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Publication numberUS1036664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1912
Filing dateOct 2, 1911
Priority dateOct 2, 1911
Publication numberUS 1036664 A, US 1036664A, US-A-1036664, US1036664 A, US1036664A
InventorsWebster L Marble
Original AssigneeWebster L Marble
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Folding compound tool.
US 1036664 A
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Patented Aug.` 2?, 1912.


W. L. MARBLE. FOLDING GOMPOUND T001.. 4 APPLICATION FILED 0011.2. 1911. f w Y I Patented Aug. 27,1912. l

2 slums-sum 2.



Specification of Letters Patent. Application led October 2, 1911.

Patented Ang. 27, 1912. VSerial No. 652,461.

To all-whom 'it may concern.

Be it known .that I, WEBSTER L. MARBLE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Gladstone, county of Delta, and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Folding Compound Tools, of which the following is a specilication.

This invention relates to folding compound tools.

The invention has for its object the provision of a tool of the character set forth wherein the pluralit of tools which'may be a screw-driver, kni e blade, reamer, chisel, file, bradawl, or ofV other character are combined with a novel articulated handle into which theyl are adapted to collapse and by which they are held in neat, compact, and handy arrangement. A further object is to provide, a tool of the character set forth, kprovided with a novel supplemental foldable handle enabling the user to obtain a firm grip, and particularly adapting the device for easy manipulation where the tools are of relatively large size but without making' the device cumbersome or detracting from its neatness and compactness.

Another object is the provision of a onepiece handle construction, enabling the device to be inexpensively manufactured and at the same time giving strength, durability, and compactness.

A still further object is the provision, in a tool of the character set forth, of a new joint between the parts of the folding or collapsible handle thereof, and an additional object is to provide a ivotal connection for the tools carried y the handle which will permit removal of the tools with facility and render the use of interchangeable tools a convenient matter. v

Another object is to provide the implements of a compound tool with wrench openings arranged for alinement in a new manner.

The invention is susceptible of modification and but two of the principal embodiments thereof are disclosed and set forth fully hereinafter and disclosed in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a perspective ofl the tool closed; Fig. 2, a perspective showing the clasp thrown back and one of the screwdrivers being opened; Fig. 3, a perspective view showing the clasp closed and a screwdrlv'er ready for use; Fig. 4, a longitudinal section, broken away, showing the parts folded; Fig. 5, a cross-section on line 5-5, Flg. 4; Fig. 6, a plan partly sectional of the clasp detached, dotted lines showing how the arms are swung back for connection to the pivot; Fig. 7, a cross-section through the fastening screw, when the tool is closed; Fig. 8, a view of the pivot; Fig. 9, a perspective of a modification, closed; Fig. 10, a similar view with a tool and the supplemental handle extended; Fig. 11, a longitudinal section; Fig. 12, a face view with the clasp thrown back andthe tools opened out; and Fig. 13, a the pivot.

The handle consists of a holder 1 and a clasp or lock 2. The section 1 is formed of a single piece of metal, preferably steel, bent back upon itself with its parts in spaced arrangement and joined at their free ends by headed male and female screws 3 and 4 (Fig. 7) on which the tools 5, 6, 7 are loosely pivoted, said tools at the shorter ends being of substantially the same width as the holder 1 so that when the clasp 2 is clasped, they will be rmly held against any lateral movement or wabbling, and for this purpose the clasp 2 has its sides 8 of approximately the same distance apart as the width of the holder 1 and the short ends of the tools, bridge or web 9 to limit lts closing movement by abutting the holder 1.

The tools may be of any desired character. All

different sizes, or, a screw-driver may be combined with a knife blade or with a chisel.

file, reamer, bradawl, etc., the assortment of tools being according to the fancy. The male and female screws 3 and 4 prevent any loosening thereof, but mit quick andv easy separation and the removal of any of the tools and the substitution of others whenever desired, thus making the tools interchangeable. The butt ends of the tools 5, 6, 7 are provided with wrench openings 6a which, when alined while the tools are locked by the handle, constitute an eflicient wrench particularly adapted for use by automobile owners as a gas tank wrench. Y

In the form of the invention shown in Figs. 1 to 8, one kind of a pivotal conneccross-section throughV the clasp being'provided with a may be screw-drivers having ends of at the same time pertion is used between the holder 1 and clasp 2, and in the form shown in Fi 9 to 13, a modification thereof `is provide ,the latter being particularly adapted forvuse on the larger grades ofthe article and the former on the smaller grades. thereof. In each form, however, the holder 1 is "formed of a single piece of metal and the clasp 2 is made in one piece.

Referring first to Figs. 1 to 8, here the arms 8 are springy or resilient and provided with apertures 10. There =is provided a pivot 11 having gudgeons 12 which project beyond the holder l and each adapted to pass into the apertures 10 on springing the,

`arms 8 to permit this connection being effected. This connection permitsthe ready detachment of the handle and the olas and the easy assembly thereof, thus ren ering; the device cheap of manufacture. The pivot 11 hasfa peripheral groove 13 which receives a struck-up nibor a suitable projection on the holder 1, whereby the pivot `is retained in the holder l at all times.

This, also, enables the cost of manufacture to'be minimized. y

Referring to Figs.'9 to 13, representing a larger grade of the invention, there is .rovided on the holder-1* a loop or-.-bul 1" which firmly secures and holds h pressure andfriction a pivot 1l with whic i the arms of the clasp2are en aged either in aV detach# able orpermanent ashion. In the larger grades of the tool,thereis preferably provided al lever 14 which is pivoted onthe female screw 3 and is ada tedto be folded into alinement with 'the' older when the parts are closed Aor -tor be swung laterallyv whenV one of the tools is extended for use to enable 'the user to obtain a better grasp or leverage in mani ulating the tool.

Having thus escribed -my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In a folding tool, the combination with a holder made from a single 'piece of metal rebent upon itself, of a pivot received in the loo 'or bend of said holder and having gu geons at its ends projectind beyond the sides of said holder, means or retaining said pivot in said loop, a tool pivoted between the members of said holder and adapted to be retracted between the same orto be project-ed therefrom,v and a clasp having resilient arms provided with aperturesv sprung over the gudgeons on Athe aforesaid pivot, and havin its freepart adapted to embracethe hol er and the shank .of the tool in order to secure said tool in either projected or retracted posit-ions.

2. In a folding tool, theconibination with a' handle or kholder madeV of a sin le piece of metal rebent upon itself,.of5 a; too carried. .A bv the holder and adapted for .retraction'fil between the members 'thereof or projection. therefrom, a ivot received'in the loop..orz older andv 'having gudgeonsat' its ends, a projection' on the holderenga'g; ing said pivot, anda clasp pivotallycm nected to said embrace the hol erV toVv lockthetool in re bend of the dgeonsv and adapted to tracted or projected positions.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto signature in presence of two witnesses.

Y WEBSTER L. MARBLE. IVitnesses: v

' D. J'. CALDER,

A C. E. Hawmvs.

aix my

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