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Publication numberUS1036408 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1912
Filing dateAug 17, 1911
Priority dateAug 17, 1911
Publication numberUS 1036408 A, US 1036408A, US-A-1036408, US1036408 A, US1036408A
InventorsJohn H Alfredson
Original AssigneeJohn H Alfredson
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Feeder for steam-boilers.
US 1036408 A
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MPMan-xox: FILED AUG. v17, 1911.


inn' @iraniani .it iii- 'Jorii n, .anrnnnsoru or termino, .Mrnnnsora 'Specification of Letters Patent.

rei-temen aug. eo, Linie.

Application le August i7, 1911. Serial No. 64u59..v

To al whom t may concern:

Be it known` that il, Jenn H. .EliLrimosom a citizen of the United States, residing at Hibbing, in the county of St. Louis and Stateof Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Feeders for Steam-Boilers, of which the following is a specification. l

This invention relates to automatic boiler lgffeeders and an object tliereolI is to provide float means byl which 'a valve in the steam passage, leading from the boiler to the Water feed pump,is operated, and in vvvhlch the4 .operation of said valve is facilitated by the use of a piston acted upon by steam let on -by an auxiliary valve operated by direct connection with the float.

For a full understanding of 'the present invention, reference is tobe had to the following description and to the accompanying drawings, in Whichlh'gure 1 is a vertical section of the prescnt invention; Fig. 2 is a top plan view Fig.

3 is a detail sectional view; Eig. 4 is a detail perspective view of a guide member for the float rack.

Throughout the following detail description and on the several gures of the drawings, 'similar parts are referred to by like reference characters.

Specifically describing the present invention, a float housing l is arranged on oneV side adjacent to the top of the boiler 2, and

a pipe '8 connects the boiler with the bottom of the float housing While a pipe l 'is' located at the' top. The float housing is soarranged that the Water level in the boiler Will be at height normally intermediate said bottom and top pipes 3 and l, and the Water will have free passage to the housin'Jr through the.

pipe 3. c

kThe auxiliary valve 5 is located in a steam pipe 6- which latter leads trom the main `steam pipe Y-to the cylinder 8 and said valve acounter balance 15, the flexible member being guided by a sheave 16. The main valve 17 carries a toothed segment 18 which is in mesh with a 'rack 19 formed on. the

' piston rod20 of the piston 2l", the latter being carried in the cylinder 8 and operated uponA by the steam,4 thereby opening the lvalve 17 when 'the float l2 falls, owing to lowering of the Water in the boiler.

A; spring 29 ismounted on .an extension 2l of the piston rod and is adapted to close the valvey when the Water in the boiler has been raised to its normal level by the feed pump, not shown.

To facilitate the closing of thesteam valve, the cylinder 8 is .provided with a cock 22 adapted to be automatically opened by :in arm and linlr connection 23 cooperating with the gear 'segment ll0. Said cock will serve usan exhaust outlet when the cylinder steam passage Sis closed and the piston is acted upon by the springQO. 'The opposite end of thepiston has an open air passageQfi.

it will lbel seen that the means for operating the steam valve l? are oa powerful nature, and. precaution. has been taken to provide a simple and eiicicnt construction.

A signaling system is provided to avoid electric wires to :in insulated stationary conat accident and includes ay bell 25 connected by'` tact point 26 and to the body of the sheave Wheel@ 'said sheave wheel carryingv adjustable Contact points 28 and 29. 'A battery 3 0 bell circuit.' The contact points 28 and 29 is illustrated as thesource of powerfor the' adapted toalternately come into contact y with the stationary Contact point 26, thereby closingv the circuit and ringing the bell should the pump forsome reason fail to start. or stop when the Water level in the boiler has risen. or fallen to a certain predetermined v point, regulated by the operating means for the starting or stopping of the pump.

A ioat 3l is mounted in almanner similar to the float l2 and has guide rods 32 and 33 at the and bottom out tne tloat housing, A

weighti suspended by the flexible member 'i to the tient-rod serres to counter-balance the and to rota-te Wheel 2T, thereby closing the electric current should the Water level 'liall or risc below or above the predetermineu points controlled, as described, by the pump.

The Contact pointis insulated from the sheave bearing bracket. The float 12, which is provided at the bottom with a guide 36, has screw connection withtherack rod 9, whereby adjustment of the time for starting anddstoppingv the feed pump may be regulate y Having thus described the invention, what .is claimed as new is:

vhaving pipe connections with .said boiler' having iioat rac all for thepurpose set forth.`

l1.` In a water feeding system for boilers, in' combination with a boiler, a float housing above and below the 'water line in the boiler, a float therein, a float rack carried thereby, a main steam passage, a valve/therein, a

vcylinder having a piston mounted therein, a'

rack carriediby the piston and having gear connection with the aforesaid valve, a cylinder steam passage, and a valve therein eary connection With` the aforesaid 2. In a water feeding system for boilers,

i inlcombination with a boiler, a float housing .having pipe connections with said boiler above and below, the .water line in the boiler, a vfloat therein, a float rack carried thereby,

a. main; steam passage, a valve therein, a cylinder havingfa piston mounted therein, a rack carried by the piston and having gear connection with the aforesaid valve, a cylinder steam passage, a valve therein having gear connection with the aforesaid float rack,

and an exhaust cock in the cylinder having link connection with the last mentioned gear.

3. In a water feeding system for boilers,

in combination with a boiler, a Heat housing having pipe connections with said vboiler above and below the Water line in the boiler,..

pose set forth.

In testimony whereof` I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


' Vitnesses: I


avvng gear connection -with the aforesaid float rack, allfor thepur-

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