacle 21 is placed upon said door. 0n each 'side oi:

which the trays 21e carried by the swinging doors Qlf operate.

26 or other .The door 16 overlaps maybe kneaded or meat-cut ete. f

is mounted over the is reciprocatingly mounted The or till'v said central compartment' i v doors beingsubls L21 is a serios oi small compartments 21b in Each tray 2l carries l a plurality of individually removable receped in the forward Wall of said main body compartments What claim, is-

In 'Ca kitchen cabinet, the combination formed in the'rear of the upper of said and 'of considerably less deptlrthan and of a Width equal to said upper compartment, a door centrally mountportion and adapted to swing about a horizontal axis, a bin. or receptacle carried 'by said door, a curled extension on the rear upper edge of said bin and formed integral therewith, a headed pin removableslidably into said curled extension and adapted to limit the movement of said bin outwardly,l a superstructure mounted on said main body 'superstructurebet-Ween said swinging trays,

a door horizontally hinged at its lower end andconstructed toy be in substantial aline- 'mentwith the' base' of said last mentioned compartment, and a receptacle slidably.

mounted in said compartment.

' In testimony whereof'I aIix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses: JOSEPH R.- EADEsoN, A. L. PHELPS. v

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