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Publication numberUS1036168 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1912
Filing dateSep 8, 1911
Priority dateSep 8, 1911
Publication numberUS 1036168 A, US 1036168A, US-A-1036168, US1036168 A, US1036168A
InventorsAlfred B Updike
Original AssigneeAlfred B Updike
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US 1036168 A
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FLAGSTAYF. APPLICATION FILED SEPT. 8, 1911. 1,036,168, Patented Aug. 20, 1912. Elma-E f' .1 /4



specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 20, 1912.

Application filed September 8, 1911. Serial No. 648,310.

To all whom 2'?? may concern Be it known that I, ALFRED B. Urbina, citizen of the United States, residing at San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements 1n Flagstali's; and I do declare the followingr to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable` others skilled in the art to which it appertains t0 make and use the salue.

This invention relates to improvements 1n flag staffs.

One'object of the invention is to provide a ilag statll for signal flags of railway ears7 locomotives and the vlike having an improved means for detachably securing a iag thereto whereby when the Hag has become worn out the same may be removed and a new liag placed on the staff thus obviating the necessity of providing,r a new staff each time a new flag is required.

.\nothe.r object is to provide a thrice of this character which will be simple, strong. durable and inexpensive in construction, efficient and reliable in operation and which will securely hold the flag when fastened thereto.

lith the above and other objects in view the invention consists of certain novel features of construction. and the combination and arrangement of parts as will be more fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a side view of my iag staff showing a Hag secured thereto, parts of the flag being broken away and the staff supporting socket being shown in section; Fig. 2 is a side view taken at right angles to Fig. 1, parts being broken away and shown in section; Fig. 3 is a central vertical sectional view ofthe staff showing the fastening member in open or released position; Fig. 4 is a horizontal sectional view on the line 4 4 of Fig. 2; Fig. 5 is an enlarged side view 0f the cap and fastening ring for the upper end of the flag clamping member; Fig. 6 is a detail perspective view of the fastening ring for the flag clamping member.

Referring more particularly to the drawings 1 denotes my improved flag stad' in one side of which is formed a longitudinally disposed groove or channel 'Q in the inner wall of which is formed a series of tapered recesses 3 the purpose of which will be here-- inafter described. On the lower end of the staff is formed an enlarged tapered shank 4 which is adapted to be engaged in the usual tapered socket 5 bracket 6. `The upper end of the tapered shank 4 forms a square shoulder 7 and the lower end of the groove or channel 2 is formed on an incline or angle and has its lower end disposed below the shoulder 7 as shown in the drawings.

Arranged on the lower portion of the flag staff and engaged with and supported by said shoulder 7 is a sleeve or ferrule S, which covers the lower end of the groove or channel 2 and .forms a socket in which is adapted to be engaged the lower end of a Hag clamping or fastening bar 9, havings its sides formed to lit the inclined side walls of the ch'aisnel 2.' The upper end of the groove or channel Q and the engaging upper end of the bar 9 are also preferably formed on a slight angle as shown. On the inner side of the bar 9 is formed a series of conical shaped pins or teeth 1() which are adapted to fit into the tapered recesses 3 formed in the inner wall of the groove Q. On the outer side of the upper end of the bar 9 is formed an outwardly projecting apertnred lng l2 the purpose of which will be hereinafter described. y'

To secure the Hag to the staff, the inner edge of the flag is engaged with the inner sides of the clamping bar and with the pins or teeth 10 therein. after whiclithevbar 9 is swung into engagement with the grooves 2 and the pins l() thus forced through the Hag and into the recesses 3. The bar 9 with the Hag thereon. as described is held in the groove Q in the staff by means of a cap 13 which tits over the upper end of the staff l and has formed in one side, adjacent to and opening through its inner edge. a bayonet slot 14. the inner open end of which is adapted to receive the lug 1Q being passed upon the staff until said lug is opposite to the right angular or horizontal portion of the slot, after which the cap is turned to bring the lug into the inner end of the horizontal portion of the slot. thereby securely fastening the upper end of the bar 9 in the groove 2 to hold the Hag. This engagement in the slot 14 of the lug 12 also prevent-s the disengagement of the cap 13 from the upper end of the staff. The cap 13 is further held in operativeA engagement with the upper cud of the staff by means of a split retaining ring l5 which is secured in a clip 16 seof the tiag supporting cured on the cap 13 and is adapted to be upper end of the bar 9 thereby preventing een] rap from turning and thus disengaging the lug, from the notch let.

5y forming the lower end of the groove 2 to open below the sleeve or ferrule 8, water will be permitted to puse out and foreign mutter will be prevented from uoolmiuluting in the lower end of the groove behind the sleeve und thus clogging up the lower end of the groove.

y providing a Hag steil' as herein shown and described, when a flug wears out it may e readily removed from the staff and u new flag securely fastened thereto, thus saving tie expense of providing euch flag with a separate sind',

Hving thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A Aflag staff provided with a longitu` dinul groove having its lower end wall tupered outwardly, :L ferrule secured around the staff inelosing part of seid groove and leaving the lower end ofthe groove open, a flag clamping bar adepted to fit in the 2. A Hag staff provided with a longitu; dinal groove, a. ferrule secured on the staff near the lower end thereof, and forming that prt o the groove into a Socket, u flag clamping bar tting in seid groove with its lower end in said socket and provided with en outwardly projecting lug near its upper end, and e cap adapted to lit over the upu 3 er end ro'eetin beyond the outer side j IP P J g formed on the outer side of the upper end of said bar, a cap having a detachable engagement with the upper end of the stad, said @up having formed in its inner end a bayonet slot adapted to be engaged with seid apertured lug on the clamping ber whereby said cap is held in position on the staff and the upper end of the bar held in operative engagement with the groove in the staff, and a split ring loosely connected with said cap and adapted to be engaged with the aperl l l tui-ed lug on said bar whereby the cap is held in engagement with said lug.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing Witnesses.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner o1' Patents. Washington, D. C. 1-M

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